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  • Agent Jackson The Man The Myth The Legend
    218K 4.5K 15

    In most of these stories Percy joins Natasha and Clint years after they became partners. I'm gonna mix that up a bit. After the Giant War, 16 year old Percy Jackson has no where to go. His parents, and friends are all dead. Camp is filled with bad memories. He thinks he has no options. That is until a certain Phil Cou...

  • Worthy of the Sea ✔️
    768K 19.4K 31

    Zeus must've said something because Poseidon visibly sighed and looked away with a dangerous scowl. Perci's father collapsed into a puddle of sea water, disappearing to...wherever. Zeus coughed, clearing his throat and raised his glass once more. "Odin, the Allfather and I have declared an alliance between the Greeks...

  • Achilles (PJO/Avengers)
    226K 11.1K 28

    Angel Bane excelled at stealth and evasion. The enemy team never heard him until he was holding his practice weapons to their heads and throats. He slipped into the opposing team's territory, and would only be noticed when he returned to his side with the enemy package in hand, wordlessly handing it to his training of...

  • We're Not Dead Yet (Split Souls part 2)
    322K 12.2K 42

    Part 2 in the Split Souls series. Check out part 1, Before I Die, first! With the new prophecy issued, the Avengers, demigods and gods have another trial on their hands, and it isn't just getting along. "The future reveals of a god reborn, The falsely accused is not to scorn; A mad foe schemes of a dark crusade, Vaca...

  • Rogue Power || Percy Jackson the Avenger
    255K 7.3K 15

    Percy Jackson. The greatest demigod to ever walk on earth. S.H.I.E.L.D has always had him on their watch, but when Loki suddenly springs up, it is time for a potential threat to become their possible greatest ally. And as Percy is brought in to headquarters, Annabeth Chase is dragged along as well. [This is a Percy J...

  • Can a Haunted Past bring a Brighter Future?
    269K 7.1K 29

    The war is over. You would think the hero of this war would be out celebrating, and having fun with everyone. But not Percy Jackson. He can't be happy right now, because everyone he loves just died. He is the only remaining hero of the 7, his parents are dead, and tons of his other friends are dead too. So who does th...

  • Ηail Hydra
    94K 3.7K 12

    Captain America, the super soldier, war hero, the first avenger. Bucky Barnes, Steve's best friend. Until he died that is. But we all know now that he never really died. He was taken by Hydra and experimented on. Turned into the Winter Soldier. But during the time the Avengers were breaking apart, fighting against eac...

  • Before I Die (Split Souls part 1)
    1.9M 56.3K 55

    With Sally and Paul missing, Percy learns that he has a mortal uncle. Tony Stark was not expecting to find that he had a nephew; nor that said nephew was a terrorist, according to SHIELD. What side is he to choose, his work- with the Avengers(with SHIELD), or this boy- his chance at having a family? Likewise, the Aven...

  • Family will Save You
    138K 3.1K 24

    Percy Stark is your average 15 year old kid. Well except for the fact that his family is a bunch if superheroes. You see, when Percy was 2 his mom died in a car crash. With nowhere to go, Percy was put in a shelter, and found by no other than Tony Stark. Percy spends the next 13 years living as normal of a life as he...

  • A Bit Different
    359K 10.1K 66

    Persia(Percy) Jackson is a legend, even among the gods. Daughter of the sea and raised with the love from a kind mortal, she had to undergo several hardships to become who she is now. What happens when the very gods who subjected her to a painful childhood introduce her to a particular Thunder God and decide that she...

  • Not All Scars Are Seen
    199K 3.9K 13

    Percy Jackson's mom died when he was 3 years old. He was sent to live with his godfather Tony Stark. He was raised his whole life around the Avengers, they are his family. But can this family of superheroes help their youngest member after he returns from the Giant War? Or is he to far gone for even them to get to? Co...

  • Nyctophobia: (Book 1) A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover
    232K 8.8K 25

    A tragedy at camp sends Percy running. After he shows up at his mom's and explains the situation, another disaster ends with Percy unconscious, injured, and sprawled out in an alleyway. Tony Stark was doing his daily rounds of flying around the city, when he spots an unconscious and injured teen in an alleyway. Not kn...

  • Worthy of Life and Fate *On Hold*
    31.7K 769 6

    In reality, the Avengers affected by the Scarlet Witch's power came to when the Earth began to quake beneath them all. They were drawn to the whimpers of a woman and the quiet whimpers of a man. All of the Avengers were stunned to find Thor cradling a convulsing Perci, with his head buried between her neck and shoulde...