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  • New Beginnings
    25.7K 1.9K 60

    What do you get when you cross an ex prostituting single mother to two wayward teenage daughters who trouble always seems to follow, with a dark, tall, handsome, humble, lovable and down to earth bar owner from the wholesome town of Riverdale?

  • "Falice" One shots
    2.1K 192 12

    Historias de Falice (Alice y FP) basadas en cualquier cosa que se me ocurra. Se aceptan sugerencias. No hay días de actualización.

  • Cliffhanger
    126 10 1

    Inspired by McLeod's Daughters.

    Completed   Mature
  • Incliterall We Trust
    401 16 1

    What really happened when FP closed the door.

    Completed   Mature
  • Here We Go Again
    224 18 1

    2x18 AU where the musical was Mamma Mia instead of Carrie

  • 1999
    83 4 1

    It was 1999...

  • Bumblebee
    8K 557 28

    She still sees him. She still talks to him. Alice works in her garden every single day, after having devoted her life to the flowers she grows and sells in her floral shop. It all leads back to the first day of spring twenty five years ago, when she was forced by her husband to give up her son Charles. Even when all...

  • It's Nice To Have A Friend
    14.7K 1.2K 54

    They say high school is the best time of your life, but for Fred, Hermione, FP, Mary and Alice life only seems to really start when they are in their twenties. When Fred's two ex-girlfriends Hermione and Mary start to date, he has to move to another apartment. He decides to live across the hall from them and takes in...

  • The Art Of Us
    12.9K 1.1K 32

    After sixteen years of living in New York and his decade long successful career as a comic book artist, FP Jones doesn't know how to finish the story he has been telling for over ten years. He realizes there is only one place he can go to that will spark some inspiration: Riverdale. His home town, where he left part o...

  • Making Up For Lost Time
    860 60 2

    A little series of FP and Alice rekindling their relationship after the 7 year time jump! Takes place after 5x10.

  • 18 Years of Bonnie & Clyde
    11.9K 1.1K 35

    Two scared seventeen year olds decide to be co-parents and put aside every kind of romantic feelings to one another, to make sure they will be the best parents for their son, Charles Smith. A day before their son's eighteenth birthday, Alice rejects her boyfriend Hal's proposal. She begins to wonder if maybe the one p...

  • Light in the darkness
    13.5K 973 45

    After nine months of carrying her child under her heart, Alice Smith, the girl from the wrong side of the tracks gave birth to her precious baby boy. Despite her boyfriend's decision of giving the baby up to adoption, Alice is willing to fight for her son and start a new life with her kid, without Hal in it. Somewhere...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Friends
    13.7K 1.2K 50

    Summer of 1991; a time full of laughter, memories, and love. Nights filled with parties, sex, and pivotal summer experiences. A time when two best friends realize that maybe their relationship is much more than they thought...

  • Baby Blue
    1.4K 60 1

    The story of Alice Smith. (Just a very long oneshot that I felt deserved to be it's own standalone piece.)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Man Who Never Speaks
    19.7K 1.2K 26

    When Alice 'Ice Queen' Smith moves to Riverdale to become the new Mayor, she unexpectedly meets someone at the sides of the woods when her tire flattens. The only thing is, he doesn't say a word. Later she comes to learn this man is 'the man who never speaks' going by the name of FP Jones. Who is this man? And does h...

  • Falice Oneshots
    8.2K 341 12

    Falice Oneshots written by SerpentAlice

  • Sweet Hereafter
    144 9 1

    Throughout Riverdale, every living soul was abuzz at the big news that had just hit the papers. The wedding of Alice Smith and FP Jones. All sorts of crazy things were being said about the couple. All, of course, gossip from their past trying to taint their sweet hereafter. To unburden themselves from all the negative...

  • Sodium Hydroxide
    127 10 1

    FP Jones takes care of Alice Cooper's 'little problem' and gets sodium hydroxide all over himself in the process. Later at Pop's, he and Alice share a moment that will mark them forever. Filler Fic for Riverdale S2E13 The Tell-Tale Heart.

  • Illicit Affairs
    26K 1.3K 20

    When it comes to the hustle and bustle of the business world, nothing and no one was going to distract Alice Smith from being the best of the best. Not even the mysterious, handsome man hired to be her second hand.

    Completed   Mature
  • Rage against the dying of this love
    286 18 1

    FP's life has always been a sine wave. Highs and lows were written into it. So when he started putting his life together over the summer everything in the air was screaming it wouldn't last long.

  • Saving Her
    14.4K 1.4K 60

    FP and Alice are semi together now that the Farm has opened her to the idea of them. Ready to start a new life with her and their kids, he is also made sheriff of the town. Meanwhile as the parents get cozy, Betty is freaking out about her mother joining the Farm, unaware of her mother's relationship at all. But never...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living Next Door To Alice
    36.1K 2.7K 48

    After her divorce, Alice moves to a small town called Riverdale. She meet her neighbors Fred Andrews and FP Jones and will come to learn that she would make friends for life. But the life of a divorcée with two teenage daughters who have moved from the city is everything but easy. How will they find their way in this...

  • Break Free
    2.8K 149 10

    What if Alice didn't go to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy? The story of FP and Alice's relationship through high school all leading up to the birth of Charles.

  • What's Love Got To Do With It?
    12.6K 777 14

    The Black Hood is terrorizing the town of Riverdale and Sheriff Jones has no clue who it is. One day, Alice Smith walks into his office, determined to get to the bottom of this case. Whether he likes it or not, she's going to help him. What is it about this woman with whom he unexpectedly starts an affair? Why is he...

  • I Didn't Know Love (Riverdale Fanfiction with Falice)
    2.8K 167 5

    Alice & F.P. are trying to find their way back to each other, but it's proving to be a challenge. Will they make it, or will they end it all just like before?

  • New Moon Rising
    188 13 1

    Alice visits FP at his trailer wanting to discuss their kids being together but the discussion evolves into something much more. Written with @Its_real_for_us

    1.5K 80 6

    Throwback to 1992 where the bad boy corrupting the good girl senario is inverted. Well, there wasn't a lot of corrupting to do.

  • Under Fire and Undercover
    13K 508 14

    Alice Smith fooled everyone around her into thinking that she'd fallen down the rabbit hole and into a cult. Turns out, she was actually working for her long-lost son as an FBI informant. *Starts at 3x01 and takes us through what we didn't get to see of Alice in season 3.

  • Somebody pick up my pieces
    4.9K 289 10

    Takes place after 4x09 when FP gets shot. He finds out some devastating news from the doctor, and has to figure out what to do about it. Navigating through life with Alice, and his kids by his side, with the fears of loosing them all.

  • Accidentally in Love
    8.7K 636 14

    Inspired by CW's "Jane the Virgin," find out what happens when Alice Cooper gets accidentally artificially inseminated at what was supposed to be a routine doctor's appointment. And the father? None other than wealthy hotel owner FP Jones...