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  • Destiny - (Seven Deadly Sins X F!Reader)
    510K 14.7K 58

    Long before time had a name, Dragons ruled the world. They had all the power they lusted. It scared people to do things that were never supposed to happen. The other clans overthrew the Dragons, they all went against the mighty spices. They all ended up dead. Every Dragon. Every single one. But so did the soldiers. Th...

  • The Cursed God And The Cursed Demon
    128K 4.4K 72

    This is the story of a young woman name (Y/N), who is the first princess of the demon clan even the leader of the ten commandments, she is known to be the most feared dangerous demon that ever existed in the demon clan. One day, a holy war had come upon all clans, having the goddess clan to have the opportunity to des...

  • Survival (Su-hueok x Reader)
    1.5K 73 3

    Just like any other day, Y/N goes to school with her long time friend, and crush, Su-hyeok. Throughout the day she hangs out with her friends and tries to avoid her ex-bullies. Everything seems to be going good. That is until a missing student shows up, claiming to have been held captive by the science teacher. W...

  • His cure (meliodas x reader)
    38.1K 909 27

    If your reading this then you've already have watched the seven deadly sins I hope . (Y/n) is Elizabeth "twin" she was made when the 108 Elizabeth was reincarnated meliodas has no idea how (y/n) was created but when he looked into her eyes he got this feeling, once (y/n) started growing up he realized she was the rein...

    389 23 3

    "iwa-chan look." a young boy said to his friend as they saw a young girl alone in the forest as if she was looking for something and was holding something. Hatzuki Liones the daughter of none other than Meliodas and Elizabeth liones the youngest princess of liones and teh clan of both clans that is known as the demon...

  • Fallen Angel - (Seven Deadly Sins x Reader)
    1.3M 39.6K 61

    (Various x Reader) As a fearful struggle began amongst the Goddess' for the throne, the High Deity sent down her daughter (Y/n) to Earth to keep her safe from the Demon King, who threatens war against the Goddess race. To ensure her daughter remained protected, the High Deity transferred a majority of her power to her...

    123 1 2

    It had been three thousand years when it had started there story the curse Meliodas and Elizabeth having there first child together as she was name as Elijah with her friends who happened to be the first fairy queen, a vampire, a wear wolf as they were all killed but had been reincarnated again was it fate playing wit...

  • The Children's Of The Seven Deadly Sins (new Generation)
    18.7K 289 39

    "mother look." was what the words that come out of a young four years old girl look at the green head boy looking down all alone with few tears on his eyes. Izuku Midoriya once was okay with his family he has a great relationship with his mother and father until that day that his family found out that he was quirkless...

  • Who are you??? (Meliodas X Reader)
    124K 3.1K 17

    Once battling gilthunder, gilthunder try's to take over Meliodas using other holy Knights as back up but soon comes a strange feminine figure that beats them all to the ground. (Just made this cause there isn't that much Meliodas X reader fics out there)

  • How They Met
    24.1K 518 12

    This is my hot new take on how the original Elizabeth fell in love with Meliodas and how he fell in love with her.

  • Seven Hearts ~ SDS Fanfic
    91.4K 2.3K 27

    Meliodas is the leader of the Ten Commandments and future king of the Demon Clan. Known as a cold, ruthless general he is feared by all. But what happens when enemies turn lovers? Takes place before the Canon series during the holy war. - Characters and original story belong to Nakaba SDS Fanfic

  • Wanted: Boybestfriend
    5.2K 517 17

    Elizabeth is the top one student of the Miyoshi Academy. She's now in the 8th grade. She's an introvert kind of a girl. She is more preferred to be with boys than girls, because some girls are fake. Meliodas, on the other side, is the transferee of the school. They met accidentally. Then Elizabeth wants a boybestfrie...

  • Meliodas x Elizabeth
    28.7K 367 8

    High school, Beach days, Lemon. Nothing else is needed ;D

  • Their Soulmate Marks
    34.9K 636 8

    Goddesses(inculdes angels and nymphs),Demons(including Dolls and Immortals),Giants,Fairies,Humans........ Each of these races,these CLANS...have one major thing in common... SOULMATES Everyone is born with a mark for their soulmate, Their mark will tingle and glow slightly wh...

