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  • Cliche Romance (FALEC)
    25.8K 1K 35

    "I hate-no dislike you a thousand times that you may never feel because of that thick wall of ice around your heart. That thick ice that no one might break because no one cares to even change you. Like they said, people don't change after 24 hours." I rant, turning red after that. "Who said that you couldn't break it...

  • ItsFunneh | Is it reality?
    10K 307 16

    Where nightmares are real and death is their new reality. I'm in the process of rewriting this, so pls be patient, ty

  • DraconiteDragon X Reader: Falling In Love
    8.6K 196 6

    We Feel Awkward Writing This, But Hey! It's For You Random People On Wattpad.

  • A Life Of Adventure[Under Editing]
    9.6K 241 36

    Funneh, Gold, Rainbow, Lunar, and Draco are all siblings living happily in a small farm house with their mother and father. Their mother and their father are both werewolves, meaning so are they. Keeping their ears and tails hidden is difficult, despite easily hiding their abilities. One day, disaster strikes and they...

  • Krew In Yandere High
    15.1K 364 38

    This is a highschool story of 5 siblings with extra-ordinary powers and eyes... the Krew as they call their group of five siblings... Will any bullies come their way? Will they get caught using magic? Will there be romance? Any ups and downs? Who knows... Main Characters: Lunar Funneh Gold Draco Rainbow These characte...

  • Falec Story
    100K 2.8K 105

    ENGLISH||Funneh||Alec||Falec Story|| Will Funneh have a chance to be with Alec? Or to be with Evan?

  • Falec 💙❤️
    14.4K 254 19

    This falec story is about the awesome kids YouTuber Itsfunneh and her crush Alec I don't know what else to but so I'll just put a emoji? 💙❤️💩 Started:13/10/17 Ended:??/??/??