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  • Dawns Dusk -The Dawn Series-
    92 9 5

    The reign of Dawn is over. Let those of Chaos shine in the night when the moon shines. Dusk over Dawn. Let Chaos take the throne. Fanon Story of @Devita33 successful series, The Dawn Series. Note that some of the characters do not belong to me. Please read the Dawn Series to understand the context of this story.

  • Thanatos: The Dawn of Blood
    48 4 3

    In the realm of the divine, love was an elusive concept. It was an emotion too pure and too fragile to be wielded by mere mortals. Yet, even Death himself could not escape its grasp. Thanatos, the God of Death, had always been driven by his duty to take the souls of the living. It was an endless cycle of life and deat...

  • THE DAWN SERIES - preferences, headcanons and oneshots
    692 29 12

    Yet another series of drabbles for the DAWN series

  • Tales of Dawn
    8.9K 319 72

    Just a one-shot about everyone's favorite greek couple Aurora and Thanatos! Original story goes to @Devita33!