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  • 21 Chump Street (Justin) x reader
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    Y/N L/N moved from New York to Florida after her mother going to jail, she switches school to Park Vista Community High School, during this time, she meets a group of boys Justin, Derek, Tevin and Andrew, but Justin stood out more than the others, let's see how this outs.

  • His Rose||TVD||Elijah Mikaelson
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    Grace Rose, a vampire from the 1700's has a past with the mikaelsons, what happens when they come back into Mystic falls and she just happens to be there? But what happens when Elijah sees her?

  • Maria Reynolds x Elizabeth Schuyler
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    "fUCK IM GAY" Maria yelled after that one damned night ----------------------------------------------- hi so Maria doesnt get enough credit, or books, so boom im writing this shit but its when they are kids n shit so yeh 9dhshfa

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    Ariana, Ari, Blossom the youngest Blossom, her being a freshman, while Jason and Cheryl are juniors. Despite them being siblings, she was the opposite of them, she's shy, kind, J.J was kind, Cheryl not so much, Ari was also known to have extreme anxiety when it came to her family. Penelope always preferred Ari over C...

  • Princess 👑 ||Toni Topaz x Fem!OC||Riverdale||
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    Kayleigh Cooper, Betty coopers cousin gets kicked out of her house because of her parents being homophobics. They find out she likes girls and kick her out, she goes to live with Alice Cooper She's also Irish She ends up falling in love with Toni. Description is in process in editing-