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  • Seven Dragon Sins (Skymedia FF)
    6.5K 201 8

    Best place: 723 in fantasy Seven Dragons. Seven People. Seven Sins. Seven Views. Seven Powers. Single Story. Seven Dragon Sins.

  • Fnaf x Aphmau x sky media x mystreet(discontinued)
    19.5K 319 17

    Travis and aph have a secret. Only them, Ross, Adam, Barney, Shelby, Jin, Cory and max know about.... they are dead. Every one who knows about the secret Is too. Find out what happens when sky media comes to mystreet in this book.

  • Their destinies//youtubers fanfic
    35.9K 571 43

    They were all teens. They all wanted adventure. They all get powers.... Shelby// light Cory//dark Max// fire Ross//water Adam// air Jess//magic Red// lightning Barney//earth They all discover something new about themselves and each other. Read as they go on an adventure through friendship, love, powers, and more...

  • Lost boy. (Newscapepro High school fic)
    341 20 3

    Coraline isn't your average girl, she's completely different, and the people she's going to meet, are going to completely change her, or, HIS, life.

  • A New Life (Newscapepro x Reader bully)
    10.5K 288 34

    Y/n has just moved and it was her first day of school. Knowing one of her childhood friends went there. Dansome High was the name of the school, the bully Ched Dansome. Gertrude was Y/n best friend before she moved. Y/n had always been popular, but will she know how to get the gang to the top. *ALL CREDIT TO ART I USE...

  • U G L Y || NewScapePro X Reader || ON HOLD
    9.2K 325 10

    This will be my interpretation of NewScapePro's Bully Roleplay. ^ ^ ^ Y/N is different. Y/N was always different, as she has a TV for a head, which caused a lot of bullying. She has three older sisters, all more beautiful than her, because they don't look different. After all, nobody likes someone who's diffe...

  • FlowerLens
    1.9K 46 7

    Cory a young boy born with the rare golden flower sickness, travels to Mt.Ebott to watch the sunrise, but things take a turn for the worst. The underground, a place where the saying kill or be killed is put in motion. A motto that spreads like a disease from monster to monster. Armed with only his Determination and wi...

  • The Fight of Our Lives - NewScapeSquad Fanfic
    26K 975 27

    *GORE WARNING* This includes blood, bones snapping, and other very graphic imagery. I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable reading this, so read at your own risk. I'M SO SORRY IF THIS IS TOO LATE FOR YOUR EXPERIENCE I'M AN AWFUL PERSON. -n- Everyone has their own fights. Some creatures fight to rise in the rank...