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    (This is the 3rd novel of "MR. BILLIONAIRE" series, but can be read as a stand alone novel.) Evan Paxwell, son of the billionaire Zach Paxwell and Emily Paxwell, now the co-CEO of his father's empire, is a playboy, who changes girls like clothes. Each night he is seen with a different girl in his arms. He enjoys his p...

  • SLEEK REVENGE✓ (Completed)
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    "I love her very much man. She's my life, don't know what I'll do if she rejects me." I sighed and glanced sideways. I knew she was behind that wall and as the dumb bitch she was she couldn't differentiate between pretense and real feelings. ____________________________________ Revenge has driven the most powerful man...

  • Runaway Wife|✔
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    I can't do this anymore...I'm lonely...he's never here Just when I get the gut to leave him, I find out I'm pregnant. One we have been trying for since we married two years ago. He is a good man but, his time isn't ever present.

  • His First Choice (Continuation)
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    Note: please read the author not at the start of the book. It will explain why the story is started from chapter 7 and where you can read the previous chapters Evelina Jones is a girl who only wanted one thing in life, to be somebody's first choice. But it never happened. People around her did love her, but there was...

  • Law, Lies, and Love Affairs
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    Stephanie Morgan will not let anything derail her career as a top international lawyer. So when she comes face-to-face with the one man she hoped she'd never see again, Stephanie has no choice but to double down on her lies... Because if he finds out the truth, nothing will ever be the same again. ...

  • The pregnant ex-wife
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    Amelia Johnson. Your bubbly independent 20 year old lady that thought she had it all. Love, luxury, family and friends. Oh how wrong she was. Alexander King. Your typical sexy lover yet an arrogant jerk. He loves his wife, until he heard that she was cheating on him. Then everything came crashing down. Will it cha...

  • Billionaire baby.
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    It's a fix Blaire is a virgin, that's a secret but It is no secret that Blaire's best friend Anna sleeps around, so as a routine the girls take weekly pregnancy tests. Weeks after her monthly checkup at the hospital Blaire receives the shock of her life when her test doesn't show only one line. After losing his father...

  • The Mother Of My Child
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    What happens when Ivy accepts to be the surrogate mother of a powerful couple? ****** 'Please, stop me.' He said between kisses. 'I can't control myself, you are too innocent for me. You are so beautiful, so sweet, so kind, Ivy. Stop me, don't let me hurt you.' *****

  • Billionaire's wife [Edited]
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    When Allison's step mother and sister betrayed her for her wealth. Along with her loving husband, her world came crashing down. They throw her on street to die. She was broken beyond repairs and hurt by the betrayal of her only family. She does not have desire to live until she cross a path with Mason a multi billion...

  • The CEO's Trio ✔
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    *BEING RE-WRITTEN* "I never once told you I broke the engagement," his words were harsh and spoken in a cold voice but his hand that was running up and down my back was burning my skin, "You knew I hadn't and you still went along with it." There was a silence, the brutal truth had been said. He knew it and I couldn't...

  • The Arrogant CEO [Completed] [Book #1]
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    Olivia Grey Is A Struggling 21 Year Old Girl Who Also Has A Secret Past. Twenty Years Ago, Her Parents Died In A Car Accident And From Then On, She's Been Alone. She Got A Job Interview To Become A Assistant From The Most Powerful Man In The World. There, She Met Jasper Jones. From Then On, They Have The Most Weird...

    Completed   Mature
  • The CEO's Bet
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    "You are nothing but a liar Christian! H-HOW COULD YOU? AFTER I TRUSTED YOU, AFTER -- I believed you." Sofia whispers the last part trying to hold back the tears that are trying to fall down. "Sofia, I am sorry. I nev-- it was not supposed to go this far. I lo--..." Christian tries to tell her reaching out for the wom...

  • Marley Meets Josh
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    After years away, Marley and Josh return to their hometown high school and fall in love. Can their relationship survive sex, lies and secrets from their past? ***** Forced out of boarding school after her mother's death, high school student Marley T...

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  • The Professor
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    COMPLETED// Clarence Wilson is a 19 year old girl, who has just graduated high school and is now onto college, which is basically the real world. She thinks she'll go through college without no twisty situations, but that all changes when she meets a guy, in a bar, who surprisingly turns out to be her English professo...

