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  • Cavort and carry on
    7.2K 34 23

    Emotive one-shot pieces of various scenarios with Alex. Often first person. •These are (mostly) all very personal stories that were cathartic and healing for me to write. I poured my heart out in many, and the greatest outlet for my emotions during many months was with Alex and in my notes app. I hope you enjoy. I tr...

  • Callboy
    972 34 7

    2016-18 Alex imagined as a callboy/ high-class hooker Forming a relationship with a client is beyond Callboy's intentions... And, he struggles to continue berating himself when shown affection from this caring stranger. Finding identity, navigating his profession, forming relationships, and becoming more compassiona...

  • He does what the night does to the day (Alex Turner fanfic)
    1.7K 55 13

    A 17 year old girl goes to a live of mini mansions and an unexpected meeting changes her whole life. (The story with more details is written in the first chapter)

  • Crying Lightning (An Alex Turner Fanfiction)
    58.9K 1.2K 16

    Ariana Atkins life charges full speed ahead in the direction of excitement and adventure when she meets the gorgeous Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys.

  • The Bad Thing
    21.1K 641 8

    I know there is nothing more than the sexual tension between us. At least for him. But, every time he fondles my hand, or lays next to me, I could swear he feels something. And I'm always wrong.

  • Is this what you wanted? {One Shot}
    638 28 1

    The sad halloween one shot.

  • Here I Go [a Pink Floyd fanfic]
    20.4K 566 24

    When 18-year-old runaway, Paisley Caraway, goes to a club in London to see this new band, Pink Floyd, she didn't think she'll meet such an extraordinary person. She soon falls for the young boy and has to go through many obstacles to get him to herself. Does he like her the same? Will this love story end with happines...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cry baby, cry
    238 6 6

    READ THIS FIRST! The beatles: a band from the 60-70's. Great band. Terminator: a great film, with Arnold Schwarzenegger Sciencefiction. Go watch it. Terschelling: an island located above the Netherlands. The third island from the left (think about the TVTAS (Dutch people will know)). Titanic: film with Leonardo DiCa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Addicted
    559 24 1

    'You're bloody mad for loving me, y'know?' He laughed, sitting down on the bench next to me and running his large hands across his slicked back hair. 'Why?' I questioned, my right arm resting across the length his broad shoulders. He turned to look at me, his beautiful smile faltering. 'Because we're from two complete...

  • Milex Stuff
    658 13 1

    Miles Kane and Alex Turner are meant to be I don't care what people say

  • I Don't Like You Anymore {Milex Fanfiction}
    40.3K 1.5K 26

    "'Milex is real,'" he read aloud to himself. The singer bellowed with laughter, startling Miles."It kind of is real in a way, ain't it?" He gave a crooked smile, looking at Miles over his sunglasses. Miles hesitated, was he supposed to answer that? "Like, we're bezzies, aren't we? Proper good friendship going on, ain'...

  • The Time Has Come Again {Milex Fanfiction}
    1.8K 61 2

    The Time Has Come Again; Miles Kane and Alex Turner have reunited after several tours, records, girlfriends and haircuts. Only this time, can they contain their unannounced yet blatant feelings for each other?

  • Come Closer (Milex)
    2K 71 2

    Miles Kane's love is standing next to him the whole time, dark sunglasses and tambourines a.k.a Alex Turner - actually a bunch of drabble based on song names

  • The Damage You've Inflicted
    472 25 1

    An angsty milex one shot i posted on ao3 that i thought i would post here too!

  • Secret Door
    24.3K 943 26

    Miles' love for Alex has been something he's kept hidden for years, until Alex finally lets him know his true feelings in a moment of weakness. However, Alex's unstable emotions and uncontrollable vices may prove to complicate their relationship as he drags Miles into a dangerous, yet enticing, world.