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  • The Siren's Curse ✓
    2.5M 164K 60

    [ PARK JIMIN ] "Are you sure it's just empathy? Are you sure you're not feeling... attracted to me?" There was a shift in his voice as it became more silky, pleasing to listen to. I could feel my muscles relax in response to the soothing sound. "Don't you feel the need to get closer to me? To touch me?" he continued...

  • BTS: Tear the Sky
    893K 56.5K 82

    Seven fallen angels incapable of falling in love. One girl that can keep them from spiraling into darkness. Used to waiting on others to make a decision, Grey is a waitress at a high-end cafe. That is, until she finds herself lured into a parallel world where seven dark princes are willing to shower her in luxury, at...

  • The Pianist || MYG || ✔
    627K 39K 56

    World famous pianist Min Yoongis life fell to ruins after the death of his wife. . Despite his guilt, he couldn't keep away from the piano, but could not bare to touch it. . This is the story of his journey on once again learning how to love. ©chimchimicorn

  • Like No Other [[KTH]] ✔️
    2.3M 106K 48

    Kim Taehyung was a fuck boy, just like the rest of his friends. So when Hana fights back, Taehyung doesn't know what to do. HIGHEST RANKS #1 btstaeyhyung #1 btsjungkook #1 btsfanfic #11 bts #1 fanfiction #4 bangtansonyeondan Side stories: -Thirsty -Thicc -Kissed -Stripped (coming soon) cover by: chimchimicorn

    Completed   Mature
  • Troublemaker [[JHS]] ✔️
    854K 50.7K 81

    Harley has messed up one too many times and her foster parents have sent her to a behavioural correction school. If she messes up again, she goes straight to juvenile detention. AU - BTS with tattoos ;D -will contain a lot of swearing, some smut and some violence- HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 btsjhope #6 btsarmy #1 junghoseo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Seven Wonders | BTS
    5.6M 284K 115

    "An evil force has risen. In order to defeat it, you must find and gather the seven wonders." **** » WINNER of BEST FAN FICTION under THE FICTION AWARDS 2017 » Korean boy group BTS (Bulletproof Boy scouts/Bangtan Boys/Beyond The Scene) fan fiction » Highest Rankings: #4 Fanfiction (5/8/18) #1 in Bangtan s...

  • SNS || jeon jungkook ✓
    3.7M 124K 85

    [mature] She didn't know who she was texting. • • Jae is a twenty-one year old Korean-American university student whose life is just ordinary. Struggling through the confines of cultural differences between her lifestyle and ethnicity, Jae finds herself through social media outlets and the integration of k-pop into he...