  • Live Another Day - Melizabeth - The Seven Deadly Sins
    98.9K 1.7K 33

    After the Ten Commandments have been defeated, a certain goddess regains her memories. Now, it's up to the group to get rid of the curse once and for all. For the sake of love.

  • My Beautiful Clumsy Spy
    35.9K 1.1K 55

    I am Elizabeth. A spy. To be more precise, Liones' Angel. I live my life as a lazy student by day and as a spy at night. It's tiring really, but I have to do what I got to do. Especially when Danafor's Demon of Death was hot on my trail. Let's just say, everything will never go as planned. Quite a lot of cursing, tra...

  • The one I love( melizabeth)- Under editing
    39.4K 583 23

    COMPLETED Will be under editing for a little bit. Takes place after season two, "the commandments ark" It's what I claimed there life to be like after ward. ⚠️There will be spoilers from the manga so you are warned There also may be some content that some readers may not like, so I'm just warning you for that.

  • Silence
    9.2K 251 27

    Description...... hmm.. nah how about you read it to find out what it's about? XD . . . . . . . . Jk, lol. Meliodas is constantly around her, he's always doing stuff like saving her or hugging her. But for some reason he never talks to her... She doesn't know why, how ever it is apparent that she is quite used to bein...

  • my nanatsu no taizai drawings
    15.6K 625 31

    this book hold my embarrassing drawings of NNT, yeah my friend made me update it and you may hate or don't like this book ;-)

  • In another world with my smartphone
    198 2 2

    Các cuốn truyện tranh trong engsub luôn có trước chap so với các cuốn được vietsub ở nước ta. Và việc hóng chap lúc nào cũng khiến ta ức chế dẫn đến một loại máy móc bị đập nát. Vì vậy để không khiến các đọc giả hóng chap thì mình đây sẽ lấy các cuốn engsub để dịch trước cho các bạn đọc để không phải thấy nước họ có t...

  • The Eighth Deadly Sin
    25.8K 639 9

    The seven deadly sins have an eighth member, Rarity, the Peacock sin of Vanity. ❗️❗️Discontinued. Will remain up for those who enjoyed it, but I don't.❗️❗️

  • The Twelve Forgotten Zodiacs (SDS Fic)
    560K 18K 55

    The Seven Deadly Sins. Seven people with unimaginable powers, powers that everyone fears. They were kicked out of the kingdom for a crime that they have no memory of committing, and have been separated for 10 long years. But, there's a group of people much like the sins, and older than them too, that everyone has forg...

  • Bestfriend's Secret
    181K 4.5K 21

    "Do you know what hurts the most, Meliodas?" "What?" "The feeling of losing someone and you can't do anything about it." {Under Construction 🚧} #3 - sds #10-nnt #63- meliodas #24- nnt #48- unseelie

  • Demon or Goddess?
    77.7K 1.7K 43

    This is NOT a melizabeth story! When the Demon Realm was taken over by Goddesses, my mother claimed that even though Goddesses were in charge of everything, Demons could still live their life as they normally would as long as they stopped killing others. However, Goddesses can be cruel sometimes too. In exchange for t...

  • Meliodas x Elizabeth one shots
    30K 551 10


  • nanatsu no taizai parent scenarios
    79.6K 1.4K 12

    the sins (plus Elizabeth) as your parents I never found

  • my nanatsu no taizai drawings
    1.3K 63 8

    some of drawings i made

  • Baby problem! (A Nanatsu no Taizai fanfic)
    49.4K 980 9

    ///discontinued/// It was just an average day for the Seven Deadly Sins, until they face a problem that turns them into children... Also stop asking me why king isn't a baby.

  • The Eighth Sin
    28.7K 427 19

    Ahh. I suck at descriptions. But I'll give it a go, why not. We all know the main gang. Meliodas, Elizabeth, Hawk, Diane, King, Ban, Gowther, Merlin, and Escanor. But in this story, there's an eighth sin. The badger sin of vengeance. And the person bearing this marking is none other than...Arden. Let's see how this st...