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  • His Lil' Baby Ⅱ (Dave East)
    5.8M 177K 82


    Completed   Mature
  • Perpetuity (August Alsina)
    883K 53.3K 55

    Head full of hair, mind full of thoughts, flat footed when she walks. Quiet, but outspoken, mediocre but extraordinary, simple but complex. Crisp hair line, mind full of thoughts, a certain swagger in his walk. Outspoken, but reserved, sarcastic but sincere, coward, but brave. God bless the black kids still true to...

  • Address Me As Doctor
    2.1M 158K 115

    The Fourth Book In the More Than Friends Series, Deanna grapples with the recent loss of her father, moving to a Nashville for medical school, and getting adjusted to newly married life. But when Shep, Deanna's first love gets injured and ends up on her operating table, things become more complicated than they alrea...

  • The Letter..
    855K 37.7K 69

  • Unforgivable Lies ( Sequel)
    386K 11.8K 59

    Some of the chapters are private so press follow. Sequel to broken promises. To show somebody tough love today will save them a heartache in the future but may cause a small amount of upset for the reciever immediately after the "Tough Love" has been dispensed. Love and Marriage are wonderful arenas, in which to pl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nymphomaniac
    828K 29.4K 26

    Nymphomaniac nym·pho·ma·ni·ac \-nē-ˌak\ noun abnormal and uncontrollable desire by a woman for sexual intercourse. Kyla Kies was defiantly a nymphomaniac. Being call a sex addict wasn't good enough, it wasn't complicated enough, and that is exactly what Kyla was. Craving sex on a daily basis was just what s...

  • Furthest Thing
    3.3M 86.3K 25

    *must read books 1&2 before this* After Shayne was sent to prison Tavi completely moved on with her life, and turned into the women she's supposed to be. Tavi is now engaged and seems happy to the public, but behind closed doors she is trying to help her fiance with his problems to keep her and her daughter safe. Bein...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever and Always? ( SEQUEL)
    1.5M 45.9K 24

    Isis, Handsome, Hassan, Carmen, Ivan, Da'chelle...and everybody are back. Forever and Always...Thug Life Part 2! They've grown up and now has to face some of the most difficult times in their relationship. Will Isis and Handsome be able to make it? Will forever and always stand? Or will they reationship fall. A whole...

  • King (Urban)
    812K 27.2K 33

    King isn't your average 25 year old. He happens to be the man in charge. Being the biggest drug lord in Louisiana puts him in a category of his own. He has everything he want, from his mini mansion, cars, clothes,and legit business. He was only missing one thing, a woman. He felt like his daughter Keara was the only f...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Time for Love
    429K 13.8K 15

    Alexia and DJ are here again! DJ has done big things since the past. Now being the biggest Kingpin in Virgina, he's at the top of his game. He has learned his lesson and him being tied down is far from an option. He has come to realize that running the streets and love is not the best juggle. Love ain't nothing but ex...

  • Ghetto
    2.5M 83.7K 57

    August is just a rich boy that lives in the hood, temporarily. He has a hard time fitting in since all he ever known was expensive. What happens when his mom hires a maid to clean the house and the maid is a ghetto hood chick from August's school? Blue is the definition of a hustler. She has to raise her sister alone...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Drug
    1.7M 41.1K 32

    Chrissy a 20 year old sophomore in college. With a drug lord for a father named King with her brother Jr following in his footsteps. She had one friend and one friend only which was Momo they were thick as thieves. She's never had a real relationship. She didn't even really believe in true love but maybe that won't la...

    Completed   Mature
  • Take Me As I am
    1.9M 62.1K 35

    ** AN ORIGNAL SHANTII PEICE..ENJOY !! ** You always hear of the good girl falling for the dope dealer bad boy..Just not this time. Mula was a WILDCARD. Raising herself had took a large turn on her. She had an I don't give a fuck attitude, she does what she wants whenever she wants to..and isn't afriad to admit that sh...

  • Innocent (complete: editing)
    5.3M 132K 46

    " Say she in King of Diamonds Monday Ain't scared to get that money In back in church by Sunday But we all know shes in love with that pole, pole, pole Shes in love with that pole, pole, pole Ugh, say she in school Tuesday through Friday Friday night thats my day But Saturday through Sunday, she bout money She...

  • Can a Thug Love A Nerd?
    5.9M 122K 66

    Destiny Marie Stevens, yep that's right she's the daughter of the notorious kingpin Lloyd Stevens . Destiny isn't like most kingpin's daughter she's not a bad b*tch, she's the opposite, she's a nerd. She has no friends in school,she get bullied and is an outcast. I. know what your thinking 'Why doesn't she just tell...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scarred
    15.8K 8 12

    Meet the four sisters. They may have all came from different families, but due to a generous couple, they are all Vaughn girls. Carmen and Rodney Vaughn graciously took the girls in. Ideally, their lives would be forever changed for the better, but that may not be the case. {Please don't try and steal my work. Be ori...

  • So Far GONE(BOOK 3)
    224K 8.6K 33

    Sequel to THUG'S WIFEY if you haven't read that book DO NOT read this one so you won't be confused and or ask questions about who any of the characters are. Catch up with the life of Da'kari and Trice as you find out mysteries secrets and how life has been treating them in the past 8 yearss read on unl9ck the chest of...

  • Bonnie & Clyde
    416K 12.4K 28

    The Trilogy To "All She Wants Is Love"

  • Side Chick
    304K 9.2K 30

    Niecy and chace have been together for 4 years, three of those years have been the best times of her life but everything changes when he begans to cheat. She doesnt know with who yet but she knows who ever this chick is it wasnt just a one night stand. Chace enjoys having a main and a side chick and its completely nor...

    711K 22.7K 36

    15 years have passed with the johnson family, Da'kari is a 16 year old football star but is also troublesome, while Aubree is a sweet 15 year old girl already looking for that special one, Dezyre and Darious have to face the many headaches of there kids lives not to mention their new addition to the family Diamond ama...

  • That Ballah Love: Down For My Ballah
    10M 180K 74

    Cash, Gucci and the ballers are back. That Ballah Love: Down For my baller is the Sequel to " That Ballah Love ". Last time you heard from Cash she was stuck crying pregnant in Gucci's penthouse after the police raid. Now she's out to make it happen in these streets for her childern and her. But alot of people just ra...

  • Enough said.
    226K 8.9K 42

    Twenty three year old, Zoey Zuko, a boy from Bronx New York. Everyone around the block calls him Zoe for short. Like any teenager his age in the rough streets of NYC, he has his hustles. He's a full time drug dealer. Zoe didn't choose this life; it was something he inherited from his deceased father. Zoey's blunt deme...

    Completed   Mature
  • For The Love Of A Thug// SAMPLE//
    3.8M 5.1K 5

    Karma and Man are back. So is Khal, Rayla, Dre, Mac, Micah, Miss Kim and Lil' Khail. With Karma pregnant and Man facing jail time will bonnie be able to hold down her man and the empire....On her own? While still playing mommy ! With Jail time on his plate Man is more determined then ever to break away. With everythin...

  • don't think they know. iv
    111K 5.1K 34

    Fourth book of the series.

    Completed   Mature
  • All Mine (Zonnique & Ray Story) TBC...
    32.2K 497 21

    Same story same concept and etc. just felt like I needed to change the title. It didn't relate to the story really. I felt like this was a better fit

  • Get Like Me
    47.4K 1.3K 25

    She hustle hard, grind even harder, and stay true to herself. Get like Zonnique.