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  • One Direction Interracial One Shots
    26.3K 753 20

    One Direction with African American girls.

  • Imagines- Freshlee+Ogoc
    21.6K 233 28

    Imagines for DADDY

  • Dirty Magcon preferences and imagines
    1.9M 10.4K 93

    Taking requests! These are all from tumblr but I do write my own

    Completed   Mature
  • Jared Leto Imagines
    847K 22.3K 172

    Because Jared Is A Handsome Man I Thought I Should Write A Book. 💕

  • Harry Styles BSM
    426K 4.8K 124

    Some BSMs and DDMs with Harry Edward Freaking Styles!! Louis, Liam and Niall included 😊. Please do not copy my works All The Love ❤💚 BSM-Brother Sister Moments DDM- Daddy Daughter Moments Oh and if you liked my imagines Vote, Comment and Share. Thank you!! HAPPY READING!!! xx

  • Magcon BSM preferences
    122K 1.4K 23

    BSM: brother sister moments. ••• Sister preferences of Shawn :) Matt :) Hayes :) Nash :) Cam :) Carter :) Aaron :) Taylor :) Jack J :) Jack G :)

  • Magcon/Vine BSM
    40K 531 20

    Hey guys so basically this is a book Of brother sister moments. (BSM) this will mainly contain both Grier boys, both Jacks, Cam, Matt, Shawn, Taylor, Carter, so yeah basically everyone. Any suggestions please leave in the comment section or on my billboard. Also if you would like to make a cover please contact me on...

  • 1D DDM/BSM
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  • 1D bsm
    20.1K 267 27

    *WARNING* continuing on could give you a massive heart attack of the feels

  • 1D Preferences
    23.2K 215 31

    Just little stories :) Requests are welcome.

  • Clarity « Niam
    1.3M 47K 31

    For the last year Niall has been raising his son on his own, that is until his internationally famous ex-boyfriend decides to make an appearance in his life and again. Telling his ex about their son wasn't something Niall ever wanted to have to explain, but with the public eye baring down on him, he might just get bac...

  • One direction interracial preferences(Completed)
    311K 11.8K 200

    I'm tired of reading preferences only about white girls so I decided to write preferences with black girls in them because these stories need a little swirl to make it more interesting

  • One Direction Imagines/Preferences
    294K 2.8K 116

    This is my One Direction Imagine/Preference book. I take requests. I write about everything. Some Preferences might take a bit though because I'm trying to make them descriptive as possible. I hope you like them! SLOW UPDATING

  • One Direction Preferences
    369K 1.6K 37

    Love these so figured I'd make one!! There's some dirty and non dirty.

  • teen wolf preference
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  • Avengers Preferences
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    Preferences for Steve, Thor, Tony, Clint, Bruce, Loki, and Bucky because they're all precious babies.

  • Mahone Crew Preferences
    10.8K 184 28

    Preferences Austin, Alex, Robert, Zach, and Drew

  • Forever In Your Mind Imagines and Preferences
    120K 2.3K 41

    Have an imagine in mind? Just request!

    Completed   Mature
  • How to Date a Nerd
    7.5M 121K 46

    (A Leon Walden Story--Sequel to Life as Told by Nerdy) One word. One broken promise. One fateful night. That was all it took to lose her. And I knew we'd never be the same. I wanted to touch her face, hold her hand, to see her smiles again-even if I knew they weren't for me to keep. Now I'm back to square one. I'd mak...

  • One Direction Preferences
    1.3M 7.6K 72

    You wanna know who would 1D boys react in some life situations?All you have to do is click on this book and viola.I take request for preferences.

  • Avengers Preferences
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  • One Direction Preferences
    3.7K 82 16

    Slow Updates

  • Styles Triplets
    47.6K 2K 199

  • One direction Preferences
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    One Direction Preferences

  • One Direction and 5SOS Preferences Book 2
    195K 1.4K 107

    Look up with yo eyes... Book 2, because I hit max chapter limit on my other. Please, check out the other one first. Most are from Tumblr, so credit goes to their makers. I do images, so feel fee to request! If you want one just inbox me : ) C O M M E NT, L I K E, AND V O T E! Credit to: x5SecondsOfMichaelx for the...

  • One Direction Preferences
    4.9M 25K 202

    various preferences taken from tumblr :)

  • One Direction Prefrences
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    Hello, These are the best One Direction Prefrences you will ever read Okay They all will be mine, unless stated otherwise Please request and share Comment Vote Follow All Copyright intended Do NOT steal from me unless asking first and giving me credit as @HarrysBatman Thank you so so much Enjoy<3

  • <3 1D preferences <3
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