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  • Killer Love - HP
    336K 8.5K 22

    Harry has had enough of everyone ruining his life, he could of had a family that looked after him but no there dead and the other he was put with because of Dumbledore hurt him. He's had enough of it, what happens when no one finds out who the killer is until the killer finds a lover who knows all of his secrets - C.W.

  • Three Little Snakelings
    28.2K 868 28

    The stories were wrong. Harry Potter wasn't an only child. Harry didn't know he had any siblings. Until Hogwarts he couldn't remember much. Then there were the gaps in his memory, mentions of the little freaks and odd traces in his cupboard. When he met Hermione he felt like a piece that had been missing came back b...

  • That Demon, Bitter Rabbit: a Ciel X Sebastian
    24.7K 1.2K 16

    AU: Modern, Sebastian is Ciel's imaginary friend When everyone else has let you down, there's always a teddy bear. Ciel and his extended family move into an old villa across town which they do not know is haunted by a demon. Said demon becomes enamored with Ciel, who is afflicted with Peter Pan syndrome, instantly and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deliciae Fictilem Dolor: a O! Ciel X Sebastian X R! Ciel
    26.5K 1.1K 30

    AU: Instead is being sold to the cult, the twins are sold to a Duke with a secret. The moon is my sun, the night is my day, blood is my life and you are my prey. For as long as the twins can remember, they've always been with their Daddy. They've spent their whole lives spoiled and taken care of, since they were so fr...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Own Master
    117K 3.6K 15

    How would Harry of turned out if he was the Master of Death that night Voldemort attacked? Who would he love? Who would he hate? This is a HagridxHarry story. Hope you enjoy. ------------------------------ Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. This story plot is all I own. Also, this story is dedicated to Leeann42908...

  • Prince of Nature - HP
    139K 4K 22

    When Harry was murdered by his uncle, he didn't exactly fully die but came back to life but something unlocked within him making find out the truth about the people around him, will he finally chose the path he always wanted or the path the people in the ,magical realm? - C.W.

  • The Wizarding Savior is a Girl [HP Fanfic AU]
    32K 1.6K 16

    On October 31, 1981, twenty-one-year-old James Fleamont Potter and his wife, twenty-one-year-old Lily Jasmine Potter nee Evans, sacrifice their lives to save the Wizarding World. They left behind their legacy and beloved child, a baby girl named Harriet 'Harry' Lily Potter. Due to her godfather, twenty-one-year-old Si...

  • Baby Raven
    50.4K 1.2K 7

    What happens when Harry Potter, who had always worn a mask and never let it slip, gets turned into a child, making his not-so-good home life known? What will they think about the 'Golden Boy' being weak? What will happen when the young Potter takes a strange liking to the 18 year old Potter's enemy, Draco Malfoy? Well...

  • Changing The Future
    387K 11.8K 55

    Harry was not happy. Very few people survived the war and those that did betrayed him. Not to mention his newest title...Master Of Death. He can't help but think...what if Tom Riddle's mom lived. What would happen if Voldemort had a father figure. What if his new title allowed him find out?

  • The Boy Who Changes Everything
    141K 3.9K 31

    A skinny boy named 'Harry' gets beaten and starve by his relatives for years. But On 5th August 1991, Albus asked one of his professors 'Severus snape' to check on the boy..The arrogant and spoilt prince he thought the boy to be was never true... On September 1st, Harry went to Hogwarts totally different. He was not...

  • The Power Of Blood (Book One)
    179K 6.4K 19

    The events of first year change Harry a lot. How will this change affect the outcome of the Wizarding world

  • The Wail of a Griffin
    20.5K 511 7

    In a world where everybody has a classification, young Harry Potter followed the half giant into the bank he was told run by goblins, not knowing that his life was all about to change the second he agreed to talk to the Potters account manger. Little! Harry potter Little! Draco Malfoy Daddy! Severus Snape Daddy! Luciu...

  • The Elfling
    435K 12.7K 33

    Harry potter is only four and has been abused by the Dursley's his entire life. One morning after being horribly beaten he teleports to a new world. There he will find a new family one that loves and cherishes him. He will learn that he has magic and how to wield it. And through time he might find love as well. But w...

  • Harry Potter and the Slytherin Truth: Year One
    117K 4.1K 26

    Due to his childhood, Harry was left with the idea that he was a freak and unloved. After receiving a mysterious letter, Harry saw this as a chance to escape the abuse and change his life for the better. With the help of his new friend, he learns to navigate this new world and learns he is worth more than he believes...

