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  • Coveted
    1M 67.4K 77

    Within the vampire world, The Kim brothers, Namjoon and Taehyung are the most powerful, controlling the entire vampire world with fear and wealth while their most trusted vampire ally Min Yoongi handles all the human affairs of the dirty business. While on a messy clean up job of their former rivals, the men stumble...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bites & Bruises (ManxMan)
    648K 29K 38

    A submissive vampire who doesn't like to kill, one would think that was nonsense yet Payton Brown is just that. He is searching for a home yet he soon gets more than he bargained for, especially when a psycho starts going round killing off his kind and he is forced to team up with an older, devilishly handsome man to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Indebted to the Dominant
    823K 24.4K 27

    22 and fresh out of college, Owen is looking for a job to settle down in until he can create his own. What he didn't expect was to land a job at a kink club. He definitely didn't expect for one of the very sexy dominants to demand repayment for accidentally spilling a drink on his expensive suit Now, 22 and fresh out...

    Completed   Mature
  • Competing for the Dominant
    309K 12K 24

    Quinn has a problem. He's got a crush on Daniel Knight, the Head Dominant of The Muse Den. After almost two months of admiring the man from afar and multiple pep talks from his friends, Quinn still isn't ready to face facts and talk to Daniel. However, when competition arises, Quinn has to confront his feelings before...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Last Fire Weilder
    7.8K 250 42

    Keegan is the only red-head in his family. The rest are either brown or black haired, his parents aren't sure where the gene came from. Contrary to his cool and caring personality, there's fire running in his veins. After an unlikely accusation, he runs to the only place he can think of to get away; the huge forest...

  • Dominick's Desires (BxB)
    237K 9.5K 35

    *Book Three of the Sold To series* ~ Cannot be read as a standalone ~ *UNEDITED* After Paris Amour Dragon and Dominic Bartholemew Dragon raised their set of triplets. Dominick aka 'Nick' the oldest one just like his father have taken an interest in a young boy at his school. As the saying goes 'father like son' Read...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sold To My Husband (MxB)
    2.3M 64.4K 53

    ~Book One Of The Sold To Series~ *UNEDITED* Sneak peek.......... "Yes, he's my son, please don't hurt him I'll do anything" he begged. Does my dad finally care about me? But why he gotta tell him I'm his son that now put me in more danger, dammit! "Anything?" the Greek god said once again scanning over my body before...

    Completed   Mature
  • Russian Abduction *ON HOLD*
    99.4K 1.7K 5

    Eragorn Quinn is drowning and losing sight, he being beaten and torn apart In all ways possible. He will wake up to the sound of rusty chains against the dirty,damp concrete walls, and he'll still be stuck in this hell hole. What was the cause for his suffering, why must endure so much? We do not know yet.

  • No Strings Attached | ✔
    31.6K 1.1K 26

    "I LOVE YOU!" I shout into the morning air, my voice echoing beyond miles. I catch my breath as I watch Jonah turn in his spot, meeting my eye. I feel my heart wheeze and my face flush red, but I couldn't care less anymore. It's like Jonah's the only reason I'm functioning, and goddammit is that bad. ~~~~~~~~ Antonio...

  • The Don's Devil (bxb)
    96.4K 2.4K 9

    Ardien, the son of Lucifer himself. Andrew, the Don of one of the most prominent Mafia's in the country. Imagine what happens when the devil's son and the mafia's boss meet? (Extremely slow updates) Warning: This is a GAY story. I have no idea where it's going and it's not edited.

  • Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 of the Tantalizing Love Series]
    2M 69.4K 39

    "Sorry, Sir! I'm really sorry!" The small figure apologised repeatedly as he stood frozen in his spot. "It's alright. Are you okay?" I stared down into his beautiful pair of familiar looking eyes, wondering where did I last saw them. "Y-Yes. C-Can you l-let me go? I'm g-going to be l-late." He stuttered fearfully as h...

  • My Pastry Chef (B×B) [Book 2 of the Tantalizing Love Series]
    1.6M 58.4K 36

    "Do you sit in sugar?" I asked casually as I stared at his back muscles. "No. Why? " His muscles rippled with every move he made, making me drool internally. "Cause you have a damn fine and sweet looking ass." "You're horny." "No, I'm just trying to satisfy my sweet tooth." He growled out irritated making a smirk fo...

  • A Chocolate Kiss (B×B) [Book 1 of the Tantalizing Love Series]
    1.9M 68.2K 26

    Honestly, this book is my very first bxb book so it sucks. I suggest yall read my 2nd or 3rd one instead of the same series which are much more well liked loll. Trust me😂 "So Anthony, can you explain why is there a fly in my coffee?" I smirked internally as he squirmed under my hard gaze. "I'm s-sorry sir. I'll ge...

    629K 19.6K 21

    Gabriel Hudson, the average child. What's not average? Finding out your parents are in touch with the mafia. And even worse, when your forcefully married off and taken to the rich son of one of the most powerful figures in mafia history. Just one problem... Gabriel's a boy. [bxb]

  • Contraband Centrel.
    285 10 3

    Dr. John Franco sighed, captured between many unanswered questions and knowing most will never be. For everyone involved in Kade Caillister's case was basically working under the convict term's. Regardless Franco settle for a random question just to spot a reaction out of his mandatory patient. "How many licks does it...

