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  • Futureless
    1.1K 89 15

    "My life is futureless," Andrea Walker travels 14 days into the future to realize one startling fact- she doesn't exist. Her apartment is no longer hers, her best friend does not know her, and her parents never had a child named Andrea. Her life is now futureless. Armed with the help of an Anglo-Indian scienti...

  • Reincarnation of the Bloody Souls
    863 96 18

    "Doctor, why am I here?" She asked, failing to shut in her curiosity anymore. His eyebrows joined in a devious manner before he replied, "You are here because you were reincarnated." ***** The world is at stake; lives are being threatened, people are losing their faith in The Almighty. Great chaos is reappearing after...

  • Roses and Candles
    6.5K 575 46

    The letters written for my first. An encounter from a dream that could've been more but never progressed far enough to be a happy ending; A collection of scenes, not enough to create a movie, that's settled in the depths of my beating heart; A string of notes just missing a few more to make a melody, but special enou...