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  • Second Chances // Taekook
    4.8K 205 8

    [REWRITTEN VERSION] Five years after Jungkook left Taehyung to raise their baby alone, he tries to come back into their lives after the child shows up in his kindergarten class. Join Taehyung and Jungkook as they go from fighting to trying to improve their relationship for their little boy. Where Karma decides to pay...

  • Deranged // Taekook
    39K 2.8K 35

    [ONGOING] [REVAMPED] [DARK] A man like Kim Taehyung doesn't deserve love or praise. A man like Kim Taehyung deserves to be put underneath a prison, tortured and beaten for his cruel crimes against humanity. Kim Taehyung aka "Red", "Masked", or "Night Walker" is a twisted and broken man. So it's no surprise that he was...

  • Help Needed /~/ Taekook
    290K 18.9K 65

    [Stuck in a weird state of ongoing and completed] Pregnant at sixteen by his rich model boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook left his home to live the life of luxury and #noworries with his then loving boyfriend. However, things took a turn when his boyfriend got physical and Jungkook found himself in a situation he could never o...

  • New Memories /✔/ Taekook
    37.7K 2.4K 13

    Completed ✔ [SHORT STORY] "Sometimes I wish I could go back and redo my mistakes but then I realize that my mistakes are what formed me, I'm here simply for I did wrong." "What did you do wrong?" "I didn't allow myself to be happy, I lived in the shadows of other's happiness. I'm tired of it though, I'm tired of my me...

  • Misery /✔/ Taekook
    281K 16.1K 48

    Completed ✔ Kim Taehyung comes from a very poor family of farmers and fishers. To make money they sell fish and livestock to the residents in their tiny town. Never would his parents think that by sending Taehyung into town to do what he always does - sell fish and livestock - that that would have been the last time t...