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  • Starfleet Academy
    1.3K 62 5

    Small town girl and Penn State drop-out Bellona Reynolds never expected to be accepted into Starfleet Academy. Her mother was terrified of it, her father was constantly gone, and her older brother Janus wasn't accepted when he applied. When a letter comes one morning telling her about the things she needed to buy, Bel...

  • Star Trek Imagines
    474K 11.9K 200

    Imagines between the reader and various Star Trek characters. The characters I mainly write about are Chekov, Bones and Kirk but I can write about others if requested. I don't own Star Trek or any of its characters. Requests Open, just leave them in comments. ~Clo X

  • Jim Kirk & Lucy
    8.4K 160 20

    He didn't know who I was until they caught me, stealing. They grabbed me, told me I couldn't talk. Then, they dragged me all the way to some sort of jail cell and threw me in it, then they slammed the door and punched in a code that activated a lock. I waited what felt like years till he arrived with a doctor and a gu...

  • House of Cards AWARDS 2018 {OPEN}
    10.8K 665 44

    [NOTE:] WE ARE IN DEAR NEED OF MORE JUDGES AND PARTICIPANTS! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ This is my first BTS Awards! I hope you enter.... -@KittyBlossomCB

  • The Breathtaking Awards ***CLOSED FOR JUDGING***
    8.3K 460 33

    Welcome to the first annual Breathtaking Awards!!! ~Do you want to be discovered? ~You want recognition? ~Is your story a hidden gem? Well then this is the perfect thing for you!! A contest that will get you noticed! Come on in :)

  • BTS: Battle of the Best Fanfiction 2018
    14.2K 639 31

    "RECOGNIZING THOSE WHO DESERVED TO SHINE!" [O P E N F O R B T S F F] Does your story really have what it takes to be called "The Best"? Then come and join the BTS: Battle of the Best Fanfiction 2018!

  • Euphoria BTS Awards 2018 [Closed for Judging]
    14K 752 34

    [From 0- 6K+ reads] Do you have any book worthy of much recognition where you have put all your efforts into giving it a structure? Behold, Euphoria BTS Awards! Participating in this award, you can enter your own BTS FFs alongside of judging other books. Have fun! [Highest Rank] #276 in Random on 05/14/18 #142 in Rand...

  • Face Yourself Awards 2018
    54.1K 3.3K 42

    Face Yourself Awards 2018 [ANNOUNCING WINNERS] Face Yourself Awards is a platform for the fellow ARMYs to showcase their work and display their love for BTS. We want to help discover new writers and stories and appreciate the work of ARMYs. We have decided to not exclude any content so that no work goes unappreciated...

  • Red Lips [J.HS]
    1.4K 100 4

    He knew she was bad for him because all it took was one kiss. A Jung Hoseok Fan Fiction Horror/Romance *Slight Mature Content* Started: 101417 Finished: Slow Updates - CURRENTLY ON HOLD ©hugztaehyung | 2018