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  • Forgotten (Tpn x Reader)
    698 44 1

    "Want me to become the bad guy?" "Fine, now I'm the bad guy." Y/N who got transferred here in Grace Field house. After a few years all of her siblings forgotten about her and thought she never existed. What if some of her siblings know the secret of the orphanage, will she help them? Or remain to become the villain of...

  • Dream or Reality (Norman X Modern Reader)
    1.6K 79 3

    "I don't want to be here in this cruel world!" "I want to escape in this reality!" "I wish my dream will come true..." Y/N who suddenly transported in the anime 'The Promised Neverland'. We'll she able to help her siblings escape? Tell everyone about her real self? Or someone fall in love with her?

  • Until we'll meet again (Kanao x Tpn Reader)
    2.1K 108 3

    "If reincarnation is real, I promise I'll find you." "I promise we'll meet again." "I love you, Kanao..." Y/N Tomioka the little sister of Giyuu Tomioka, who died after defeating the final battle of Muzan Kibutsuji. She promised her lover, Kanao Tsuyuri. If they ever reborn in another life, she will find her and meet...

  • Cute little demon (Emma x Modern Kny Reader) [Rewrite]
    152K 4.8K 41

    "Woah! I became like Nezuko but I'm in TPN" "I wonder if I'm immune to sunlight or to have a Blood Demon Art" "Where could I find a bamboo..." Y/N, who wished to have an Anime crossover of Demon Slayer and The Promised Neverland. Her wished came true but in exchange she has to be the character of Demon Slayer and plac...

  • My Snowflake (Ray x Kny Reader)
    1.7K 67 3

    "Are you angry?" Ray asked. "Yes, I'm angry Ray. I've always been angry." I said. "I've died once in the past and I'm not going to die again!" Y/N and Norman who were blood related siblings. They were supposed to be shipped out but suddenly a portal came out and sucked the two of them. When they woke up Y/N knew where...

  • Into the future (Norman x Kny Reader)
    3.2K 120 3

    "I only show my emotions to my sisters and my family" "My sister told me. If I fell in love with a boy someday, I'll change" "Are they worried about me? I promise to come back home" Y/N Tsuyuri the twin sister of Kanao Tsuyuri. She went to a mission to find where the missing Demon Slayers on the mountain. She saw the...