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  • Chasing Dreams
    82 10 3

    The lands of Royatia and Doxteria are at war. After decades of peace, the corrupt King Lucifer of Doxteria concurs the land of Royatia in an action based on revenge and blood. As the land of Royatia crumbles, rebel groups spring up all over the land. The most notable one is known as the Aorta. Celine Aorta is just a...

  • Peter... Pan?
    1.3M 37.8K 62

    Look at the stars, and how they shine for you.

  • Pandemonium
    112K 3K 54

    Kat never saw any of it coming. Not her Mother's death, not her brother's betrayal, not even the mysterious yet devilishly handsome boy she meets on the beach. Meeting a handsome boy on the beach would be a fine thing, a miracle even, if it weren't for the fact that she just tumbled miles down some churning, black hol...

  • Innocence (OUAT/Peter Pan)
    2.1M 52.1K 53

    A girl doomed before her own birth to be violently wanted by every person in her entire world, and then imprisoned for her entire life starting at age 5, of course wants nothing more than to escape. His Shadow is called to her, and takes her to Neverland, where she gets her freedom. And when you give an evil boy an in...

  • The Piper's Song ~OUAT Peter Pan fanfiction (Book 1)
    1.1M 32.4K 53

    What if I told you Felix had a younger sister named Anne? And what if I told you that after Felix left to become a lost boy, Anne found a box filled of all Neverland secrets? What if finally--when Pan plays his special song, Anne follows it to go find her brother? Pan doesn't approve of girls but can he resist takin...