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  • The Dark King and his Queen
    776K 22.2K 62

    "If you can't bite, don't dare to bark." She spat and ripped her hand out of his hold before walking away. He stood there stunned, he has never met anyone that would dare disrespect him for he was King. Ashton watched as she slowly disappeared into the darkness before letting out a small chuckle. "She shall be my quee...

    Completed   Mature
    3.2M 120K 60

    My name is Calla Lind. Ever since my reawakening, I have live my life the way I wanted. I was able to be Calla, meet people as Calla, and have people see me as Calla. I had thought to let go of the past and be free of it. Now I know, letting go also means moving on. This is a continuation of the CALLA. WARNING! View...

    Completed   Mature
    4.3M 173K 55

    My name is Calla Lind. For 20 years, I have lived within the shadow of my beautiful older sister - chasing and holding onto an illusion of love. A love that will never belong to me... Now with this second chance of life, I won't chase after illusion. I won't rely on someone else for happiness. I will do what I want, e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Conditionally Married
    1.2M 42.2K 53

    Highest ranking dated: 8-Feb-2019 No.1 in #billionaire, No.1 in #wife No.1 in #marriage No.1 in #hatelove (4-3-19) No.4 in #insecurities Sia : A girl next door is working with one of the powerful businessman as assistant. She enjoys everything at her work except son of her boss. Ashar : A rich handsome businessman wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Unwanted Desire
    1.7M 59.6K 54

    I pushed him with as much force as I could which made him stumble slightly but he succeeded in maintaining his balance and escaped from falling. That was when I got a chance to see his face. Oh, my gosh!! He is so handsome...wait...I have seen him somewhere...somewhere...what the...!! He...he is Mr. Shane Adams, the C...

  • Sinfully Yours
    442K 24.4K 94

    "I-I swear I didn't mean to enter this house. I got l-lost. I am s-sorry sir." She politely said taking a step back only for her to froze in the spot. "Seal" He smirked when the main door of the mansion got sealed just by his one command. He could see how much she was trembling in fear. She looked like little innocent...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Angel
    85.6K 1.8K 20

    I was his unwanted wife whom he despised and wanted away from his sight. According to him, I tied him in a loveless marriage with me and left me with no options but to give him a divorce. But what caused changes in him 2 years after our divorce?

    Completed   Mature
  • Ex-Wife
    1.2M 49.7K 51

    She stared at him with nothing but emptiness holding in her beautiful grey eyes. "What are you doing here." She mumbled in a blank tone waiting for him to spit out the reason of him showing up. "Amy I-I am sorry I just." His throat contracted in a painful way as he couldn't find the right words to speak further. "It'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty and the Beast
    119K 3.5K 21

    Ever heard of the girl that got cheated by her husband with her sister and then tries to get him back? Well I'm not one of those girls. Neither am I one that goes after them for revenge. After all, they taught me the most important rule of life. "World is a jungle and in it you're either the predator or the prey." So...

  • Beauty and the Beast
    1.1M 35.5K 43

    Ever heard of the girl that got cheated by her husband with her sister and then she tries to get him back? Well I'm not one of those girls. Neither am I one that goes after them for revenge. After all, they taught me the most important rule of life. "World is a jungle and it, either you are the predator or the prey"...

  • His Second
    737K 84.5K 67

    His first wife had turned his life hell which eventually turned him into a stone hearted person. Emotions are something he would least care about. He's none other than the billionaire of the city Siddharth Agnihotri On the other hand a naive, calm, shy & timid girl Sana had to get married with him as her elder sister...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reconciliation
    112K 4K 25

    Siya Kapoor has a really restricted life. With a no dating, partying, going out, and living policy, she has been tied to the traditional Indian way of living her whole life. However, she was never one to follow the rules. When a blind date with Jai Malhotra ends on bad terms, they both go their separate ways, until a...

  • Surrender (Werewolf)
    11.3M 312K 34

    "Will you be mine?" he asked me in a husky voice. I stared at him apprehensively for a moment, thinking over his proposal carefully before finally settling on an answer that would, in the end, please us both. "Yes, Alpha. I'll be yours." For Claire life was rather mundane and boring. Nothing particularly exciting or...

  • Heartbreak (completed) ✔️
    990K 31.1K 81

    Samantha comes home from her bartending shift and - oh, my god - are her eyes playing tricks on her? Not like she had been drinking? No, it's real. It's Kayne Waterhouse, her fiancé. He's in her bed. On top of ... on top of ... Gina, Samantha's own sister. And not only is Kayne doing Gina, he has also knocked her up...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Am With You..Always (Completed) [ ✔ ]
    453K 26.7K 79

    ••••• He was angry as hell for her stupid stunt but when he saw her face his anger flew away. He gently touch her hair and tugged her behind her ear. Meera came to her sence and stood first. "I'll not marry you and that's final" saying this she was going but then he caught her wrist and pull her. She landed on his che...

