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  • Izuku Midoriya: The Ghost
    28.2K 782 6

    The Ghost... some say he's a spirit who goes after the worst of villains, others say he's a vigilante, some say he's a hero. As a child Izuku Midoriya had his spirit broken, his emotions snatched. It's not unit an eventful night, that he is taken, never to be seen. Ten years later, a vigilante appears hunting Villains...

  • Deku of the Sharigan Hero or Villain
    33.2K 424 9

    Que intense badass music In a world where 80% of the population has powers called "quirks". But the other 20% has no powers for this they are treated like trash. We follow Izuku uchiha, the younger brother of Itachi uchiha. The uchiha family doesn't have "quirks" but they possess power through there eyesight and an an...

  • A Kept Grudge
    107K 1.7K 7

    What if our Cinnamon Roll Izuku Midoriya had resentment towards Katsuki Bakugo? After experiencing years of constant physical bullying, verbal abuse and now being told to commit suicide something snaps within Deku. No longer is he the submissive shy boy we see in cannon. He is confident, competitive and had a grudge...

  • Izuku "The Wolverine" Midoriya
    10K 103 4

    Izuku Midoriya is basically just Wolverine transplanted into My Hero Academia. I don't own BNHA or Wolverine or Marvel Comics

  • Unlikely As It May Seem (An Izumina Fanfiction)
    283K 5.4K 52

    Fanfiction for the pairing of Izuku Midoriya and Mina Ashido. Might be a bit of a slow burn, we'll see. Probably some fluff, but, like my other stories, no plans on Lemons. IzuOcha is still my favorite pairing, but IzuMina has definitely gained serious traction, and I could definitely see it happening, given the rig...

    Completed   Mature
  • Boku No Hero Academia The Last Uchiha (DISCONTINUED)
    10.4K 215 33

    This is a story with my own OC that I made sorta *que action trailer music* In a world, One Badass fucking kid turns into a man, watching his brother kill his family in front of him, Almost like Itachi did with sasuke. But who gives a shit. He turns into a Badass like ninja and holds all elements. It may take a while...

  • Birthday gift [oneshot]
    7.5K 153 1

    A one-shot story between Izuku and Itsuka because i haven't done a one-shot story yet.

  • Awkward Energy - MinaDeku
    453K 8.2K 83

    The only reason Midoriya got to talking with Ashido was because his bandages needed reapplying. Still, this small hand of fate was all that was needed to spark a friendship and a far closer bond between the two classmates. I honestly have no idea what their ship name is, so I'ma call it MinaDeku. Primarily a writing...

  • The power within
    42.9K 730 18

    In a world where 80% of the worlds population has evolved where people are born with unique powers called quirks. The story will foucus on Izuku Midoriya who was considered to land in the 20% of the population. Little did the world know he has a power deep within Story adopted from @Skostjuke

  • STRANGERS | tdmomo
    100K 3.8K 38

    ♡ | ❝ IT WAS WEIRD BEING ALONE, HONESTLY. ❞ - on an unlikely day, momo yaoyorozu finds herself in a genuine friendship with the peppermint shaded haired boy of her class, todoroki shouto after suddenly finding themselves meeting up on a staircase to have small chats about romance novels and sunsets, leading to a clos...

  • Captain deku: The true hero
    22.5K 383 6

    Izuku Midoryia at the age of 4 was diagnosed as quirk less. Because of this he was always bullied and always got picked on. This didn't stop Izuku's dream though. Izuku always wanted to be a hero. He always wanted to be on the front lines to help someone in need. No matter how bad things seemed or how desperate the si...

  • ❝ SWEET GREEN TEA. ❞ | izuocha oneshots
    55.1K 1.1K 14

    ♡ | ❝ YEAH, I'M HERE. ❞ [ LONG HIATUS ] - fluffy oneshots of our floating, pink mochi and lil' freckled bean. ( REQUESTS OPEN. ) note: no smuts. [ ALL ART BELONGS TO ARTIST. DM IF YOU ARE AWARE OF THE ARTIST OR REQUEST TO REMOVE IT. ]

  • Birthday Gift continued
    233K 3.4K 15

    Adopted oneshot from @TheDekuMomo2 what happens when our favorite Cinnamon bun is forgotten on his birthday. Slow updates

  • Heroes in Color (IzuOcha)
    87.1K 1.6K 16

    A BNHA Alternate Universe in which people are completely colorblind until they touch their soulmate for the first time. Some go most of their lives without seeing color, some never see color at all, and some are lucky enough to meet their soulmate within the first 20 years of their life. Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Urar...