  • Shattered - A Rape Story
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    Lily's life is left in shambles after a horrific encounter with someone close to her. But as the events afterward continue to unfold she realizes it's far from over and that he won't stop until he gets her right back where he wants her. *** WRITERS NOTE ABOUT SHATTERED (SEPTEMBER 18, 2018)*** I'm going to be making a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shattered
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    xxxxx "The piercing steel gray eyes that had haunted my dreams and wreaked my childhood looked deep into my shocking blue ones. Those perfect lips that unleashed so many horrible words on me in the past opened and voiced a single word. "'Mine.'" xxxxx When 20 year old London Bleu returns to her home after four years o...

  • Billionaire's Ex-Wife
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    *Dark Romance* After her divorce, Julie is left with her kids to raise them alone. What she never saw coming was Matteo to make things horrible for her. She is left with a bad image and, it is hard to survive. And, as if it wasn't enough her work had brought her to her ex-husband again. But this time to arrange things...

  • Hiding Anna
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    "Cassie stop. You're going to collapse..."George called softly in the wind. My mind was already elsewhere, detached from my body. I don't know what kept my feet moving, but something did. Keep running. But I can't. I didn't understand what was happening until my knees collided with the ground and my whole body weight...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shattered Dreams | MATURE | 18+ | SAMPLE ONLY
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    MATURE |18 Roman Muller- Successful NFL Player with a beautiful wife and daughter- has everything to lose. So when the envelope arrives on his doormat with photos that have the power to destroy everything; he is faced with the daunting task of explaining all to his wife, Ava. Ava has the dream life, the dream husband...

  • Umbrella
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    It's been four years since Marissa had her ex-husband's child. Her mission is to keep that child away from him and to never see him again. This all happened after Marissa saw the messages on his phone and the dozens of sextapes with different woman. Now after four beautiful years with her daughter and new lover, her...

  • Family. (Wattpad Version)
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    My Weakness #2 Reece Hale took over her family business at eighteen after her parents died in a tragic car accident. Her father had always been her weakness. He brought her up learning the trade, playing golf with his business partners, attending several business schools and training programmes while her twin sister R...

  • His Return
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    Kate had done just fine raising her three children, alone, after the sudden disappearance of her husband eight years ago. Now he's back, claiming he can't remember the past eight years. Join Kate is she balances the fine line of saving her heart from utter devastation for the second time and of being sympathetic towa...

  • The Harper Boys (Wattpad Version)
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    Growing up next to the Harper boys, Tori Williams learned to hold her own with them. Her brother Gabe is best friends with the boys and Tori deals with the youngest Harper boy, Deacon. There's a slight issue when Tori dates Bradley Wilson who the Harper boys can't stand. Wanting to keep Tori from her idiot ex-boyfrie...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Harper Cousins (Wattpad Version)
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    Oliver Harper is a unique person. He doesn't care about frivolous ideas and doesn't need someone in his life to complete him. Instead, he prefers a conversation that stimulates his mind. When Oliver starts college, his friends and cousins join him. The problem with this bunch is they're crazy. Have you met the Gray/H...

    Completed   Mature
  • String Together ( Rewriting)
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    "Wake up Leah." "Where's Adrian? We were supposed to be married." Was it all a dream? String together by fate, will they last? Could he be the one? Is it all just a big misunderstanding or a well thought plan? Attention!!! -Could have some mature content but I will add a warning at the beginning. - I don't own the...

  • The CEO's Hidden Wife
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    She was nobody but a lowly maid in their mansion who spent her whole life living in their pity. She had no education, no etiquette, and no qualification to be the elder daughter-in-law of the prestigious Morin family. She was just a nobody with a big mouth and an over-friendly personality. But for some unknown reaso...

  • Ascension of a Reborn Woman (Hiatus)
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    Waking up in the hospital, Isabel realizes that she had gone back ten years in the past before her life turned to hell. She had only just confronted her husband about his affair and had yet to lose custody of her children. From high school to adulthood, Isabel had been foolishly in love with Brycen Jaeger while believ...

  • Best Of Wattpad
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    This book contains my favorite collection of novels.

  • Vengeful Mist [COMPLETED]
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    Does your life get better if it turns upside down, twice? No, it only gets worse. Seconds were enough to turn Evelyn Carter's perfect life into a nightmare. And after the terrifying disaster all she needed was a fresh start. Instead life gave her William McCartney. The moment they collided their fates were intertwine...

  • Beauty and the Beast
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    Ever heard of the girl that got cheated by her husband with her sister and then she tries to get him back? Well I'm not one of those girls. Neither am I one that goes after them for revenge. After all, they taught me the most important rule of life. "World is a jungle and it, either you are the predator or the prey"...