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  • Heart of a Warrior
    68.1K 2.4K 43

    There is a story about Fa Mulan, who's the hero and the warrior, died tragically from the battle against the Lady Bone Demon that her and her friends manage to defeat. But that's not the end, a new hope comes. The reincarnation where it will change everything. Maybe possibly new love to make...

  • The silent kitten
    12.2K 318 45

    What happens when Ruffnut and Tuffnut aren't actually twins but triplets. Who is this sister that nobody has seen or heard of till now? Will she be able to find her way and become a dragon rider with her siblings? Or will she leave and never return? Lets find out. #love #change #selfdiscovery

  • Ɏł₦ ₳₦Đ Ɏ₳₦₲ | Ninjago | Cole Fanfiction
    8.5K 206 51

    Kidnapped at birth to barely scraping by to living with the ninja, and then to meeting her birth parents? Infinity certainly does not have it easy and has a complicated life. She will get through it. She always does. She will for sure now when she meets a certain Earth Ninja. Her other half. ~ • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° ~ 35...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Heart Of Fire (Katsuki Bakugo Love Story)
    89.5K 2.7K 56

    Asuna Kasai quirk Hellfire. Asuna has lived her whole life wanting to become the greatest hero she always looked up to All Might and inspired to be like him but her father didn't approve of her choice her father was one of the most powerful villains he went by the name Genki. Her father would beat her almost everyday...

    292K 9.9K 53

    ❄ Born out of twigs and leaves she had to stop her worst enemy. Follow her story together with her fellow guardian friends at a big adventure. We humans think we all know about 'The' Guardians. Those who will protect the children of the world. You can ask yourself the question: Are those five important people, legends...

  • Ocean Eyes [Giyu Tomioka x Reader]
    503K 18.6K 154

    (y/n) (l/n) was the Light Hashira and really close with Giyu. Of course she was doing all the talking but slowly she was getting Giyu to open up. Will they be able to get through trials together? Will Giyu ever come to enjoy the presence of others? Who the hecc knows! Guess you better read to find out ;D #1 in kny wha...

  • Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic)
    442K 18.7K 58

    "I'll tell you all the stories you want." In New York, the buildings are quiet as the people of Manhattan sleep. By the glow of the moon, the silhouette of a girl stands atop a roof, her arms crossed as she watches the celestial body with wild green eyes. A heavy sigh escapes her mouth, the dull ache of loneliness rem...

  • Crystal of the Heart
    122K 3.6K 114

    Lately Mamoru Chiba has been plagued with nightmares, where the image of a beautiful woman beckons to him. Calling him to her side,but somehow she seems vaguely familiar to him. And Mamoru finds the truth about the woman and it shakes him to the core. How could he have forgotten her? One of the most important people o...

  • The Family I Needed
    93.7K 1.5K 20

    Charlotte has been living with Donald and the triplets a few months after being saved from the streets and has remained in the same spot since her arrival: the couch/kitchen table. She's lied there for months, curled up in a ball and not saying a word to everyone else. Donald and the triplets have tried everything to...

  • Danny Phantom x Female!Reader
    778K 17K 85

    You and your parents move from (hometown) to Amity Park because your father got a job offer at Axion Labs. Few days after you move, you start your new school year at Casper High where your life changes after you met three teenagers

  • The Dragon Princess and the Snake (Dracoxreader)
    5.9M 146K 122

    (Y/N) Lily Potter lives with her twin brother, Harry James Potter. They are very close and are best friends. Though it will be put to the test once the attend the magical school of Hogwarts. There (Y/N) starts having a strange feeling towards a boy named Draco Malfoy. Though their relationship seems familiar to the ey...

  • Through the Dark (Draco Malfoy x OC)
    2.7M 81.5K 125

    "Believe me, I don't consider anything about your blood dirty at all," he smirked. I gaped at him. "You are infuriating." "What can I say," Malfoy purred. "I live to watch that little flush on your cheeks." Melody Taylor lived life like a pulled back fist, but never quite had the courage to punch. What happens when sh...

  • Honey's Partner (OHSHC fanfic)
    353K 8.5K 34

    A new girl came to Ouran one day. She was getting a lot of attention from other students. She was silently walking in the hallways till she got lost. She was about to cry when she met the host club in a music room. Will new love spark inside the host club? Or is there someone who will get hurt? ■■■I do not own Ouran H...

  • The Price of Life [Fullmetal Alchemist]
    129K 4.9K 65

    No one would call Sonia an ordinary teenage girl. She has no family left to speak of, was born with strange psychic powers, and is an improving alchemy prodigy. She has so many questions, and has decided to travel with the Elric brothers to find answers she desperately wants to know. Maybe after her journey, she will...

    Completed   Mature
  • Find my voice <Pokemon fanfic>
    211K 10.8K 55

    A new world full of old things in how fourteen year old Paige sees the world and after seven long years locked away from it, she jumps at her first chance to once more be free. However, Paige is mute, never being able to utter a single word her entire life and this makes traveling much harder but she is soon offered...