  • Avengers Academia
    25.8K 434 9

    Izuku Yagi-Rogers. The Grandson of Steve Rogers aka Captain America and the son of All Might... and the only person in the world who doesn't want to be a hero. Watch as Izuku follows in his Grandfather's footsteps to become the world's greatest Avenger and the next Captain America.

  • BNHA X Male OC reader
    147 8 2

    Its the normal story with my own twists and you are a reading through my OC's perspective most if the time. Slightly op but not by much. And its a OCxJiro.

  • Unexpected Romance (Katsuki x Momo)
    35.8K 563 13

    Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and everyone has a date aside from Katsuki Bakugo due to his usually brash nature. However, after being assigned a project with Momo Yaoyorozu, the hotheaded teenager starts to view his classmate differently. With the Valentine's dance right on their heels, will Katsuki finally...

  • Abandoned Blood
    339K 4.6K 16

    Izuku Midoriya finds out that his girlfriend, Ochaco Uraraka, has been cheating on him with Bakugou because he took things "too slow". He then runs off after calling them out and gets made to look like the bad guy. He finds a job as an apprentice to a certain misty bartender and creates a new life. But will he want to...

  • Izuku the winter super solider
    1.6K 31 2

    I got inspired by my wattpad best friend @triggerdlida To make this story btw the cover isn't mine and cant forget about my other wattpad best friend @joshuaawe

  • Princess Yaoyorozu
    87.6K 1.5K 13

    The Kingdom Of UA was ruled by the Yaoyorozu's On a stormy night the family was heading home, but was attacked by bandits. The Youngest Daughter Momo Yaoyorozu was kidnapped and took away for ransom. Izuku Midoriya, woke up in the woods hearing a scream. Fantasy AU. Magic.

  • Pervy Thoughts (Izuku Midorya x Pevereted Momo Yoayorozu)
    225K 2.1K 11

    Its a story where Momo is a pervert, Iida is not strict, Todoroki is more social, Mineta is less of a pervert but still a pervert, And Bakugo is more nicer. Momo Yoayorozu may look like a "Perfect student" but she hides a side to her, She's secretly a pervert. But when it comes to a boy named Izuku Midoriya, She immed...

    Completed   Mature
  • t r u e & f a l s e
    4K 157 4

    'Ochako' was supposed to be a pretty name for those with pure, beautiful souls. Even through her lust for money and desire for all things illegal, she cherished the good in her heart. Because even the darkest souls have a ray of sunshine.

  • She's hot and she's cold [Izuku x Fuyumi]
    70K 909 3

    Yup...the rare shipping god is back and ready to take another swing at it so here we go.

  • Sweet strong [Izuku x Fem Kirishima]
    15.2K 260 3

    A continuation from the previous book it's basically chapter two if you wanna read chapter one visit Dekumomo145 my original page.

  • The Rock Show
    33K 466 5

    Izuku is invited to a concert where he meets a certain purple haired classmate who will change his life forever

  • Sweet Strong [Izuku x Fem Kirishima]
    7.9K 157 1

    I was gonna make it a one shot but this pair is just to sweet for that

  • Invisible girl (Izuku x toru)
    52.6K 312 21

    So this'll be my first fan fic ever written so sorry if it's complete crap! I'll be getting help from another writer for the first part possibly so thanks to Joshuaawe! (Idk how to spell it lol) Anyways I was thinking for this story that it'd be an Au with izuku having a quirk but not One for All! Cover is coming soo...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Not...Like That
    1.2K 54 1

    After reading chapter 102 of the manga I had this super cute idea in my head and decided to share it to other people who adore this ship! Really this is my first ever attempt at writing a fic, so I apologize if it isn't that great Anyways, let's begin shall we! (I'm bad at descriptions >//<)

  • Impossible
    354K 7.4K 64

    As Izuku Midoriya goes through his journey to become the greatest hero ever, he finds himself journeying through with an old friend. He soon realizes his feelings for her, but sadly, after years of bullying and being picked on, he only ever sees himself as worthless, and how could she love a worthless idiot. He hides...