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  • HOTLINE | j.hoseok
    378K 20.6K 28

    "I'm here to answer your calls." In which Jung Hoseok is a very ordinary medical professional by day and a hot phone sex operator by night.

    Completed   Mature
  • Twelve Springs || Jung Hoseok
    5.3K 318 14

    Y/n never knew that her annoying childhood friend had a crush on her. He had watched her through every stage, and although it still broke his heart to see her with another guy, he told himself to accept it. Until Y/n noticed her real feelings towards him, but was it too late? ------------------------ Disclaimer: I wro...

  • Perfect | jhs
    40.7K 1.5K 6

    "It's crazy how one day someone walks into our lives and we wonder how we ever lived without them." ; J-Hope x reader ; soulmate au - complete

  • Bottom!Hoseok
    241K 6K 15

    [19+] Hoseok makes the rest of the members craze for his ass. Warning! Read with your own risk. My work may contain smut, mpreg, rape, depression, suicide. :-)

  • Luck ~ Jung Hoseok x reader
    93.6K 4.1K 36

    "A cold breeze made me shiver. I closed my eyes and curled up into a small ball. I felt someone put their jacket on my shoulders. I looked up and saw Hoseok sitting next to me with his jacket wrapped around me. "I thought you were cold so I-" "Thank you," I told him and slightly tilted my head to his side. He notice...

  • one-sided | yoonseok
    12.2K 646 9

    in which hoseok loves yoongi but yoongi loves jimin. _ "yoongi why haven't you noticed my feelings for you, no matter how obvious i am?!" _ (lower case intended) (cringey af)

  • Boyfriend ✔ J. Hoseok
    22.1K 1K 12

    "Uhm, this boy is my... boyfriend?" "Yep, I'm her boyfriend." - in which Hoseok finds himself in a quick relationship.

  • Teddy Bear [Hoseok x Reader]
    17.2K 687 6

    You and Hoseok have been dating for a long time. He, therefore, knows about a toy given to you at a young age. This toy was your best friend. What will Hoseok do when you loose it one day?

  • Forget Me Not || Hoseok x Reader FF
    28.8K 1.4K 18

    "Even if my mind forgets, my heart will always remember you."

  • Her Flaws ~j.hs~
    732 55 6

    You were just a shy girl who always sat in the back of the class with your nose in a book. You really didn't like to talk. A lot of things have happened in your life... That is why he was so fond of you. Hoseok was the popular guy who was very outgoing. He is not afraid to do anything. He saw your flaws and wanted to...

  • My Little Kitten × 정호석 ×
    69.3K 2.6K 15

    Yuki, a cat hybrid was abused by her owner until a boy found her and took her home, took care of her and eventually fell in love but there are a few things that is getting in their way. Will he succeed to become her actual hope tho? ************************ « Sorry descriptions aren't my thing and cringe warning 😂 » ...

  • Just One Day
    117 14 1

    "Hello. Name?" The lady at the front desk somewhat greeted. "Jung Hoseok." I answered. She looked up at me then back at her computer then quickly right back at me again doing a double take. "Have we met before?" She asked. "I think so." I carelessly responded. She does look awfully familiar though. "Wait..." She darkl...

  • Good Guys Finish Lasting
    86.9K 5.2K 23

    "I see you're back." I look at Hoseok "Yea." He answered, worried as he looked at my bleeding mouth, "Are you-" "Leave. I don't like you." #No.1 emotional

  • Just Friends (Jung Hoseok/J-Hope ff)
    11.4K 529 15

    Meet Min Nari. A cute, intelligent but shy girl who grew up with her mom and her older brother, Yoongi. She and her brother has a close friend, Hoseok. The three of them were always together in good times and bad times. One day Nari realizes that Hoseok means much more than she thought before...

  • Halfbreed | j.hs [ON HOLD]
    1.2K 46 12

    In which a girl found a hybrid and decide to save him. - A bowl of angst and fluff just for you. Warning : Mention of abusement, and some other stuff.

  • Dance connection ( jhope X o c) On hold
    77.5K 2.3K 25

    On hold...Dance

  • tattoo shop (jhope x reader ff)
    77.3K 2.1K 19

    Your an innocent girl who ends up in a place you shouldn't be. (lol srry for the bad description but yeah)

  • Lovely Bully Jhope X Reader
    97.7K 3.4K 37

    "I HATE YOU!" "I'm sorry.." "YOU HURT ME!" "I love you.." "WHY DID YOU DO IT?!" "BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU!" ---- Lmfao this book was the biggest mistake I've made holy shit.

  • Wolf jhope x Reader
    24.2K 683 18

    theres a new transfer student no your crapy private school and he's the only nice one there but he has a secret

  • Falling For You (Jhope X Reader)
    62.9K 2.3K 8

    Who knew that someone would actually "fall" in love. This is a Jhope x Reader ft Jimin.

  • Memories With You (Jhope X Reader)
    21.7K 903 17

    Please remember me.. ~Jhope (Warning.. Proceed with caution.. Some heartbreaking stuff happens in this story.. and foul words..)

  • help me | hoseok
    33.7K 2.1K 12

    "please help me get over my feelings for you so i don't have to keep on telling myself that i will never move on."

  • Coup De Grâce | {MYG vs JHS}
    3.6K 316 18

    People had been told to never mess with the Jung couple for they will be at their wits' ends. The couple wasn't interested in killing because death meant peace to all sufferings. They are the rulers of the sin world. They were the so called Satans on Earth who had created hell for those who tried to go against them. B...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dancer of Life | {KSJ vs JHS}
    11K 999 20

    Love is dangerous. Love erases all good and bad from the thoughts of a person. Love can bring danger to the ones you treasure but Love can also be the cure. The two men loved and willed to take any risk for her, even if it brings danger to their life. However, she was torn between present and past. The truth will be r...

  • But You Didn't | JHS
    4K 59 26

    I trusted you with my life and you said you would protect it, but guess what, you didn't. #FuchsiaAwards2018

    Completed   Mature
    60.6K 381 2

    ❝ y-you're back? ❞ ☯ book 3 :; the interview series © -cyphertori :; 2016

  • ||BETRAYED|| <JHS>
    19.4K 699 32


  • a drop in the ocean • JUNG HOSEOK
    10.6K 785 19

    "I trust you," your friend Jin tilts his head, flinging a sour patch kid into the pond with a kind side smirk. "Mermaids, shit. It's just ... a lot to process?" "Merman, Jin. It was a merMAN." You correct immediately. Chewing your bottom lip as you scouted the pond's water. JUNG HOSEOK x FEM!READER. -------- A W A R D...

  • 24 Days | ✔️
    1.2K 136 26

    I was lonely this Christmas. And I guess you were lonely too. So why don't we spend our time together? || [A Christmas-themed fanfiction] || Published: 12/1/2017 || Finished: 12/26/2017 || Third Place of the Butterfly Hoseok Category in the Serendipity Awards (2/27/2018)

  • Underwater (Jung Hoseok x Reader) J.HS
    6.3K 444 8

    #SerendipityAwards Your school has a new star swimmer: Jung Hoseok, someone who looks awfully familiar. Is there a reason you think you know him?