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  • "New to this" (Carson X Connor gay fanfic♥️)
    41K 760 59

    Carson, a 18-year-old boy, moved to California few years ago, in order to pursue his dreams. Managing his own life through high school and a singer career has been really though so far. Plus, his girlfriend recently broke up with him. One day, as he is working out in the gym, he has the chance to talk to Connor, a new...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jacob Sartorius gay fanfic
    3.7K 22 1

    You and Jacob Sartorius. Two gay lovers meet up just to fuck

  • Walker Bryant's Gay Awakening
    147K 844 52

    Walker comes to the realization that he is gay following his failed relationships with Piper Rockelle and Indi Star. However the young celeb has no intentions of settling down anytime soon hes going to get to know young hollywood on a very personal level.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mills Boy's Adventures
    21K 174 13

    In this Story the Mills boys realizes that they are gay and now they have a crush on someone and well... you will have to read to see who it is and what happens

    Completed   Mature
  • The Affair- Johnny Orlando
    68.8K 653 43

    Johnny and his teacher fall for eachother, but soon after he also starts to fall for her husband.

  • Carson Lueders How It All Began
    5K 38 28

    A detailed story about how the love between Carson and I began (continued from previous author).

  • ||𝓑𝓪𝓭 𝓑𝓸𝔂 || A Case Walker Gay Imagine
    1.2K 21 3

    Case is the school's bad boy. You are a kid that gets bullied. Then things get weird... THIS BOOK CONTAINS: Abuse, Sad Parts, Cute Parts, Sex, Drug Abuse, And LGBT Community...

  • Draco And Harry Camping
    6K 57 4

    Draco and harry are forced to spend a night together in the forbidden forest. What happens when Draco suggests a game of dares for entertainment, with the rules that it must stay in the tent, be a secret and above all be secretly a way of getting potter to get naked

  • Never // Brikey
    11.1K 166 10

    Just read to find out 😉💙

  • Brikey
    6.4K 112 7

    "Nah, we only do that for views" "..we do?"

  • Brikey smut.
    39.9K 451 6

    Hello my loves this is my first story so please no hate just vote for my story and enjoy❤️

  • Brikey
    2.5K 80 10

    Bryce and mike have always been best friends, but they've always been afraid to show their true feeling towards each other as they are both still in denial about their sexuality. Will they end up together? Or in denial forever.

  • I'll Take Care Of Him ~ Brikey
    683 8 4

    just read it.

  • ||Bad Boy 2|| A Gay Max Angel Book #2
    5.4K 138 85

    Second Book Tingz 😂 lol COMPLETED

    Completed   Mature
  • Adventure in the Wilderness - Johnny Orlando, Carson Lueders, Joey Birlem Fanfic
    7.1K 42 11

    A bi Fanfiction about Johnny Orlando, Carson Lueders and Joey Birlem. I may add more characters later if you comment asking. Some of the most famous influencer boys from across the world all go to a camp... with you. Read more to see the adventure. Please leave any feedback or comments!

  • Carson Lueders Sold
    3.3K 34 5

    This is a story of Carson Lueders experimenting with his sexuality with a little bit of help from someone.

  • Jet Boy (manxboy)
    394 21 4

    PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS SORT OF MATURE CONENT Nathan is a 14 year old boy that lost his innocence at a young age. Forced to grow up quickly with no father figure unless you count his addict mothers many boyfriends, Nathan sells himself in order to pay the bills. He is cheeky and has a mouth but even...

  • My life
    7.1K 47 4

    Just some random pics of my life and positive notes