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  • The Phoenix Killer (YGOGX fanfic)
    68 4 2

    A dark romance between a famous serial killer and a detective who end up as roommates. How will these two polar opposites survive? Read and See kittens

  • Shattered 「Jaden Yuki x Reader」
    131 9 1

    //Clean Continuation of "What I've done" Jaden Yuki x Reader //for beginning of story, read "What I've Done" Jaden Yuki, Slifer Red at duel academy. His world turns to darkness until Y/N, lights up his world.

  • Yugioh roleplay
    7.4K 71 18

    I DO NOT OWN ANY FUCKING ART IN THIS BOOK UNLESS IT IS STATED best Rankings: Jack Atlas: #2 Judai: #2 yusei: #9 Jaden: #13 yugioh5ds: #10 yugiohvrains: #5 yugiohzexal: #5 yugiohgx: #11 yugioharc-v: #10

  • Yugioh Gx special season 3
    51.8K 865 51

    A sequel to Yugioh gx season 2. Tara and Jaden had finally saved the earth from the light of destruction and is back to start the third year at the academy. However when Sheppard invites a strange teacher to the school, everything changes. The twins is going to face more danger and problems like ever before, which lea...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Scenarios
    49.4K 872 202

    All the first few Scenarios in this will be from the Let's Rev It Up! Books, and will kind of be re runs, but I hope you still enjoy them. I'll post new scenarios in here when I can. ^ ^

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Scenario Book 2
    2.9K 87 18

    Time for another book full of Yu-Gi-Oh Scenarios!

  • Yugioh Vrains (Manga)
    2.3K 9 4

    So as of 1/28/18, the Yugioh Vrains manga is not a thing. So I am going to get a head start on it. This a fanfiction of what COULD happen. This is not what going to happen (But it would be cool if it did.) I don't own Yugioh Vrains.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's ~ Saving the Future
    24.4K 733 37

    A bright flash devours New Domino stadium and Aria, a young 17 year old girl suddenly finds herself in a place unknown to her, surrounded by thousands of spectators, standing on a strange platform with an odd contraption strapped to her arm. She knows she doesn't belong there but cannot recall anything about herself o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Datastormshipping YusakuxRyoken One-shots (Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains)
    10K 298 14

    All in the title boyxboy - Don't like it, don't read it

    Completed   Mature
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists x Reader Oneshots
    73.9K 958 27

    I'm deciding to write another book. This story will be all about your life... with all the Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists, so enjoy and have fun with them! Only for Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist oneshots Different stories Enjoy! P.S. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or the images, they all belong to their rightful owners

  • Yugioh Theories, Facts, Etc
    1.7K 44 6

    Welcome to The Yugioh Facts, Theories, Etc book where I will share with you my knowledge of the different Yugioh characters, facts, theories, etc and this is a book I've wanted to make for a long time now. I will share with you facts, theories and other stuff about Yugioh. Only Yugioh Duel Monsters till Vrains are g...

  • Yu-gi-oh One-Shots
    5.9K 210 30

    A bunch of one-shots from Yu-gi-oh, Duel Monsters, GX, 5ds, Zexal, Arc V, and Vrains. Hope you enjoy.

  • Tied up with mafia boss YusakuxTakeru (Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains)
    45.9K 1.5K 69

    Takeru Homura is famous mafia boss that everyone is scared from him. He's the most wanted and hated boy in the world. Takeru started to have eyes on one boy named Yusaku Fujiki. Will they fall for eachother or...? BoyxBoy - don't like it, don't read it.

    Completed   Mature
  • Married with mafia boss YusakuxTakeru (Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains)
    11.5K 426 32

    Sequel from Tied up with mafia boss. boyxboy - don't like it, don't read it ^^

    Completed   Mature
  • This perfect kisses YusakuxRyoken (Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains)
    10.4K 418 17

    Originally this book is published on my profile on fanfiction. I wanted to share it here too. Yusaku is bad kisser and he knows it. Ryoken gives him tutorial on kissing. Will they fall in love or not? Find out ^^ boyxboy - don't like it, don't read it.