  • MOB
    462K 13.7K 18

    What if the Dursley family cared for Harry? What would happen if Vernon was in the MOB

  • *ON BREAK* Tomarry: It All Started With A Plan To Kill
    37.4K 988 11

    Tom Riddle, AKA Lord Voldemort, had a plan. And that plan was to kidnap and kill his mortal enemy Harry James Potter. Little did they know that instead of trying to kill Harry, he would be saving his life. Lord Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix LeStrange, Severus Snape, and Fenrir Greyback all were standing in front...

  • Poetic Justice [Tomarry]
    35.2K 1.1K 5

    As punishment for his crimes, Tom Riddle-formerly the Dark Lord, Voldemort-is given to Harry Potter as a slave. Harry didn't even know slavery was still a thing in the wizarding world, and most definitely doesn't want one.

  • Another Lestrange [DISCONTINUED]
    71.8K 2K 19

    "I assure you Master, this life is better than the last" "You say that every time Death" "But I mean it now" "I hope so..." •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• In which Harry is the Master of Death and has lived more than a thousand lives, Bellatrix is less insane and Rodolphus is confused. A/N DI...

  • Death Note : Second Year - HP
    27.7K 1K 10

    Harry goes into his second year yet still even though Dumbledore is not there he is still cause him trouble and will finally Blaise and Harry get together instead of dancing around each other - C.W.

    Completed   Mature
  • Death Note : First Year - HP
    69.3K 2.3K 14

    When Harry dies it ends up being at the hands of his own friends but he goes through life having kids with Ginny who they haven't been close and Harry finds out about alot about her and those around him that he thought he could trust but no, so Harry goes back in time to when it all start, the same exact day he got hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • A New Beginning
    2.7K 243 29

    Harry and his friends have to go back to Hogwarts to finish their education after the war. Harry feels alone because his best friend left him and now he has to adjust to a whole new dynamic. What happens when love comes from unexpected places? What happens when Hogwarts is threatened and it's one school against hundre...

  • The Little One with Green Eyes
    442K 17.4K 59

    In June of 1980, Voldemort successfully took control of the Magical Ministry. For eleven years, Magical Britain was finally at peace, with only a few rebels fighting against the New Ministry. Voldemort stepped out of the limelight after the end of the war, choosing instead to focus on something important: His son. A f...

  • Jasmine and the Winx Club
    24.2K 608 6

    As she watched Sirius fall into the veil of death Jasmine refused to stay in a world without her last real family member and quickly runs after Sirius, straight into the veil of death. After fallowing Sirius into the veil, Jasmine and Sirius find themselves in a world similar to their own just without magic. Deciding...

  • Deal
    346K 10K 15

    What if Harry Potter made a deal with Voldemort? The light really fucked up on this one. "Ruin me then, my lord." Oh he would, in a way you wouldn't think. But, a baby running around the dark lords home wouldn't be too bad would it?

  • The Secrets she keeps
    857K 25K 88

    FemHarry returns to Diagon alley after her visit with Hagrid, what she discovers changes the path laid out for her completely. Knowledgable of secrets that will change the wizarding world she heads off to Hogwarts. She escapes her abusive relatives, but will she ever escape the mental damage and see that someone is al...

  • THE Malfoy snape Brothers
    6.1K 206 45

    what if Harry and Draco where both the son's of Severus shape and Lucius Malfoy what Severus Carrie them so that made him the bearer what if Draco and Harry were really close . what if Minerva McGonagall was Severus adopted mother so she was the boys grandmother what if the potters where best friends with Severus an...

  • Harry Potter and the Ties that Bind
    131K 6.4K 46

    The death of their friend has left scars on everyone. While Harry's friends pull together as a group, the young man responsible for bringing them together has descended into darkness and begins following a path that he had thought he'd left behind. Sequel to Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin.

  • Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin
    228K 10.8K 45

    One year is up and another is soon to begin. During this year Harry Potter studies under Nicolas Flamel, is forced to deal with a Vampire Princess, and learns that there is yet another danger lurking within the walls of Hogwarts, one that has been around since the time of the Founders. What's a poor student with perfe...

  • Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories [Harry Potter Fan Fiction]
    724K 25.9K 47

    Eidetic Memory is the ability to remember everything you have ever done, seen, smelled, tasted and touched. To some it is a gift; to others a curse. For Harry Potter, it's both. For as long as he can remember, Harry Potter has been waiting for the day that he would receive his Hogwarts letter. Now the time has finally...

  • Dear Mr. Potter
    883K 38K 61

    Harry returns to Hogwarts after defeating the Dark Lord just to have to fight again. Only this time it's a fight against heritage, instinct, and nature. Who will win?

    Completed   Mature