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  • It's Over - Kiribaku (Discontinued)
    3.4K 121 12

    Kirishima and Bakugou are friends and partners working together then one day something horrible happens to one of them that changes the others life forever and has a hard time dealing with the pain. Warning are in the beginning and start of every chapter please read with caution. (Discontinued) Started: September 17...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eddsworld The Apocalypse
    4K 250 13

    Edd, Matt, and their beloved cat, Ringo, head from city to city. Searching for safety and resources to survive the zombie apocalypse. Will they come upon other survivors? Perhaps, but they have to hope they don't become zombie food before then! WARNINGS! Some chapters may include: -Intense depictions of gore, undead...

  • Lovers ( Eddsworld Mpreg )
    25.9K 339 29

    This my first story get use to it.