    Completed   Mature
  • How To Get A Divorce From A Billionaire ?
    637K 27.2K 97

    For the richest man in the country, his wife .. namely me .. is just another property of his that he absolutely refuses to sell or forfeit. Even after 3 years of separation, getting a divorce from him is still an impossible task to accomplish! I have by all means refused to contact him.. and he didn't bother to conta...

  • HIS UNFORGETFUL WIFE ✓ [Published]
    3.9M 151K 51

    She has it all except his heart. She had done both amazing and ridiculous things but was still treated as a wallflower. She's been a good wife. But now, she can no longer be. __________________ **SLOW BURN and roller-coaster plot** **This is my original story. ***I do not own all the pictures that were attached t...

  • Guarding His Queen
    660K 29.1K 47

    The last thing Queen Zara needs after her disastrous coronation is to be tied down to the arrogant Canadian agent who saved her life. ~~~~~ Zara inherits the crown in her early twenties when her elderly father passes away. She is convinced that, though she is young, she will make a fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dead Heart (Completed)
    1M 55.8K 54

    "Will you marry me?" He asked kneeling down the floor with a wide grin on his face. My tears started to pool in my eyes. I had never expected this will happen even in my dreams. My heart stopped to beat seeing the scene in front of me. "Yes" And this time my tears freely flowed down my cheeks. With that, he stood up a...

  • The accused wife
    381K 9K 39

    The life becomes whole when you find true love. When you meet the right person. When you have a reason to live and struggle with life. I found this person Adrian is my first love ,my husband , my friend,my brother, my everything. I thought he knew all this and was convinced of it but I was wrong. At the first opportun...

    Completed   Mature
  • Curves and Love
    215K 7.2K 34

    Iris never had friends, from her childhood the words that she heard was fat,cow, ugly so with these hurtful words and behavior she became an introvert and a shy girl. But everything changed when she met Adam a sweet man at college. He was from the beginning a good person and showed her how friendship was. In the face...

    Completed   Mature
  • Married to the Northerner
    2.4M 101K 43

    Avani, a princess from the lands of the south; beloved and cherished by her people, hated and abused by her family. Despite having the finest dresses, sharpest knowledge, and incomparable beauty, all she yearns for is love. Nathaniel, the king of the northern land. His people love him more than anything, praising his...

  • Against his will
    3.1M 103K 72

    It's been two years since he has gone to study abroad. I still remember the day I came to live in this house after my parent's death. I still remember the day when he suddenly came into my room. I was looking at him with shocked eyes because of his actions. He locked the door and started coming in my direction. I kne...

    Completed   Mature
  • She Belongs To The Billionaire ✔
    6.3M 228K 77

    Billionaire's series ~ 1 Kara Wilson is your average twenty years old college student, striving to make herself and her family proud while currently studying Economics in the prestigious private University, Premiere University in Sicily, Italy. She gets along fine with everyone, well everyone except her mother's...

  • Fate Has Other Plans
    826K 25.8K 77

    What happens when you think that you've found your forever, your life and husband . But he turns out to be a cheater . Cassandra Smith is sent to jail by her unfaithful husband after beating his mistress half dead . Although he claims it's to teach her a lesson and that when she comes out of prison they will get bac...

    3.6M 94.7K 76

    Highest Ranking: 7 in fan fiction Copyright © 2017 Surya_Harshika ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COMPLETED- 7/05/2018 What happens when the love of your life thinks you cheated on him and he cheats on you? Here's the story of Madison Horan, sorry Madison Tomlinson who was pregnant with the child of The CEO of the

  • Falling Apart
    1.7M 52.1K 33

    While Andrea Brandon dreamed happily ever after with her handsome boyfriend, the love of her life, the most eligible bachelor, Alejandro Fernandez, he crashed her dreams with just three words: It is over. She didn't understand why he wanted to break up when everything was perfect between them. He didn't even give any...

    5.8M 197K 69

    He stood in front of me, held my face between his hands and stared down at me. I waited, once again, I did. For what? This time I didn't know. But the moment he spoke, I knew, the wait was over. " You waited" He said. I gasped. " You waited." He breathed. ****************** This is a story of a wife who waited for he...

  • The Mute Mrs. Billionaire
    1.4M 43.1K 35

    Second book in Billionaire Series #TheMuteMrs.Billionaire Emma Campbell the only heir of Campbell &Co. An accident in her childhood made her mute. Being mute never made her weak but more stronger and fierce. Asher King of King Corp. He is a ruthless business man and would do anything for the company. Girls worship the...

  • Marked her as mine
    824K 27.5K 35

    She bumped into him when she tried to escape from her abusive boyfriend. The first met that caught his attention. Fate brought them together again for the second time and he became her life saver once again. Since that day, he declared to himself that he wanted to know more about her and more importantly he wanted to...