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  • unexpected [COMPLETED]
    37.2K 1.4K 34

    While traveling abroad for work, Rosé, a popular k-pop idol meets the actress she admires the most. Will her busy schedule get in the way of forming a friendship with Suzy? Or will something unexpected happen in one of the most romantic cities in the world? cover art by the amazingly talented Cath Pascual.

    Completed   Mature
  • P.S. I hate you! (lesbian story)
    5.7M 122K 22

    Isabelle Parrier seemingly has everything, she is beautiful, has handsome boyfriend and is the most popular girl in her high school. But she is also cold and conniving, and does everything she wants. Everyone in her school is trying not to get on her bad side, because she has ways of destroying people through her vici...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hate That I Love You (Camren)
    231K 5.7K 13

    Lauren Jauregui, notorious Hollywood playgirl, has had her share of scandals in the past. She moves into a picturesque house on the outskirts of Los Angeles, which she bought on impulse. It happened to carry something else with it though-a brunette, brown-eyed writer that turns her life (her heart, most especially) up...

  • Babysitting the Unnies
    22.9K 999 3

    When Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo all turn into kids, it's Lisa's turn to take care of them. Sequel to Babysitting the Maknae

  • Babysitting the Maknae
    194K 6.3K 13

    When Lisa turns into a kid, will the rest of Blackpink be able to handle her? And will they be able to turn her back to normal before time runs out?

  • CC7
    7.2M 122K 28

    Lauren and Camila are two of the most promising soccer talents in the country. The two skilled girls are playing for the U-17 US team to win the world championship in Costa Rica. Their connection on the field is obvious but what happens off field when unexpected feelings come in to play?

  • Do I Wanna Know
    11.7M 172K 50

    This story is not mine. I do not own anything. All credits goes to the brilliant author of this story, Jazmin (@moviegeek120). You can also read this story on All the fanarts in every chapter are made by Laura_Snow

  • The Queen Below
    426K 15.1K 32

    A retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth, a story of fate, the struggle for power, and love found in the most unexpected places. ***** Persephone has been raised in Olympus all her life - her mother absent, her father a cruel king, with her sibl...

  • Hate Me Now, Love Me Later
    570K 23.5K 77

    In where Lisa is forced to serve the bitch of a 'princess' just to pay her family's debt. ©️adamandeve