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  • ᴍᴏɴsᴛʀᴏᴜs ᴍᴀʀᴄʜ 『ᴛᴇʀᴀᴛᴏᴘʜɪʟɪᴀ;✘』
    68.6K 1.2K 6

    Reader inserts revolving around the reader's relationships with monster boyfriends and monster husbands. 『various!monsters/reader』

  • Creature Pet Scenarios
    127K 2.4K 23

    A little something I wanted to make since I hadn't ever seen one done before, and the creatures that are in the movies should get some attention, hopefully you'll all like this book and give me some requests :)

  • Creature/Monsters/Characters: Fuck, Befriend, Run (Complete)
    1.1M 15K 204

    Alright, you all probably know what to do, I put up a creature/monster, and you say weather or not you would, have 'fun' with them, run from them, or make a very unique friend. (This will also include monsters from non-horror fandoms, such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, etc.)

  • Cryptids
    568 4 6

    Ok so since this is now my main account with my friend and we both entered the fandom today i'm now writing a book on it. lol Written by: Aidan Edited and Revised by: Cadence Trolled by:Graham Haha

  • SCP, Creepypasta, and cryptids Rp
    6.4K 70 23

    Choose or make the monster, creature, or entity you want as they will be dangerous or safe in their own way so let loose

  • Cryptids
    1.3K 30 8

    I used to write essays for fun, and this is one of them. It was an argumentative essay on the existence of cryptids or monsters like Bigfoot and Nessie. I'm not one of those nuts who believe this stuff, except for the Jersey Devil and The Lizard Man of Lee County. Also, is it weird that I like to write essays for fun...

  • Hardcore Teratophilia Monsters X Reader
    216K 2.8K 20

    (Based on random monsters I find) P.s this book is for hardcore monster lovers, not none of that sissy ass vampire anime boy crap, legit actual freaks of nature is what this bitch is about

  • Monster X Readers
    611K 5.7K 17

    Your fellow teratophile is down to FUCK some monsters my friend Requests are as open as my mouth for that alien cock 🙌🏻👏🏻😩

  • Unexplained files
    3.6K 111 6

    You guys need description ?

  • Monsters x Reader
    591K 10.2K 51


  • Cryptids Vol.1
    8.3K 195 41