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  • Connected by the soul
    39.5K 770 34

    You just turned 21 and your new to L.A. A new lifstyle, new people, A WHOLE NEW LIFE

  • Saved • A Colby Brock fanfic•
    15.5K 223 20

    18 year old Kia ( short for Kiandra ), lives with her abusive father... you'll learn the rest.

  • Through highs & lows
    26.1K 366 83

    Your a highschool student living in Kansas. Your friend group consists of Kat, Sam, and Colby. Of course you know and talk to a few other people in the school, but you Sam, Kat and Colby are almost always together. Sam and Kat are dating, but both you and Colby are single. Everyone seems to know there's some kind of w...

  • Beach Boy - Colby Brock Fanfiction
    38.1K 503 67

    "I love you, beach boy." - - - - - - - Jordan, just an ordinary girl from Kansas City. Moved to LA when she turned 19. She had an ordinary life, not too impressive or exciting. Some ex-boyfriends from middle school, a father, who was never around, a mother, who actually made her Jordan's life well. A bestfriend, Andi...

  • Chaos (Colby Brock)
    158K 5.8K 136

    The world can be a dangerous place with dangerous people. Julia White would soon learn to not trust people so much. It's a gang/crime book idk. Just read it lol THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN VIOLENCE, SUBTANCES, ABUSE, SEX, AND CRIME. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

  • Found 《Colby Brock》
    36.7K 679 49

    When starting a YouTube channel exploring abandoned places to try and help you cope with your pain, you gain enough money to move to America. One day you meet someone, Colby, but you recognise him... things go further than you expect... Posting on my Instagram @cxlbybrxcksecret

  • My savior ~ Colby Brock
    135K 1.9K 45

    (SLOW UPDATES) Gem and her friends go to an abandoned mental asylum in Los Angeles. Gem loses her friends and goes to look for them until she gets captured. will someone save her or will her friends leave her behind?

  • hєαrts cσnnєctíσn 💙✖︎✖︎✖︎🖤 【A Colby Brock Fanfic】
    54K 1.2K 35

    Luna Trooker lives in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, working at a local café and is also in the last year of college at the age of 20. One day at work one of the most unexpected things had happened, she had met her idols. Colby Brock and Sam Golbach. Colby is constantly seeing Luna and all of his friends adore to...

  • ✔️Instagram | Colby Brock
    932K 13.9K 75

    he liked her photo. it lead to so much more than either of them could ever even begin to imagine. {highest rankings: #1 in Colby Brock #19 in Fanfiction} started// may 27, 2017 finished// september 8, 2017

  • Paranormal Hunters- CB✔️
    257K 4K 100

    NEEDS EDITING! Based on the ghost hunting videos from Sam and Colbys videos. Adult themes inside the story (talk about sex and has Smut)

    Completed   Mature
  • Misguided - Colby Brock
    65.6K 1.1K 27

    who knew everything going wrong in a day could lead you to the one thing to make it right? --- accomplishments: •#63 in colbybrock •#59 in aarondoh •#78 in coreyscherer •#161 in samandcolby •#23 in eltoncastee •#84 in traphouse •#18 in colbybrockfanfic •#121 in jakewebber •#28 in samgolbach ---

  • Babysitting the #BADBOY ||jack avery||
    76.7K 1.5K 46

    |COMPLETED| I'm sorry if there are many mistakes in my writing english is not my first language so....anyways enjoy!!💕💕 . . . ~If you live I live and if you die I Also die, even thought that little angel kept me strong for so long can't stop me from following you now... I'm coming my love....~ . . . . . . . . ...

  • Nicotine- Jake Webber
    2.9K 54 19

    Jake and I have been friends since I can't remember when. In high school I always hung out with him and our other friends, until one day when he told me to never speak to him again. I don't know why he did it, but ever since that day I havent been the same...

  • the chosen daughter // colby brock
    18.9K 560 22

    Jade Myers has a normal life: if you count vampires, hunters, witches, and a 500 year old curse a normal life. She never planned to get involved with Colby and his vampire friends, but after being saved by him, she just can't seem to get him out of her mind. This accidental meeting opens up a whole new world for Jade...

