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  • ❤Ask/Dare Frans Au💙
    1.5K 36 8

    All you have to do is just ask/dare , simple right?..... PS: If you don't ship Frans , DO NOT READ THIS. ~Thank you~

  • I know you (A Frans and Chasriel Story)
    1.3K 55 3

    monsters were never released because Frisk decided to give Asriel and Chara each a soul. sure, the monsters hated them at first but Sans helped Frisk to be loved by the monsters and he succeeded. And now they are living peacefully in the underground, not being bothered by a single monster. then, Frans and Chasriel co...

  • {FlowerFell}♢-[]Frans[]-The Flower I Lost... []In Español/English[]
    105 4 1

    im sorry sweetheart....~ please come back...~ --------------------- Sans: Knock-knock frisk: Who's there? please.... Sans: Flower Frisk: Flower who? Flower You Today Sweetheart?~... ------------------- Spanish translation available☆

  • The King's Red String (Sans x frisk)
    1.1K 74 5

    What are you going to do, if your soulmate didnt want you? In a world where humans and monsters live coincidently together. There is a string that binds you to your destined one. Whether it is human or not. Frisk Genus, a sixteen year old blind maiden, was destined to be with the world's most feared and well respecte...

  • Frans au One shots
    11K 172 5

    This is a series of one shots for the Frans ship if you ship this read if want and if you don't. Well what are you doing here if you don't. Request for any au one shot you want from most known to most different or extraordinary just request and I'll try my best to make a one shot for you. I don't own the images or vid...

  • Frans one shots
    1.4K 23 5

    Title says it all Requests: Open Undertale is owned by Toby Fox Stories by Me

  • Dance with your heart | Dancetale
    60.7K 1.8K 62

    It's a dancetale story! Frisk loves dancing and with her brother and sister she finally decides to go to real school. She meets a lot of new friends and maybe even her crush? Find out for yourself! The cover is not mine. It's made by the talented Leia Manga! Check her out:

  • SoulFire ( sans x frisk AU)
    53.5K 2.5K 60

    (Has been rated #1 in Frans more than 10 times since April 2018) It's 210x, and nearly eleven years after Sans' " ignorant " deed. Little did anyone know it would be the year when the human has mysteriously fallen again, though the seven human prophecy had supposedly been fulfilled. "Seven humans shall fall... Only...

  • Sans x Frisk [One-Shots]
    74.8K 1.8K 28

    Highest rank - #2 in frans

  • Frans one shots
    1.4K 25 4

    if you don't like Frans then should get your ass out of hear

  • Our Choices || (Highschool AU) || Frans
    8.2K 347 13

    Highest rank #1 in charaxasriel. "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control." - / \ - When two freshmen twins cross paths with the school's prince and the flirtatious hottie, the lives of those four students changes. Friendship was developed. Friendship...

  • " Youre mine" Underswap! Sans x Underswap! Frisk
    8.3K 120 4

    y'all guys run away cuz i ship dis bruhh

  • In Revenge's Wake (Undertale Fanfic)
    50.3K 1.8K 35

    "Looks like Chara's been busy while you were away, Frisk... " **Probably going to be a bit graphic, also prepare for some frans content ;)**