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  • DEKU OF OVERWATCH (Deku X Overwatch) [REVIVED]
    68.4K 794 7

    Izuku Midoriya is a student at Yuuei Academy. He has been through hell and back with the villains he has faced. He is the ninth wielder of ONE FOR ALL. His mentor ALL MIGHT is the eighth. He is well known for taking down the villain Overhaul and is also known as the crazy kid from the sports festival. But one day dur...

  • A Hero in Remnant? (RWBY x Izuku Midoriya)
    208K 2.9K 17

    Grimms,Huntsmen or Huntresses,Semblance,Aura and Maidens exists in this planet called Remnant...but have you ever heard of Heroes? Suddenly a green light dropped from the sky and shows a green-haired teen. His name is Izuku Midoriya...why is he here? Is he here to do his new duty as a hero? Follow him on his new adven...

  • The Shy Rockstar(awaiting re-write)
    167K 2.8K 19

    [1st place BNHA Wattys Izuku fanfics category] Izuku gives up becoming a hero and decides on becoming a musician. Little did he know that one of his loyal fans would start falling in love with him. This is a izukuxjirou fanfic

  • A Forgetful Inventor
    11.4K 269 1

    Izuku remembers how he met and fell for his girlfriend Mei Hatsume. And then he reminds her why exactly he loves her.

  • Inherit With Two Quirks. [BNHA]
    351K 4.7K 47

    Izuku Midoriya, he was an unlucky one, he was born without a Quirk until he met All Might and his mentor, Nana Shiruma, they give him their half Quirk called One For All. And thus, he also received one more Quirk from Nana called Painrance. [~] The pairing is Dekumomo, aka Izuku Midoriya X Momo Yaoyorozu, because why...

  • Fourth Hokage and Son
    247K 8.5K 45

    Kushina died. Minato lived, and Naruto has the complete Nine-Tails within him. Read to find out more.

  • The Story of Naruto Senju
    626K 11.9K 43

    A naruto story with a twist. Nawaki Senju and Dan Kato are alive. Tsunade and Dan are married and has a son named Naruto Senju. This is the story of Naruto Senju. {This is my first story}

  • Cubicity
    140K 2.4K 49

    What if our hero met a certain invisible girl at the entrance exam? Follow Izuku as he gains a group of friends after meeting Tooru and learns that one does not need to see someone to see the beauty in them. This is primarily a slice of life story that focuses on character interactions between canon. First non-harem I...

  • Mature yet Young
    104K 1.8K 14

    After the events of the summer camp and with the rescue of Bakugo. Sosaki Shino or better known as Pro-Hero Mandalay is facing a conflict of the safety of her nephew which only Izuku can solve. Giving the time and patience Shino will recognize Midoriya for the kind hearted character she beloved him by.

    Completed   Mature
  • Serendipity
    8.7K 202 4

    Mei Hatsume was transferred to class- 1A, the news startled and surprised people. Izuku Midoriya decided to introduce and settle her in to the class as a "thank you" for her help in the Calvary Battle. However with no space in the boarding house and having the biggest bedroom, he was forced to share the room with her...

  • Fishy Love (Tsuyu×Midoriya)
    94K 1.2K 31

    Tsuyu's jealousy might become a problem. Uraraka dating Midoriya is just the thing that Asui hates the most. Can Tsu find the way to Midoriya's heart?

  • Froppy's Love (Izuku x Tsuyu)
    120K 1.1K 12

    It's my first time making a story. I hope you like it! : ) So here goes..... It's the story of Deku yearning to be the number 1 hero. He's really not into love and other stuff until a certain girl leaped into his everyday life. What happens in the future life of Deku? Let's find out..... It might contain might matu...

  • The School Idol And Her Prince
    25.6K 298 10

    An Izuku X Nejire (Yes another one from yours truly.) Yep. That's it.

