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  • hyung • chanbaekhun
    83.7K 3.7K 56

    [COMPLETED] Park Chanyeol have a younger brother named; Park Sehun. They both handsome and rich, they also have what they wants. [ CHANYEOL X BAEKHYUN X SEHUN ] RATED M // +18 // YAOI ; BXB © DEERBABOLTI BOOKCOVER BY: _Bunnyeon

  • Dalawang Mrs. Park.
    91.5K 4.3K 25

    Sa pagibig, walang panget. walang maganda. walang gwapo, payat o mataba. pero KABIT, susme. super rami. © dyosangbyun-tae 2014 || RATED TANGINA.

  • ChanBaek: Exorcism of Byun Baekhyun [Completed]
    345K 19.9K 59

    Byun Baekhyun can see ghost. Finding the mysterious death of Jang Hae Rin whom should he trust? Find out.

  • Dear Chanyeol,
    198K 9.2K 43

    Dear Chanyeol || Your Magandang Admirer, Byun Baekhyun. Nb Dear Jongin || Gago ka, Mamatay ka na. Hayop -Kyungsoo ©dyosangbyun

  • The Student Council's Secret: BOOK 1 - CHANBAEK FF ✔
    1.4M 44.8K 39

    |SELF-PUBLISHED| Book 1: The Student Council's Secret is based on my ChanBaek One Shot story, On Top and Underneath and Inside and Outside. If you haven't read it yet, it will be nice if you read it first! This will be the Chaptered Version, or more like a long sequel to the story, and of course, it is written in Engl...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bitch ; chanbaek
    4.1K 274 21

    B I T C H - BEAUTIFUL INDIVIDUAL THAT CREATES HELL Meet Byun Baekhyun the Prince Bitch. Walang kahit ni sinong nag lakas loob na lumapit sakanya. Everyone was scared of him because of his bitchy attitude. Except one. It's name is Park Chanyeol. Anak ng kanilang katulong sa mansion. Can Chanyeol bear the attitude of...

  • Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | Repairing
    684K 38.7K 39

    [COMPLETED] The nerdy Byun Baekhyun has a huge crush on the famous actor and singer Park Chanyeol but unfortunately he would never notice him.. or would he? Cover inspo: devianart/moonxriver ©bcdwolf 2017

  • Diary ni Park Chanyeol [Completed!]
    83K 4.2K 48

    Dear Diary, Kahit tanga ako, alam kong mahal niyo ko. At, mahal ako ni Baekhyun. May ari, Pogingyeol [Completed!] #342 in RANDOM #704 in RANDOM #238 in RANDOM

  • message request • chanbaek
    168K 6.5K 53

    [COMPLETED] You have one message request. "Park Chanyeol ikaw na ba ang icing sa ibabaw ng kupkeyk ko? Hihi." - Byun Baekhyun ©DEERBABOLTI [ chanbaek conversation and story ]

  • Legend of The Red Sea | Chanbaek Ff
    46.2K 3.8K 27

    Baekhyun is a mermaid who wants to live in the Dry lands. He made a deal with the Sea Witch Suho to prove that "love" exist. Will he accomplish his quest or he will be forgotten once he became a bubble when he failed? | (cto) @firelightus for the cover

  • The Prince And The Modern Bitch | ChanBaek
    306K 18.7K 22

    Byun Baekhyun is gonna bring the whole Palace down. ------------------------------ ©Axerocknroll 2016 | Current Cover by : fychanbaek Previous Cover by : FireLightus

  • angst shots ; chanbaek
    40K 1.6K 11

    [SLOW UPDATES] angsty chanbaek one shots and poems made by yours truly for all you angst lovers [: cc. firelightus

  • 10080 [(ChanBaek/BaekYeol Fanfiction) (Originally Written By EXObubz)]
    190K 4.3K 13

    "7 Months of Courtship 2 Years of Eternally Loving 1 Year of Fate Changing 10080 Minutes of Pretending" 10080 By: EXObubz

  • Blind Love ; chanbaek
    2.9K 87 13

    " There's always that one stupid mistake that changes everything. " -Park Chanyeol - Date Started: 4/23/17 Date Ended: 4/27/17

  • forced love ; chanbaek
    1.1M 57K 36

    [COMPLETED] Nothing wrong will happen between two people that hate each other under the same roof, right? highest: #44 in fanfiction. #16 in baekhyun #9 in chanbaek #3 in slightangst 100116 cc. firelightus

  • Private Number || BBH • PCY
    1.5M 82.2K 34

    [ E D I T I N G ] "I dare you, Baekhyun," Luhan said all of a sudden. "Dare me what?" Baekhyun asked. "I dare you to seduce Park Chanyeol via a phone," he smirked. ---------------------------------- #1 in Baekhyun (16.12.18) ©Axerocknroll 2015 | Cover by : fychanbaek Yo! This is my first boy x boy fan fiction! If you...

  • ChanBaek: Hurting Baekhyun
    34.7K 1.9K 24

    Chanyeol and Kyungsoo was about to get married ng mabiktima si Kyungsoo ng hit and run. whose fault? Kim Jongin, Byun Baekhyun's unloyal boyfriend. Pero inako lahat ni Baekhyun ang lahat ng kaso sa kanyang boyfriend dahil na rin sa nagmakaawa ito sa kanya. Baekhyun, as the GOOD boyfriend did the favor. He was sent to...

  • Call Me Baby (FILIPINO) - CHANBAEK FF ✔
    566K 23.8K 82

    |COMPLETED| Summary: Kailangan ni Chanyeol ng babysitter para sa kapatid niyang si Sehun. Nag-apply si Baekhyun. * Date Created: March 22, 2015 Date Finished: November 24, 2015 * Title: Call Me Baby Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Sehun/Baekhyun Rating: PG Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slight Drama, Harem * A/N: Hindi po ito Ma...

    Completed   Mature