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  • you don't have to say i love you (to say i love you)
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    "Going well so far," Lauren murmurs. "Your parents and your little sister. They think I'm a great girlfriend." "You are," Camila agrees. Or: The time Camila really needed a date to a family wedding, and who better to fill the role of fake-girlfriend than Camila's best friend Lauren?

  • just for now
    96.4K 1K 1

    Camila never expected that some girl spilling coffee all over her could turn out to be a good thing. (Camren. College AU.)

  • Trials and Tribulations
    166K 2.7K 87

    "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor" heyyy y' y'all doin This is just a re-upload, all credits go to the original incredibly talented author.....i think her name was Beth idk buttttt enjoy! ;)

    Completed   Mature
  • there's a big old moon shining down at night
    12.2K 421 7

    Needing to get away from the stress of her job for a few months, Camila buys a summer lake house in the most remote town she can find. She fully intends on keeping to herself, resting, and interacting as little as possible with the local color. That is until her car breaks down, and the town mechanic happens to be the...

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  • Striking Out - Camren
    2.2M 63.7K 45

    Camila and Lauren were both what you would call a 'fuckgirl', plain and simple. The two didn't know one another but their best friends were more than tired of their escapades. So, they decided to hatch a plan in order for them to stop. Little did they know that the plan would turn in to so much more. Completed in 2...

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  • Except You Love
    31.9K 983 13

    "my love, i have never gotten over the consequence of you, i don't think i ever will" Lauren and Camila. Inevitable and inseparable. Until they weren't. After four painful years and an ocean apart, Lauren gets a second chance at a first love with Camila. OR exes reuniting after some time and distance and extreme pinin...

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  • In Love, War, & Politics
    21.8K 1.1K 22

    It's the most watched Senate race around the country, and Lauren Jauregui is running one hell of an underdog campaign against the favored Craig Walker. But she has a secret weapon that might save the campaign--and a secret that might ruin it. And both are named Camila Cabello. This is not my work I am just converting...

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  • All I Do Is Dream of You
    109K 4.2K 19

    Camila is an artist and Lauren is an actress.

  • Acting (Camren)
    493K 15.4K 32

    Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello are the two stars of one of the biggest dramaseries in the United States. Seeing them play the fierce cop-couple of Daniela and Emily, you'd think they were actually in love in real life. However, the two absolutely can't stand each other. What if their agency tells them to become A...

  • Just Off The Key Of Reason
    218K 5.6K 31

    Camila Cabello is a successful Broadway star with a new roommate, the very odd, naive, Lauren Jauregui. It starts with a note on the fridge and a childishly scrawled doodle of an elephant. Everybody has a little crazy in them. *This story is not my own, it was originally a glee fic and someone started converting it to...

  • Our Month - Camren
    222K 6.5K 33

    Camila went to the United States to do her practice, to have some unforgettable experiences, to make hundreds of pictures, to lay on a beach next to the ocean, to go on crazy adventures, to run into worldwide famous celebrities and brag about it to her best friend. So Camila definitely didn't go to the United S...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Blind Side of Love (Camren)
    340K 11.6K 50

  • Renovations [Camren]
    43K 1.8K 6

    "You've been sleeping at my place because your house is being renovated and we aren't even dating; yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and I hear you sigh, "I'll go", I feel like we may as well be married." Written by: @clinicallydead AND @dinahahansen Cover by: @SLOTHTATO (Cover God)

  • Behind The Scenes
    388K 14.4K 26

    Camila has terrible, terrible luck. The worst kind of luck you can have. Like win the lottery but die the next day kind of luck. Like never been on a cruise before and end up on the titanic kind of luck. Like struck by lightning seven times, only known person to have ever been hit by a meteorite, sitting on a bench th...

  • right there in the details | camren (au)
    443K 14.1K 27

    "You are nothing but a game to me." // Camren (AU) // the devil's right there, right there in the details and you don't want to hurt yourself, hurt yourself looking too closely - fink

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  • Pizza My Heart
    2.4K 167 1

    Camila can't remember exactly when her obsession with pizza began. However, she can remember when her obsession with the pizza delivery girl began.

  • Don't Forget To Breathe
    580K 24K 28

    "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give"- Winston Churchill

    Completed   Mature
  • Love at First Site
    20.5K 603 3

    Lauren Jauregui would have never imagined meeting someone online who could stimulate her like she's never been stimulated before: intellectually. But she did. She meets Camila Cabello, as she reads comments while waiting for a video to buffer, in the most unlikely site: Pornhub. In this age of social media and techno...

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    96.7K 4.2K 28

    AU/Actress Lauren/ What will you do if one day you become invisible, literally?

  • Lazy (Camren)
    16.8K 798 1

    AU. In which Pizza Girl Camila and Lazy Lauren Collide -- [DISCLAIMER: This is converted. I own nothing.] *Original Story by Limnological on livejournal *Cover by fireeefly

  • Shower Me in Love (And Coldplay)
    16.9K 682 1

    Lauren's kinda sorta in love with the girl who sings Coldplay in the dorm shower room. And it's no big deal but like, she's also pretty sure that they're soulmates. Cover by SLOTHTATO

  • These Arms are Yours to Hold || Camren
    46.5K 1.3K 1

    Lauren doesn't know what Camila did to her but suddenly everyone seems to be a bad kisser compared to her. And it fucking sucks because look, the girl she is kissing right now is freaking hot but goddammit, she is not Camila.

  • Seven Years (Camren One-shot)
    3.2K 236 1

    Seven Years

  • Haven't Forgotten My Way Home (Camren)
    500K 18K 30

    In the D/s society of Miami, men and women abandoned by their Dom/mes or otherwise deemed unfit for life "outside" end up at the Lakeview House for Orphaned Submissives. It is here that Camila Cabello finds Lauren Jauregui, broken and fearful from mistreatment at the hands of her former Dom. Can Camila coax Lauren bac...

    Completed   Mature
  • songs about lauren | camren non-au
    25.7K 1K 1

    prompt: Camila's iCloud gets hacked and a folder called "Songs About Lauren" is leaked with songs that are well, about Lauren (i saw this at 5hfanfic, but I can't remember all the songs they wanted on the fic)

  • Close To You - Camren
    711K 24.1K 22

    Camila Cabello ran away from home at eighteen. No money, no food and no friends, she somehow travelled to Boston and found herself a lousy job in a large up and coming interior design business. Straight out of college, Lauren Jauregui was the co-owner of that interior design business. Now, with the company thriving...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reason To Fight
    685K 14.9K 20

    This story is not mine. I do not own anything. I just saw it on Tumblr and I don't know what the name of the author is. Anyway, you can also read this on :)) Enjoy!

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  • Birdgirl (camren) PREVIEW
    542K 4.2K 5

    [COMPLETED] At seventeen, Camila Cabello was handling a task no one would expect from her - picking up girls for her friends. Bearing a sweet, angelic face and a flare of innocence in her eyes, luring them in was almost too easy. She was the ultimate wingman. She was Birdgirl. When tragedy struck, she was left with a...

  • (i think) there's a flaw in my code | camren
    298K 10K 8

    Camila wins a radio contest and gets to spend a week with the world's newest rising popstar: Lauren Jauregui.

  • The Way to Love (Camren)
    1.4M 31.6K 42

    It's a new fad. 36 questions that one stranger asks another that should make them fall deeply in love in a matter of hours. People are always thinking about love and relationships; the dynamic characteristics of affection and intimacy open up countless windows for new research, and newer propositions. Is falling in lo...

    Completed   Mature