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  • While She Slept | Dreamcatcher
    25.8K 1.4K 27

    Gahyeon begins to have dark and twisted dreams that don't make sense at first. The only constant element is that her friends always die in them. Will these dreams come to life and ruin their friendship? Or will Gahyeon be able to prevent them from ever occurring? Dreamcatcher AU

  • Survive ( Lauren Jauregui/ You )
    61.7K 2.4K 43

    Somehow everyone on the Earth dies, except y/n and 3 of her little family members. What caused it and what will happen when y/n and Lauren Jauregui meet? Will anyone else be alive? Will they find out the cause behind all the deaths? Read and find out. • • TRIGGER WARNINGS BEFORE YOU START: 1) There's mention of death...

    Completed   Mature