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    Doctor Isadora Michelle Moore spent most of her life training to save others. And for a long time she was failing. Until one day, she discovered something deep inside of her- powers that once unlocked, would allow her to heal injuries without limitation. Four years later, and Isadora has managed to bag herself the ca...

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    ((𖤐)) \\ ✭ backstory - scenes , starters , one liners , shipping call - etc . . .

  • Devotion
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    DE•VO•TION- (noun) passionate and selfless affection and dedication to a person I, James Buchanan Barnes, am without a doubt devoted to Steven Grant Rogers. That's how it is now and that's how it was then. For as long as I can remember, Steve has been my everything. Since the day we met... (Pre-War Stucky Story)

  • My American Soldier (Stucky Fanfic)
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    What happens if Bucky starts to develop feelings for his old pal Steve, will they immediately connect or will their relationship drift apart. All Marvels Movies Are A Huge Part Of This Including I'm Definitely Adding Thanos..

  • Where Is She? (Steve Rogers x Reader)
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    No one ever expects to be kidnapped without a trace while wearing a beautiful ball gown... Things go South at a gala you and Steve are attending when you and Pepper Potts vanish mysteriously. Steve and Tony are desperate for answers but how can they rescue you and Pepper when no one knows where you are? ***WARNING: T...

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