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  • (18+) Duality - Jungkook BDSM
    1.9M 51.6K 67

    Jungkook the golden maknae being submissive. ? "If you be a good boy...Imma show you the heaven.." He moans just to listen to your voice completely in dominance. "...but, if you don't, then imma drown you in hell" you smirk and he bite his lips hard.

    Completed   Mature
  • (18+) unFORTUNATE -Kim Taehyung
    487K 12.9K 31

    Your life was really a masterpiece of a drama book which you only get fucked up. They offered you this job, you needed. You accepted. You never knew, being personal assistant of an Idol could be so bitter..and sweet. hihihi.

  • Sinful - Namjoon 18+
    161K 5K 11

    You were young, innocent, you loved him and you married him. Your love vanished and you became a lustful woman. and it's all HIS fault.

  • (18+)Would you bear? - J.Jungkook ff
    548K 13.6K 22

    What happens when you deny your deepest desire? Y/N is just a regular girl ready to start her University life leaving all the bitter highschool memories behind. But not so easy. Life brings back that cliché bad boy to torment her thoughts...the deepest and more impure ones. Would you bear? This book is a collab with...

  • (18+) DIRTY you ~ Yoongi
    156K 2.4K 5

    Y'all already know its gonna be smut, isn't it? hahaha

  • (18+)Secrets - Jimin Love/Hate
    304K 7.8K 15

    You're Bangtan stylist and smut ghost writer. What you didn't know is that Jimin read your stories. Will you be able to keep that secret?