  • Thin Ice & Bad Advice (Vikturi)(BxB)
    7.2K 111 15

    {Warning! This book has major plot holes and I'm ashamed, you've been warned.} Yuuri has walked on 'thin ice' his whole life. Always moments away from mental breakdowns and starving himself until his body couldn't even keep food down. And just as life get's to the worst it's been he meets a hot Russian. If only he did...

  • Homeless (mxm)
    8.4M 330K 43

    Book 1 HomeLess Book 2 ReckLess Book 3 SenseLess Being homeless isn't the end of the world. At least, that's what Zachary thought when he found himself on the streets after being kicked out at seventeen. It hadn't been his fault. His father had used him as a scapegoat and won his mother over, thinking that her husband...

  • Call Me Master Mr President (MxM)
    189K 5.2K 34

    MXM RATED R MATURE CONTENT Best rankings #1 in special agent #2 in hotness #3 in 21 #2 in begging #1 in edge

    Completed   Mature
  • Taming the Mafia Boss
    155K 4.3K 4

    Rhys Pierce Trace : Is a 17 years old gay student. He is funny, cute, and a really clumsy person that always trips on something even on nothing and has the ability to kill himself because of his clumsiness. He is also a magnet for trouble because he always lets his curiosity get the best of him added that he is also t...

  • Broken Wings
    30K 913 13

    Grayson is a normal jock. He was captain of the football team. Has a lovely girlfriend... He is 100% straight... Or so he thought. He meets Sebastian and he makes Grayson question everything. Sebastian is a crossdressing male. He has one friend named Luna. Sebastian moves to a new school and is swept right into the dr...

  • My Possessive Mafia Man (BxB)
    117K 3.2K 10

    Alex has been alone most of his life. Having to take care of his brother. Taking the short cut home was not a good idea, curiosity got the best of him. Alex gets himself kidnap and Being a little doesn't help at all in his situation. Chris is the most powerful mafia leader. He's does not trust anyone but his family...

  • The Mafia And The Stray Cat
    96.1K 2.4K 27

    Underground business, drugs, guns and weapons trades, sex, alcohol, mafias, gangsta, yakuza, whatever you can name out it's all in here. Enzo Greco a famous Italian mafia lives in the city of Tokyo, Roponggi where most of the yazuka activities happen arounds here opens up a big company but at the same time doing under...

  • (Complete) Mafia Boss' Bitch (BxB)
    548K 14.3K 30

    COMPLETED This is for mature audiences only. When Zander was thrown in jail for theft, he did not anticipate being stuck with a mafia boss as a cell-mate. And not just any mafia boss, the most well known in New Jersey, notorious for his cruel nature and murderous gang. It is not in his nature to submit to just anyone...

  • The Mafia In Disguise
    119K 4.3K 18

    Ronaldo Covulli is the heir of a secret undercover drug dealer, when he reaches the age of seventeen he gets to choose a female so that he could immediately impregnant her and keep the Covulli empire on foot and steady. Ronaldo rejects every female his father suggested for him only to choose to go undercover as a ner...

  • Falling for The Mafia (Book 1 of the Mafia Series) Re Written Dec 2018
    324K 10.1K 28

    Zain Saunders is 18 Years old he has been bullied since he was 13 when people found out he was gay. His dad on the other hand blames him for his mom leaving and for the fact he lost his job many years ago due to his drinking and can't seem to get his bar up and running as he keep screwing up. When trying to escape his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Five Pups and a Mate
    71K 1.8K 12

    It's just a hell of a lot of gay, werewolf, mpreg, drama

  • My Mafia Husband {ManxBoy} [Complete]
    4.7M 155K 41

    HIGHEST RANK: #3 IN ROMANCE 18 year old, Liam Spencer's life changes drastically when a sexy, mysterious man shows up to take him away from his parents. He discovers his parents debt and how it had to be paid with his life. But Liam isn't succumbing without a fight. 25 year old mafia boss, Enzo Di Mercurio, gladly ta...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden Play (MalexMale) 《COMPLETE》
    1.8M 92.6K 31

    I'm just an average guy. Really, I am. I'm dealing with my first (bad) breakup, while simultaneously leaving behind the only home I've ever known. It sucks, but it could be worse. And by worse? I mean falling for the school's biggest badass, who also happens to be the captain of my basketball team. Spoiler alert: I d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kill Like A Gentleman ✓
    971K 65.6K 54

    Elliot Huxley is tasked to go undercover and find the killer of CEO Adam Delton--the head of the richest family in the country. But as he uncovers the Delton Family's secrets one by one, things turn out to be much more complicated than he thought it would be. *** Undercover Agent Elliot Huxley infiltrates the Delton m...

    Completed   Mature
    2.3M 69.1K 31

    Ian Becker, an innocent teenage boy, ends up in an all boys mental hospital after a life-ruining misunderstanding. He isn't like the rest of the boys there. He isn't crazy. He doesn't hear voices, get into ruthless fights or want to die. He doesn't belong with them. Does he? Start date: 5/2/20 End date: 5/30/20 Tags: ...

    Completed   Mature