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  • The Great War // Sirius Black
    1.8K 55 5

    Sequel to Style, a Sirius Black Fanfic --- When you fight your entire life for something, and suddenly, it's standing a few feet away from you-how are you supposed to react? Is it supposed to be a joyous occasion? Or is it almost numbing, knowing that all that work was over and everything you had done to reach it no l...

  • Lover // Remus Lupin
    12.6K 414 15

    What counts as falling in love? Is it a mutual admiration? Is it friendship? Is it feeling sexual attraction? The detention of love varies on the circumstances in which one partakes in. Sometimes its platonic, sometimes its familial. People fall in love romantically over long expanses of time; some people experience i...

  • Style // Sirius Black
    333K 8.1K 62

    Hating someone is the same as falling in love. Close proximity is the bullet in the barrel for both, but it's a game of roulette. Either the gun will shoot and kill, or you'll get the empty slot, and no one gets hurt. Which one is which all depends on the two people involved. Love can kill, and hate can live. Or, love...

    Completed   Mature
  • strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
    11.4K 414 19

    ☞︎ sequel to Blueberry Pancakes Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for...

  • blueberry pancakes // bucky barnes
    116K 3.7K 39

    a single mother. juggling being a mom, a full time pediatrician, and a difficult ex who believed now would be the best time to finally be a father. a soldier ripped out of time. ex-assassin turned superhero. learning how to balance a new domestic life with handling demons of his past, while facing the trials of...

    Completed   Mature