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  • FP and Alice
    1.2K 51 2

    Starts toward the end of episode 19- Prisoners with a slight twist! I hope you enjoy

  • Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed
    2K 91 4

    One shot stories revolving around Alice Cooper and FP Jones on CW's Riverdale.

  • Speak To Me
    28.1K 1.3K 42

    "Polly felt the babies kick for the first time and Mom came rushing into the living room to feel them with a smile. She was so so happy and then Polly called for Dad. The moment he stepped into the room, my mother's smile vanished and she went right back into the kitchen." / Something's up with Betty's parents. Can sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falice oneshots
    60K 2K 29

    Just a bunch of random scenes. Please send in requests!

  • FP Jones and Alice Cooper Love Story
    954 18 1

    FP runs after Alice after she leaves the Wyte Wyrm at his "retirement party". But she couldn't stay, she couldn't watch the man that she had loved for half of her life not retire from the Southside Serpents. After the decisions that they had made when they were younger, she couldn't watch him go through that again.

  • When You Were Mine | Falice
    106K 4.3K 87

    | Completed | "He wanted it back. He wanted it all back. Because truth be told, he missed it. He missed everything they had and did together. He missed her." FP Jones had never been in love before, never even really had feelings for anyone before. Until he met her. The new girl at school, Alice Smith. From the moment...

  • Playing The Ace
    1.5K 57 5

    Lets play a card game called "Find the Ace." {WAS AND STILL IS THE BOOK BAD HABITS!!"

  • Sweetwater Scandals
    14.4K 261 28

    Riverdale a small town, it was the town with pep. But July 4th that all changed. The murder of Jason Blossom has now been solved but he town is far from safe. A new threat is on the loose: The Black Hood. With the town struggling to keep their families safe and themselves safe there are still many secrets and scandal...

  • Falice Reunited..?
    6.3K 256 13

    Falice Reunited ❤️ New parts will be added every few days. Hope you enjoy❤️

  • Falice
    2.7K 42 5

    This takes place after Alice tells betty that Hiram large both of Riverdale register. Alice goes to Pops or she is meant by FP and FP tells her that Hiram Lodge as well bought Sunnyside trailer park.

  • Finally
    62.8K 1.8K 22

    Lots of Falice smut. VERY mature.

    Completed   Mature
  • Forbidden love (Alice x FP)
    44.8K 1.3K 21

    Alice Cooper and FP jones, the chemistry is undeniable and their past is indelible. This story will include flashbacks of the couple as well as new storylines. Their story starts right after 2x08, when FP is released from jail.

  • falice action
    39.1K 629 17

    Just a lot of #falice. And smut.A falice action story.

  • Want you back [FP & Alice]
    14.4K 500 17

    FP Jones and Alice Cooper fanfic. Has some scenes in it so mature audiences please!!! Oh and thanks for 1k reads!!! Update: ty for 2k reads!!!!

  • Those three words }} FP & Alice
    28.1K 1K 32

    Fan fiction written about fp Jones and Alice cooper from riverdale <3 I started writing this on the 28th of March 2018 and will continue writing until my story comes to an end:) DISCLAIMER *if you don't ship Falice then don't read my story , don't leave hate comments just because you don't like my ship* I DONT OWN RIV...

  • Teen Spirit 📍 FP Jones
    2.2K 72 3

    "Without your leather jacket, what are you?" FP Jones and Alice Windsor have some history, more than Alice wants to admit. fp jones x alice cooper this story is set in the late 80s/early 90s and is completely fictitious. © all rights reserved ©

  • The Bloodletting
    1.2K 50 3

    "The blood-letting is about to begin? What does that even MEAN, Betty?" I demanded as I turned to my sister. "It's... it's something that Stalin used to do... he killed off masses of people with inferior blood; "sins to humanity". "So... they're targeting sinners?" I whispered. "No, Juliet; sins."

  • Reliving History, Repeating Mistakes
    14.7K 251 10

    Alice Cooper and F.P. Jones fall back into old patterns. An exploration of sex, lust and love. 'set somewhere in season one, after Bughead is a thing and started of as a one shot that was basically just smut with a little, tiny, bit of plot mixed in for good measure... gets A/U after that... {I do not own any of these...

  • Serpent Secrets: A Lost Love
    3.5K 121 7

    Just a fanfiction for Falice on riverdale :)) 💞

  • Southside Boy
    130K 5.1K 66

    | Completed | Alice Cooper, wife of Hal Cooper, mother to Elizabeth and Polly Cooper. She's worked hard to separate her past from her present life, but it's not that easy to forget. Living on the Southside as a teen, getting involved with the Southside's leading group, the Serpents, has left Alice broken and with regr...

  • Bride Over Troubled Water
    473 27 1

    When Jughead gets a call from a worried Betty who can't find her mother, Fp helps search for a missing Alice.

  • Our Secret Love Affair
    13.6K 331 35

    Alice Cooper is married to Hal and has two girls Polly and Betty. She has had a dramatic lifestyle change. She still fondly remembers her days as a serpent and a forgotten relationship.It all happened when she was a teenager. She still has feelings for FP Jones and wants to be with him again?? Can old flames really re...

  • Erpent to my S
    11.3K 343 10

    Hi, guys so english is not my first language and if theres something wrong forgive me plese. This is an Falice smut session go read!!! theres even a playlist on spotify ... have fun

  • Chirp, Chirp! Went The Little Bird
    519 23 1

    "The sharp, thin heel of a snake skin stiletto swept through the remnants of a small puddle in the driveway at Sunnyside Trailer Park. Only a poor, modest splash erupted under the foot as the heel was almost as thin as the straw of a drink. And the woman who wore the stiletto seemed to float through the driveway, as l...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Story Of Us
    8.5K 333 10

    "Jones. Truth or dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to deflower the new girl." Alice Smith, the new girl in town. As pure as they come. FP Jones. Leather and cigarettes. Tattoos and piercings. He's Riverdale's very own resident bad boy. She attends her first ever party and there she meets FP. They already don't like each othe...

  • Falice Oneshots | Volume 1
    477K 18K 204

    A collection of Oneshots based on FP Jones and Alice Cooper from Riverdale.

  • Alice and Fp story
    113K 5.1K 116

    Alice Cooper had the perfect life that everyone wished for until, an old love came back into her life and that perfect life started to crumble.

  • Familiarity
    2.3K 82 3

    This is a Riverdale fan fic about what happened after Alice Cooper knocked on Fp Jones's trailer door at the end of episode 2x17. ( Warning : There is slight smut in this story ! Nothing too detailed and I tried my best to keep it as pg - 13 as possible but still , some parts are a little racy )

  • Fp and Alice
    84.5K 2.3K 46

    a story based on the events that take place in the series. there will be a few changes but it will hopefully be written in order to fit into the storyline.

  • Burning Bridges
    51.6K 2K 52

    {Completed} After high school Alice, FP, Fred, and Hermione went off and lived their lives. Unlike Fred and Alice, FP and Hermione left Riverdale to later on return. Although the original core four did not pair up amongst each other as they originally intended back in the 80's, it didn't stop them from putting an end...