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  • Suddenly, I Became A Princess (Dragon Gift Part)
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    THIS IS NOT A FANFICTION!! This is Novel side story translation, i used an app to translate it There's a 3 chapter about Dragon gift part.. Hope you like it!!

  • Suddenly I Became A Princess (Lovely Princess World)
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    Hello, I'm back! this is not fanfiction, this is a side story translation of the novel Suddenly I Became a Princess / Who Made Me a Princess about Athanasia trapped in the 'Lovely Princess' dimension. Many People said about this dimension part are boring, but actually there are many Lucas and Athy moments in this sid...

  • The one that DISAPPEARS- WMMAP fanfic
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    Athy goes back in time before her mother gave birth to her. She will try to stop herself from being born in the first place, but of course one magician will try to stop her. --------------------- This is my first fanfic, i hope you'll like it. I do not own story 'who made me a princess' and some of the pictures i will...

  • Lucas, Wizard Of Evil || WMMAP fanfic
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    This is my first fanfiction ever. It is based on Vocaloid's song, Servant of Evil. I wrote the lyrics of my own version, to fit this story.This occurred in Lovely Princess world, but Lucas is by Athy's side! It mainly focused on Lucas' Point Of View, but there will be Athy's too. What will happen if LP!Athy actually m...

  • WMMAP SIDE STORY (I became a Father One Day)
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    Well, as the title says, it's a translation of Claude's point of view from when he first met athy till some point of time(?) It's very interesting and has a lot of surprising elements. Anyway, this is my first project so it may have many mistakes.I'm tl ing this for fun and to share the joy i felt when reading this. H...

  • WITH FIRE AND IRON | Draco Malfoy
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    "I hate you." Diana sat on her couch, covered in silk and laces. She was dressed for bed, but her unyielding purple eyes and straight posture told otherwise. She had seen it, the anger boiling over. It was just like before when they were still naive children prancing around with wooden sticks, playing with brooms, and...

  • Adopted
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  • Tamed
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