  • Ryoken's evil program RevolverxPlaymakerxVaris (Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains)
    15.5K 333 12

    Ryoken created a new program to destroy the Ignises. But, instead of that, the program created his previous avatar who named himself Varis. Varis was obsessed with Playmaker and he went after him, but Revolver tried to stop his double. Will Revolver be able to destroy his previous avatar? Find out. boyxboy - don't...

    Completed   Mature
  • The boss lady Female YusakuxFemale Takeru (Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains)
    4.1K 110 20

    Another story from Tied up with mafia boss books. This time, Yusaku and Takeru are reincarnated as a girls. They happen to be teenagers and go in girls public academy, Den city girls academy. Takeha is famous boss lady in the school and she gets everything she wants. But, when she'll meet Yusaka, she'll fall for her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pay Attention To Me (Teacher Yusaku Fujiki X Student Reader)
    17.2K 514 36

    As a second year student at Den City High School, Y/N L/N has be slacking off in school and barely passing almost all of her classes. She has tricks to find the easiest way to pass her classes without worrying and only believes if she come through her classes, then she does not need to try hard at school. Unfortunatel...

  • Yugioh stuff #2!!
    20.8K 584 198

    Welcome back to more yugioh stuff!

    Completed   Mature
  • Silent Girl [JadenXReaderXZane]
    7.9K 302 20

    There's a new girl at the Duel Academy and that's you.

  • Smile! 笑顔 『Yuya Sakaki X Reader』
    7.5K 210 10

    You were roaming the streets of Maiami, when some unbelievable things began to happen right in front of your eyes. 笑顔、みんな!💕✨ ((STORY BACK ON TRACK!!!)) The creator of the wonderful cover is @plant.kween on Instagram! Go follow them!💙

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Random pictures IV
    26.1K 1.1K 101

    Continue from the previous one. Fourth book Random pictures including all Yu-Gi-Oh parts: * Duel monsters * Gx * 5ds * Zexal * Arc V * Vrains * Sevens

  • The King, the Crystal and the Monster HaouxCrystal Protector (Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx)
    1K 43 7

    King Haou decided to destroy the crystal beasts in order to save his friend, Yubel. But, then he meet the mysterious Crystal Protector.... One sight will change everything ... Will they be together? Find out. ^^ boyxboy - don't like it, don't read it

  • Me, Myself and I (Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains)
    4.5K 202 19

    Takeru Homura got multiple personality disorder. His first personality Homura-sama is delinquent and always make problems and got scold by Kiku who he loves her the most. His second personality Take-chan is flirtatious person, who tries to seduce girls and boys, but mostly boys. He got eyes on Yusaku Fujiki. While hi...

  • Yugioh: Zodiac Signs
    63.6K 2.2K 101


  • Yu-Gi-Oh Random pictures
    63.9K 2.8K 101

    Random pictures including all Yu-Gi-Oh parts Duel monsters Gx 5ds Zexal Arc V Vrains

  • Kidnapped Dark JohanxReader (Yu-Gi-Oh Gx) One-shot
    1.6K 34 2

    Yubel possess Johan and makes the Duel Academy to go in the Spirit world. Johan is obsessed with y/n and he kidnaps her... His desire her will drive him to end up little bit yandere. Judai will try to save both of them, his beloved friends Johan and y/n... Will be Judai able to save them?

    Completed   Mature
  • Yugioh:The Mummy
    3K 49 7

    In Domino City's Museum, a school girl named Kyrie rose,who dreams of becoming Explorer just like her mother. However she stumbles upon the Pharaoh'ss millennium puzzle but she doesn't know is that his spirit was inside of it. Later in Egypt, her father discovers an ancient book that can bring back people from the de...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yusei's Happy Family Book 5
    105 5 6

    Continuation of Yusei's Happy Family Book 4

  • Yusei's Happy Family Book 4
    247 15 16

    Continuation of Yusei's Happy Family Book 3

    Completed   Mature