  • I Can't Kill Him [Akabane Karma]
    429K 13.7K 65

    Muramoto Chiharu is a professional assassin that specializes in all types of guns. Her target is a yellow tentacled monster named Koro-sensei, but someone just keeps distracting her from her goal. Akabane Karma. "What does he want? Why is he so persistent? Why can't I kill him?" *HONORS* 2nd Place In Anime Watty Award...

  • Sound Of Thunder (TMNT Love Story)
    251K 9.2K 86

    Althea is a normal human here on planet Earth living in New York City. She has her routine. Get up go to her classes and go back to her apartment. Simple right? Wrong. She's a 16 year old taking community college classes. She lives alone in her apartment living off whatever she can get for her measly paycheck. Of cour...

  • Kingdom Hearts; The Heartless Keeper
    42.6K 971 47

    In the old mansion of Twilight Town, a young girl without a heart slept, waiting to be awoken. Now awake Yuki must decide if the people who woke her up are really her friends. The Lady of the Shadows holds so many secrets Yuki's not sure if she's as kind as she seems. But in an organization of people with no hearts, i...

  • Even If You're In the Deepest Darkness, I'll Be Your Light
    50.3K 1K 34

    Hikari washed ashore on the islands at the age of 6, along with another girl named Kairi. Kairi is adopted by the mayor while Hikari is taken in by Riku's family. Over the next several years, she becomes close with Sora, Riku and Kairi. After the islands are destroyed and the 4 are scattered, Hikari must face many tri...

  • Is it worth it? (Naruto fanfic)
    709K 22.2K 58

    Naruto lives at the orphanage, is everyone's favorite nii-chan, and is the only person the other kids will listen to. Naruto however, is beaten and starved there. This causes the blonde to fall into a deep depression, and in a flash of hope, the Hokage allows Naruto to join the academy early after his 4th birthday. Wi...

  • The Second Avatar: an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfic *DISCONTINUED*
    225K 6.5K 47

    Long ago there were for nations: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each nation had benders. The Avatar was the one person who could bend all for of them. In the midst of war with the Fire Nation, he disappeared 100 years ago. Then, he came back. Avatar Aang came to save the world. However, another was discovered. A young g...

  • The Fire Angel (ATLA Fanfic)
    277K 9.4K 96

    Water.... Earth... Fire... Air A long time ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. The skies were filled with life and the land with love, but everything changed when the firenation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all the elements could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he disappeared. My gr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Special One
    98.4K 2.4K 34

    "There is no such thing as Fate" His mother and the rest of his race was murdered because of who he is He has powers, Like he has the power to turn into any Pokemon he wishes to And for that, he was considered an outcast to the outside world He has been in hiding with the rest of his people Until the leader of T...

  • Star Wars Rebels: Ezra's Blind
    105K 2.2K 32

    What if Ezra was blind instead of Kanan? Kanan and the crew help Ezra cope with his new life and Ezra helps Kanan with the guilt. Book one. Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars or the characters except Toff

  • Unexpected Happenings (Ao No Exorcist Fanfic)
    115K 4.1K 29

    With his flames yearning for more dominance and wrecking his body, Rin is at a spot. What's worse is when Satan returns for him. Will Rin stay strong, or succumb to the pain and the power of his flames? Story cover credits: @saniyamoosvi

  • Demons That Haunt Me
    109K 4.2K 22

    What if one of the conditions to let Rin live was not only that he pass the exorcist exam in six months, but that he would also have to spend two weeks with the Vatican to 'prove he's not dangerous?' Will he still be the same person after? Set after the Amaimon attack. Based off the manga, but no spoilers because the...

  • Shattered 《BOOK 1》
    51.2K 650 58

    Rankings; #850 in Fanfiction #559 in Pokemon This is a story About Ash Ketchum who was Betrayed by his formal friends and family who are: Misty, May Brock, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Delia (his mom) But his newer friends from Kalos and formal rivals like Gary is there with him he decides to leave and train at Mt. Silver for...

  • The Gift of a Friend(TMNT fanfiction)
    91.7K 2.3K 22

    Rosa is an eight year old kid dealing with fighting parents. She has no friends, and every time she tries to talk to their parents they are in the middle of a fight. One day she walks alone in the streets on a dark night. Bad idea! She ends up meeting Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Donnie when they are kids. As they grow up wi...

  • The Stars Between -- (VLD)
    79.2K 5.4K 60

    PREVIOUSLY TITLED "ALONE" - Season 2 AU - As Voltron made their escape from Zarkon's base, Haggar's dark magic corrupted the wormhole. It forces the Lions and Castle from the stream and separates them throughout the depths of space, Lance alone in the dark. Floating in empty nothingness with a dead lion around him, L...