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  • A Time Story
    3.6K 99 28

    In the far future humanity goes back in time to stop the death of the universe. Rylan is a 15-year-old clone, born aboard a space station that travels through time. She was cloned by the last pure human they call Lady Aylin. She is their Head Mistress, mother, and protector against the darkness. It is Rylan mission t...

  • Breeder (The Ephemeral: Book 1)
    547K 47.7K 66

    When an army of darkness falls from the sky, Alex Kingsley enlists the help of her male peers and ventures into spirit-infested lands to save humanity. ***** She's an outcast cursed to consume the memories of anything she touches. A woman fated to repopulate the nation's army...

  • Demons Have Hearts Too
    1.6K 253 15

    Benjamin is a lonely boy. Sentina is a self-centered demon. And after he accidentally summons her in his bathroom, she offers him a deal that is too good to refuse. She would get rid of his loneliness. And in exchange, she doesn't ask for his soul, but for something she describes as "insignificant". Emotions, to be ex...

  • An Apple, A Date
    2K 314 10

    What does a cardiovascular surgeon and veterinarian have in common? Quite a lot actually. Lucas Brandons, well-renowned cardiovascular sugeon, fighting his way up the corporate ladder of medicine. Well-mannered, professional and blessed with dashing good-looks, Dr Brandons is what most would call a gentleman. Keyword:...

  • The Writer's Oscars {OPEN}
    6K 411 12

    Open Closed(✅) Judging Hello fellow wattpaders or wattpadians! (whatever we call ourselves 😁) ✴We accept books with under 10k reads! ✴ This contest is run by two authors just like you! Yes, you that is reading this. Are you looking for some recognition? Or do you just wanna have fun? Is that a yes? Just click...

  • The Elestial Stylus
    84 4 1

    With the help of his antique windup turntable, Dinderhelm Merritt lives a simple life alone in Anaahat forest - but a cataclysmic event changes everything. A chance meeting with an alien Piksy named something that sounds like Tiddah-Sa-Mi-Tarra leads him to discovering information about missing family; and when the n...

  • A Life Less Average
    348 31 32

    Poppy Jameson has lived her life as an average. An average student. An average daughter. She isn't the favourite child, or the best student, and she has never been in a relationship. She doesn't want to fit in, but she doesn't want to stand out. She just wants to fly under the radar until high school is over. And she'...

  • Alien Detective
    588 81 5

    Staci Valun, hotshot detective for the Intergalactic Federacy, finds an unusual number of bombs planted near their office after they discovered scandalous government secrets. Against their better judgment, they have to accept a place in the witness protection program. That includes an annoying guard, Mr. Zebra, follow...

  • Twilight Sleep
    103 19 5

    An A-list celebrity is arrested for a heinous crime and everybody is baying for his blood. Everyone that is except for a young female reporter on a London newspaper who just cannot bring herself to believe that he would be capable of such a crime. Will she pay the highest price for her loyalty?

  • What's Your Deal? BxB
    17.2K 1.2K 27

    Description: Being the son of a dirty cop isn't easy. Jeff has been bullied since middle school when the first accusation was slung about his father, and he has learned that putting on a tough act is the only way through. Using his natural talent, Jeff is able to push away anybody who ever tried to get close to him. O...

  • Beyond His Green Eyes| ✓
    4.4M 129K 73

    #1 in Romance, 23rd May 2020 "Precious, I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but you're never going on that date." And before I could process anything, his lips were on mine and everything else faded away. .......... He's the calm to her storms. She's his anchor of stability in this world of chaos. When Sy...

  • Where There Is Nothing
    2.2K 154 6

    It began on a dangerously cold night, when Arthur Dolling, a prominent occult detective is introduced to an unannounced visitor with an unusual proposition. On behest of her patron, he is invited to her secluded manor in the town of Rosenberg, a place encircled by an old forest, where seemingly supernatural things are...

  • The Golden Quill Awards (CLOSED FOR JUDGING)
    11.9K 880 10

    [ Status: CLOSED FOR JUDGING ] Welcome to the Golden Quill Awards! If you want to find out more about the rules, the prizes and the entry forms, please read inside.

  • The Kings Game
    3.5K 87 2

    Cover done by : Noah was content. A normal life with a kinda normal friend. But then the world froze leaving only silence. In that empty silence it appeared, draped in black and presenting an invitation. An invitation he should not have seen. Now Noah must learn to survive in a l...

  • The Turing Test - [Open Novella Contest 2019 Shortlist]
    2.7K 524 18

    Ronnie Gold only has one dream. Every night for the past two years, flickering images of a bloody battlefield have haunted her sleep, and every night, she's the only survivor. She's never told anyone about it, because combined with the dissociative emotional disorder that renders empathy out of her reach, she'd be lab...

  • She Changed Me
    1.9K 226 25

    This story is about a man who is a cold hearted, stupid and ignorant man who realizes how much he loves his wife after putting her through hell.

    Completed   Mature
  • Honoring the bloodline
    4.3K 1.2K 17

    Everything in life is either a lesson or a blessing, Carter Stone was both. I used to think that this world had something to offer to everyone but me, only to find out that it did have something to offer. Pain. My story isn't a happy one, and I'm telling you this now because you have a choice, to keep reading or to n...

  • The Mermaid Disease
    61.2K 2.4K 13

    Kelsea Glass doesn't believe in mermaids - or rather, she didn't until she finds out first-hand not only that merfolk are real, but that the bite of a merman can turn a human into a mermaid. Now she is stuck with some guy who bit her, trying to figure out what he wants and how to get back home. --- "Fine," she said...

  • Puppet Boy
    3.8M 180K 17

    "My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl." A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry. __________________ #1 in horror - 12/6/15 [featured - 12/30/15] All Rights Reserved IMPORTANT NOTICE - if you're reading this story on a site that is not www...

    Completed   Mature