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  • No Reason But Us
    3.6K 202 77

    Young love is sweet, and innocent especially when you're in the spring of time but would you break any rule just to be with the person you love? The story focuses around Odette 'Oddey' Empirio, a freshman art major and Gage Munro, a sophomore taking architecture accidentally met one day. However, they had no idea that...

    Completed   Mature
    4.1K 162 33

    OPEN() READING() CLOSED(🦋) Books N Bliss is a book club dedicated to helping aspiring writers gain genuine readers(not just reads.) The goal is to be an uplifting community, with members that will actually read your work and give honest helpful feedback. Along the way you might find this club giving your book the rec...

  • ☆ The Monthly Society ☆
    1.3K 98 8

    Welcome to The Monthly Society, a monthly feedback activity where you will gain constructive criticism on your story. Long deadlines, great stories, helpful feedback. We will never make you read something you're not comfortable with. • Monthly Readings • Prize for best feedback • Non mandatory discord server We acce...

  • The Last Witness
    6.7K 2K 32

    Sometimes the things of the past are best forgotten, but when the past is the only place you can go for answers, one must make do with the answers that the past gives, even when those answers are horrendous. In 1981, Samantha Carmichael attended the Atlanta Film Festival but never made it back home. Forty-one years la...