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  • Shinigami ◊ M.C.
    3.3K 268 22

    Michael Clifford loved his job. Whenever he is sent to collect a new soul, he does the job with ease. But when the newest person catches his interest, he doesn't know if he can bring himself to carry out the job. | Michael Clifford A.U. |

  • Sorcery (Louis Tomlinson)
    821K 49.3K 60

    She found him in the middle of a forest. He exposed her to a world she never imagined. Their lives will never be the same again.

  • Veto Syndrome// m.c
    2K 306 11

    The only relationship she's ever been in is with sickness and the only relationship he's ever been in is with rejection. They overcome their horrible experiences with life together to realize that with him, she feels a lot less sick, and that with her, he feels a lot less lonely. ======== cover by @nialovelis

  • Fall.
    27.2M 509K 53

    "You have a problem with falling, don't you?" "You have no idea." Cover by LilacLucas

    Completed   Mature