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  • welter
    15 0 1

    Having a lot of memories she doesn't even recognise and all fumbled up, she suddenly found herself awake infront of a man she knows but can't remember. One thing for sure, he had bought her and became her father. *** One-shot Based on dream 29 October 2020 connected to ↬Passing Time [KHR]

  • Mute Boy and Blind Girl [CPN]
    3.7K 136 43

    Hiro, a boy who's mute because of his past. He rarely shows any emotions and interacts with people. One day, he found himself intrigued by the blind girl who's always sitting on the same spot on the park bench everyday. Being pulled by the girl, he found himself interested. They fell in love. *** A cell phone novel. M...

    Completed   Mature
  • commixtus
    64 4 5

    Rui Miyano, a normal student aiming to be a magician like everyone else, but it seems that he's different and more unique than the others. His uniqueness eventually brought danger, but it will also bring everything back to being peaceful. *** Overpowered! MC An original story (+files/explanation). Cover and art by @di...

  • Violin [CPN]
    1.6K 113 10

    Since I first play the violin, I become more happy. I loved violin. Until I joined his orchestra. *** A cellphone novel. Cover by @-canaeris

  • Behind [CPN]
    718 114 26

    Through online, ...I think I can do anything I can't in real life. Making real friends. ...Are they really? Playing fun and ...To avoid interesting games. people- ...

  • Loss
    16 2 1

    Finally..! But wait- What? No way... Me? Huh..? We're... not just friends? ...

  • Keepsake
    10 2 1

    I've always kept all of the things he gave to me.. I hope you won't think of me as a creep... *** Cover by FoxcatAI! 29 November 2018

  • Betrayal
    32 2 1

    A story about a girl who got betrayed. *** Based on my dream on 13 October 2018 (Improvised a bit) 《21 October 2018》 Cover by FoxcatAI

  • roommate
    34 0 1

    My rich playboy childhood friend as my roommate. *** Based on my dream at 9th November Mature content for strong language 29 November 2019 Cover by @-canaeris

    Completed   Mature
  • desperatus
    2 0 1

    A girl who is in confusion of her own feelings. *** Mature content for strong language 29 November 2019 Cover made by @-canaeris A bit of warning that this story doesn't make any sense, like my feeling is. There's a bit of my real life mixed in there and there's some improvisation and some made up things as well. Read...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prompts ↻ Slothful stories
    88 0 15

    ■ A compilation of (random) drabbles. ■ A compilation of my prompts. Have fun in reading and writing them!! Cover by @-canaeris