  • My hero academia Fanfic: The Dragon of justice
    109K 1.5K 9

    Izuku Midoriya a smart and caring young man with a very big dream to be the next symbol of peace like All might, at the age of 4 he was constantly being bullied by his friend turned bully Katsumi bakugou for being quirkless, but one day Izuku got fed up by all the pain amd bullying so he yelled a blood curdling scream...

  • My Hero Academia Fanfic: The Dragon of Justice Revival [on Hiatus]
    183K 2.3K 35

    Hey the discription is in the first book so read that first the title of the book is My Hero Academia Fanfic: The Dragon of Justice. Disclaimer: I dont own any of the pictures and also I did not steal this story from Allexander91 because I am Allexander91, I just switched accounts due to some unexpected issues... so t...

  • Dekuwing
    314K 5.6K 73

    In this story izuku doesn't get a quirk but he refuses to give up his dream then his parents died when he is still younger but gets adopted by gun head who knew his father and gun head trains him to get in to UA and izuku decides to be the first quirkless hero Nightwing or Dekuwing

  • Izuku Midoriya:To The Genderbend World!
    203K 2K 7

    Our Little cinnamon roll 😇 has been teleported to another World and it's..... The Genderbend World!!!😏 Where all the females have 80% chance of having quirks while the guys are quirkless(I feel you all boys because I'm a boy too) and they were....well uhhh...Let's just say they were uhm *cough* sex slaves *cough* *...

  • Players Get Lonely Too - A My Hero Academia Fanfic
    179K 2.8K 24

    A few nights after Izuku and Bakugo's fight, Ochako pays him a visit; one she soon will never forget...

  • Izuku the Red Dragon Emperor
    213K 2.6K 49

    Izuku Mydoria, an average kid that was told he would never get a quirk, meets All Might and suddenly everything changes. This is a Izuku x Momo story. and dont worry, there will be some competition for our cinnomon roll.

  • SpiderIzuku
    339K 5.7K 46

    Izuku gets bit by a radioactive spider and gets the abilities of one. Disclaimer: I do not own My Hero Academia, the music or pictures featured in this book nor the Spiderman series. But I own the plot of this story and the OC's I've created.

  • Izuku, The Super Soldier
    378K 5.4K 40

    Izuku's quirk fully developed overnight at the age of 14, when he woke up he was taller, stronger, and more resistant to pain. He became 'indestructible'... follow our cinnamon roll, turned Awesome as he goes through a normal teenage life, fighting villains and getting the girl he's saved to notice him as an equal.

    Completed   Mature
  • The glitch ( I got inspired)
    44.3K 799 6

    izuku was 14 when he developed his quirk and it was called...............................................Glitch

  • Territory
    13.9K 435 2

    The country of Japan is divided by different clans, and the closer to the capital the stronger they are. There are 6 clans in total The clan of fire and ice The clan of power The clan of electricity The clan of earth The clan of speed And the clan of shadows But there is one man, a man who holds power equal to that...

  • Deku: The Five Leaf Clover(END: Remake Story Available)
    24.9K 440 4

    In a three leaf clover holds three parts that makes up a man. One leaf hold love, the second is hope and the last is faith. But out their is a clover with a fourth clover. The clover of luck. But deep inside a young boy is a secret fifth clover. A clover long since forgotten by the age of time. This clover doesn't con...

  • Thank You (Izuku X Momo) (On Hiatus)
    1M 21.9K 65

    The look on Yaoyorozu's face after she lost to Tokoyami was all too familiar to Midoriya. (Also on AO3 and

  • The first male hero
    144K 1.6K 12

    So i didn't like my other harem story so im making another one Enjoy

  • Natsu's Twin Sister!
    173K 5.1K 111

    After the 11 years of being separated Natsu and his twin sister, Natsumi are reunited as a family again. There will be new challenges, emotions, and obstacles that these Fire Dragonslayers must face, but with each other nothing is impossible for these Dragneel Twins! •Completed•

  • A hero in the Dungeon? (Danmachi x MHA)
    75.8K 1K 8

    [Old Version] A new version of the story is on the way! Read to find out!