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  • Life On The Other Side Of The Wall
    2.5K 567 21

    This is no ordinary betrayal. I wish l could meet this "master" guy so he could tell me what it is he wants from me. I hate the undying suspense and fear l feel right now. If only I could tell him to just be a man and come face me. I wish I could tell him to stop hiding behind that robotic voice and face me man to wo...

  • Alena's Lies
    7.7K 649 29

    (Wattpad Version) What's done in the dark has no choice but to come to the light. Alena Lloyd had everything that every guy had ever wanted. The problem was that every guy had already had it from her. And that was just the sad truth... Copyright © 2018 RoséAmana™ This is my first book. Read at your own risk.

    Completed   Mature
  • Rebel Hearts
    42.7K 4.5K 28

    It all started with a spill... "You have the prettiest lips," Xavier said, making me gulp for the umpteenth time. I stared... His stunning green eyes had me falling into pools of emerald fire...