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  • Hello (Epistolary #1) [COMPLETED]
    22.4K 792 72

    (Epistolary Series Book 1) Ada is bored... thank goodness for internet, and a random chat. - Started: June 18, 2020 Completed: Aug 6, 2020

  • Scars of the Past (Hernandez Series #1)
    4.5K 451 39

    [COMPLETED] Hernandez Series #1 Callista is a cheerful kid, she was friendly and everybody loved her. But a tragedy occurred and it scarred her for the rest of her life. Years later, she met Drake and Theo who's her cousin's classmates. Will, she let them enter her life? Or will a tragedy be yet to come? Will they h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Slave Princess (Royalty Series #1)
    48.8K 2.5K 49

    [COMPLETED] Royalty Series #1 Consider the possibility that a princess turns into a slave. Will she ever meet her Prince? Consider the possibility that the cutthroat Prince will meet this young lady. Will his heart liquefy or still solidified? All rights reserved. Started: 042017 Stopped: 060917 Restarted: 041918 ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ms. Perves | s. wd • t. m
    5.4K 220 50

    [COMPLETED] 『epistolary series #1』 ❝Ang babaeng pervert❞ All rights reserved. Written by:black_dollette Book cover by: saedity /#206 in short stories ↬123116↫/ ↻Started: September 07, 2016 ↻Ended: March 14, 2017

  • Perfectly Imperfect (The Perfect Girl Sequel)
    3.3K 125 49

    [COMPLETED] The Perfect Girl Sequel After accepting the death of her loved one, Kazumi found herself forgiving the people who did her wrong. She gave a second chance to everybody who wronged her. Once again, she'll find herself in a situation wherein it could put everyone she loves at risk. Will she let her dark sid...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who you?! | s. wd • t. m
    738 85 32

    [COMPLETED] 『epistolary series #2』 「Ms. Perves' sequel」 ❝Who you?❞ All rights reserved 2018. Written by: black_dollette Book cover by: saedity ↻Started: May 16, 2018 ↻Ended: August 01, 2020

  • Kidnapping the Gang Leader
    2.4M 69.4K 22

    I was just minding my own business, painting the walls outside the high school I went to, with spray paint. Okay maybe it's called graffiti, but I don't care. Either way, the cops came at the worst time, and I did what any rational person would do. I ran to the parking lot, broke into the only car in the lot, and sp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lyrics | Not A Story
    1.4M 14.1K 210

    Once reach the highest ranking in random #1 compilation of english - tagalog song lyrics. ---°---

  • Sundalo ako ng bansa, hindi ng puso mo! (One Shot)
    343 29 1

    "This is the most painful battle of my life. Hindi dahil isa akong sundalo. Kundi isa akong simpleng taong nagmahal lang ng taong hindi ko kayang ipanalo. Hindi ito gera para maipanalo ko. Hindi ka rin bansa para ipaglaban ko ang puso mo Jason." ~Airhalene Soriano "Sundalo ako ng bansa, hindi ng puso mo!" Naranasan mo...

  • Bitch Is In Love
    598 319 8

    Naging despirada ako nung nagmahal ako sa isang tao. Siya ang naging paraan para magbago ako. Credits to the editor for the cover.

  • Unheard Thoughts
    5.1K 3.1K 13

    "Some things can't be taught Feelings that can't be bought Sorry I can't be caught These are my Unheard Thoughts" "People's Choice Awards" ~ The Black Ink Awards 2018 "3rd Place Poetry" ~ The Gravity Awards PH 2018 "3rd Place Poetry" ~ The Blue Rose Awards "3rd Place Poetry" ~ The Rose Awards 2018 "Poetry Runner-up" ~...

  • Crystal Snow ||BangChinFF||√
    1K 248 32

    1st Cover by: TaeSaJinBwii07 2nd Cover by: seulginies [Fantaseries No. 1] [Spring Cepheus Kang Story] Sabi nila walang tamang lugar kung saan mo mahahanap ang tunay na Pag-ibig dahil lahat iyon ay nakatakda at iyon ay tama What if You Find your True Love in The Wrong Place? Masasabi mo pa rin...

  • MENTAL GIRLS 2: Kalanchoe Kong #TOA2018 #KidlatAwards2018
    213 33 8

    I'm Kalanchoe Klessy Kang Kong. Don't get me wrong a, middle name ko ang 'Kang' at apelyido ko ang 'Kong' Ako ang babaeng walang ibang hiniling kung hindi ang ma-notice ng aking ULTIMATE CRUSH na si Dr. Vnyx Clyde Santos or kung tawagin ng mga kaibigan ko ay 'crush ni Kalanchoe' Pero nakalimutan kong ang pag-ibig pala...

  • MENTAL GIRLS 1: Lavend Sanchez #TAA2018 #WPAA2018
    3.6K 268 41

    Hello Inside Worlders at Outside Worlders! Ako nga pala si Lavend Sanchez. Ang babaeng mabait na, matalino pa. Isa ako sa mga na-trap sa John Jean Mental Hospital. Oo, tama kayo ng nabasa. Na-trap nga, dahil unang una, matino ako. Pangalawa, matino ako. Kaya nga imposible talaga na mapunta ako sa Mental Hospital dahil...

  • Unfaithful (Complete & Editing)
    182K 3.9K 52

    Five years. Five years have passed since Steffi left the mansion. She didn't say goodbye most especially to her fiance named Flynn. She didn't even write a simple letter saying where she is going and what is the reason why she's leaving. In other words, she didn't want to let them know. She has to go. Even if she is...

  • The Perfect Girl
    207K 9.7K 62

    [COMPLETED] (Read at your own risk. I will soon edit this story so while I'm at it, try reading "The Slave Princess" or "Scars of the Past" it's available in my profile. Thank you) Kazumi Anica Coldsmith is best known as the perfect girl. Someone without a flaw. What they can't see is that she's just like them, a pers...

  • Inside My Head
    42 10 4

    Imma just write the 'story drafts' inside my head lol