  • Vampires Rule // Colby Brock
    112K 2K 44

    ~~ Unrealistic fanfiction ~~ At the age of 21, Lydia Drake has a lot going for her. Moving to LA to be with her best friend, Tara, she had a job lined up, some cash, and a nice apartment in a fairly good neighbourhood. What she doesn't have, however, is anyone but her best friend. She's completely alone and, being the...

  • Bad Taste (Part I) // Colby Brock (minor editing)
    219K 6K 200

    Unrealistic Fanfiction ~ Vampires ~going through minor editing~ Rebecca Woods thinks that love, lust, and romance don't exist. Or, at the very least, they don't keep the same company. So when she literally bumped into a handsome guy in the middle of a parking lot, she was extremely confused about the feelings stirring...

  • Out Of The Darkness
    21.1K 426 59

    When Beatrice is asked by her friend Elton to help with a prank against the guys in the house, she thinks nothing of it. Little did she know her meeting the boys would change her life forever. Sam, just coming out of a long relationship, gets close to her and talks to her about his problems. Colby on the other hand op...

  • Behind the camera..(colbybrock)
    61.9K 1K 70

    Your name is Destiny, your friends with sam golbach but you haven't seen him in a while.He asks you to record a video and then all the traphouse members ask because you are so good.Your 20 years old and really good at drawing and enjoy listening to music.READ THE STORY TO FIND OUT MORE....

  • The Influence | Colby Brock
    16.2K 403 32

    Katelyn is a sweet, achieving girl who focuses on her school and family more than partying and drinking, like most kids her age. However, she meets one boy who changes that. A boy who's known for his funny videos with his best friend. A boy who behind doors struggles to be happy. A boy who drowns all his emotions with...

  • The Mistake | Colby Brock
    221K 5.9K 153

    "Who the hell are you?" I flared from the back seat "Colby, Colby Brock." The blue eyed boy spoke. "And im Jake!"

  • Deeper || Colby Brock
    24.8K 664 28

    In which two people finally start dating Sequel to 'unexpected love' Started: november 27, 2021 Finished: january, 10, 2022 Real life + social media

  • Beach House // colby brock
    237K 3.8K 60

    A summer getaway with my best friends, and a pleasant surprise at the front door. Colby Brock Fanfic There is some swearing and sexual content so don't read this if your sensitive or whatever but honestly you should just get over it and read it because I have a feelin this story's gonna be good. Rankings: #2: Colbybr...

  • Unexpected Love || Colby Brock
    111K 2.1K 38

    In which a girl meets a guy accidentally at a party Started: august 11, 2021 Finished: november 26, 2021 [real life + social media]

  • My fake boyfriend| Colby brock| smut & fluff| drama|
    242K 3.3K 69

    "Over my dead body" I roll my eyes and began walking away. He grabbed my hand, pulling me towards him. "Please." He begged. "This is so fucking dumb. Alright fine, where do we start..." I smirk. ** - Katie may a senior, going through he last year of high school, giving no fucks about anything. Slowing falling for one...

  • Into the Light
    26.3K 1.9K 181

    THERE WILL BE MATURE THEMES AND ONE SEX SCENE. Just a warning! Into the Light is the sequel to Out of the Darkness. Sam and Colby have found Anna alive in a secret hospital setting of Lilith's apartment. What now? Will she wake up? Why is she a ghost if she is still alive? Why is her body the exact same age it was whe...

    Completed   Mature
  • pumpkin // c. brock
    133K 2.3K 52

    your childhood best friend, tara moves across the country and becomes famous. she gets a friend group that you only socialize with over the internet. you don't get to meet most of the friend group in person but you will once they invite you to tour the usa with them. with that brings a lot of drama and a new relations...

  • All The Little Lights // c.b
    28.8K 504 43

    *language warning* #1 in #colbybrockfanfiction 12/14/18 1k Reads 2/13/19! Woo hoo!

    Completed   Mature
  • Kiss you | cb
    109K 2.3K 23

    In which a girl kisses a stranger because of a dare

  • True love never DIES| Colby Brock
    84.1K 1.4K 40

    Sequel to my forbidden lover You have been forced to leave Kansas and live in miami with your uncle. You are single and pregnant and no one knows the full truth about anything.

  • It's You {completed}
    116K 2.8K 60

    « Only one of us can survive » -Colby Inspired from the book « Psycho » by @notdehlila