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  • Meet the authors showcase edition volume #2 Est. 6/5/2020
    4.2K 629 200

    Another edition of behind-the-scenes interviews, which are meant to provide readers with an insider look at the writer's creations of their favorite stories. So, please take a look and learn how these stories came to be. Looking for the stories promoted in these interviews? Check my profile for the meet the authors sh...

  • Meet The Authors edition #7 (Nov 2020 to June 2021)
    1K 264 197

    More intriguing interviews, which provide readers with writing tips and recommendations. Read through the interviews and get to know some amazing Wattpad writers. -this is where the continuation of the November 2020 resigns- -Also, there is where the Summer 2021 edition begins and the issue finishes in the 8th edition...

  • A Readers View on the Werewolf Genre
    1K 67 10

    Just a personal view on ways to expand on the current expectations of the Werewolf Genre.

  • Igniting Sparks
    5.9K 668 61

    2nd draft is up and running! ** Blue-eyed snow leopard werecats. Often described as feral, wild, dangerous, and easily angered. Let alone that they are very rare if they exist at all. Traumatized by two large events in her life, Azura has left the safety of her old home to deal with her past by herself. After a long...

  • The Alpha's Cat | Completed
    1.3M 31.4K 27

    || Cover art credit: Polina Bright As a werecat living among a pack full of werewolves, Catherine Heartfilia must blend in with humans to protect her family, and herself. Everything was going as planned until she bumps into the soon-to-be Alpha. That touch electrifies the wolf, and he does everything he can to feel...

  • [2021 - 2022] - Dark Fantasy Interviews
    2.9K 291 61

    Archived Interviews Dark Fantasy writers.