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  • genesis -BnHA/Katsuki Bakugou-
    16 0 1

    He didn't expect to see anyone as he thought he hiked a mountain no one knew. But he never knew he would feel so not irritated unlike everytime he sees others. *** I don't own BnHA self-indulgent one-shot

  • genesis -BnHA/Izuku Midoriya-
    23 1 1

    Izuku gasp out, "Don't!" he quickly yelled out, pulling the girl into his hug. "You can't-" She return the gasp, "wha-?" she stares confusedly towards Izuku. "What?" Oh, he recognises her. She's his underclassmen, from when he's still at Aldera wasn't she? "You can't jump off!" *** I don't own BnHA one-shot, self indu...

    Completed   Mature
  • nausea [BnHA]
    38 1 1

    Izuku is having a trouble. His mind will always come back to that time, and he can't help but to feel disgusted by himself. He's just, feeling nausea. *** I don't own BnHA. I don't own the art cover, lmk if they don't allow usage. Rated M for mature content as in raped Izuku. One-shot bkdk

    Completed   Mature
  • delivrer [BnHA]
    226 26 10

    deliverance /dɪˈlɪv(ə)rəns/ noun the action of being rescued or set free. Honestly Izuku don't know how his life became like this. But he guessed it's.. a good thing. *** I don't own BnHA. Mature for violence, abuse, bully, suicide themes.

    Completed   Mature
  • salvare [BnHA] ft. Ritsu
    145 1 20

    ( Izuku x Katsuki ) x OC Izuku would never forget, the signature sky blue hair and those navy eyes. But there's something more. Yet, how come he can't move his body? *** I don't own BnHA, only my OC. OC can be seen as [Reader], pronouncation they/them. OC centric self indulgent

  • keep me hidden away (except you've found me) [BnHA]
    34 3 1

    Everyone have their own little secret that they don't want to say to anyone. Don't want anyone to find out. and that's perfectly fine, except if---- *** I don't own My Hero Academia. Bkdk dkbk ??? Mature for self harm, mention of rape, panic attacks, depressing themes

    Completed   Mature
  • force me to show (except you've already accepted me) [BnHA AU]
    125 20 5

    He had followed the advice. Jumping off of the building and hoped for a quirk. But, if it were to be like this, he would've hoped to not have his quirk manifested. Espescially not when he had given up everything. *** I don't own BnHA. angst, self-indulgent suicidal Izuku, ooc Katsuki and Izuku too ig BkDk idk not roma...

    Completed   Mature
  • procedere -KHR-
    92 7 1

    genesis -KHR-'s sequel As Tsuna became her purpose of living, things started to change. Or maybe not...? *** I don't own KHR Mature for violence, murder

    Completed   Mature
  • réserver [KHR]
    13.8K 620 21

    In hope to prevent the world's destruction, the three skies wished. Answering to the wish, time rewinds and everything resetted. However, keep in mind. A wish is granted with a price. *** I don't own KHR This story is connected to: 1. agonizare [KHR] (crossover/more 'Sei') 2. Vatic Tale [KHR] (cameo/for 'Lupo') ?sacri...

  • indolere [KHR]
    8.6K 354 30

    A story about an indolent girl who just want to snuggles with anyone she can trust and sleep.. or maybe not. *** I don't own KHR [Name] uses girl's pronounces [Name]-centric

    Completed   Mature
  • obscur [KHR]
    3.4K 192 16

    Tsuna and his hidden persona. *** I don't own KHR KHR AU (All27?)

  • cher [KHR]
    360 28 5

    Tsuna believes he found her familiar. She's someone from his school isn't she? But.. what's wrong with her? *** I don't own KHR self indulgent

  • genesis -KHR-
    276 14 1

    Tsuna didn't expect to find someone alone over the forest. It was the start of a new friendship. Perhaps? *** I don't own KHR one-shot Art cover is from twitter; @Opal_00_58 (If usage not permitted I will take it down) self-indulgent jwkdbsnf angst???

  • coincide -R27- [KHR]
    399 29 1

    Reborn x Tsuna (R27) It all started from a mere accident. *** I don't own KHR KHR AU One-shot It's boy x boy, if don't like please don't read!

    Completed   Mature
  • concelare [KHR]
    2.9K 168 5

    (R27) It always caught his eyes, to be honest. The golden ring over the left hand, at the fourth finger. Ieyasu really wonder, if it's a wedding ring or not but never had a chance to ask it. Until now that is. "Ne, Reborn?" The blond called out. Receiving a hum as a reply from the hitman who was reading the files for...

    Completed   Mature
  • agonizare [KHR]
    5.4K 300 20

    Cursed. That's how he'll define himself. Having hyperthymesia, along with the constant 'nightmares'. Growing up rather at early age, to shoulder the world at young age. Just what did he do to deserve all of that? *** I don't own KHR Mature for graphic descriptions of murders/death/gore connected to: 1. re-incipere [KH...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shadow's Duty [KHR]
    20.1K 797 20

    HackerCielo27, a master of disguise and a genius in hacking. One of the most famous figure in the underworld. Just that his civillian life is no more of a shadow.. or is it? *** I don't own KHR I don't own the cover art

  • veritas [Genshin Impact AU]
    585 12 1

    Xiao x Venti An impostor Xiao suddenly appears and being straightforward and making a move on Venti..? Where is the real Xiao and what's going on? *** I don't own Genshin Impact. 'Impostor' as in the Red Xiao or Beta Xiao if you've seen. OOCs. one-shot

  • tueri [KHR]
    370 29 2

    #1 Tsuna side #2 Reborn side R27 (Platonic) *** tu·te·lage /ˈt(y)o͞odlij/ (noun) protection of or authority over someone or something; guardianship. *** I don't own KHR. Two one-shots I don't own the art for the cover. Happy birthday Reborn (13) and Tsuna (14)!! [2021]

  • nausea [KHR]
    184 13 1

    Tsuna is having a trouble. His mind will always come back to that time, and he can't help but to feel disgusted by himself. He's just, feeling nausea. *** I don't own KHR, it belongs to Amano Akira. I don't own the art cover. Rated M for mentions of mature content (lemon/smut) as in raped Tsuna. One-shot

    Completed   Mature
  • redemptio [Genshin Impact]
    703 14 1

    Xiao x Venti *** Ransom (noun) A sum of money or other payment demanded or paid for the release of a prisoner. *** I don't own Genshin. angst, suicide, character's death. one-shot

    Completed   Mature
  • relaxare [Genshin Impact AU]
    619 26 1

    Xiao x Venti As an uprising famous idol, Venti's schedule is getting busier and of course he have less time to rest up and be relaxed. That is, until he find this place. *** I don't own Genshin. Modern AU one shot

  • jaunt [Genshin Impact]
    1.7K 34 1

    Diluc x Venti for DiluVen Week 2021 Day 2. Camping/Modern AU (NSFW) *** As Venti requested, he and Diluc went camping together after the stressful exam week. Although all in all, it's just Venti wanting to have some fun after that said stressful period. *** This contains smut/lemon/NSFW. I don't own Genshin. one-shot.

    Completed   Mature
  • fyrest [Genshin Impact]
    1.3K 40 2

    Diluc x Venti for DiluVen week 2021. Day 1. Reincarnation *** Being immortal isn't all good, with all meetings and partings. But at least, he can meet him again. Although he won't know who he is. *** I don't own Genshin. one-shot.

  • Taste-tester [Genshin Impact]
    1.6K 45 1

    Various x Venti (DiluVen, XiaoVen, Traveler x Venti) *** Albedo making a wine and asks Venti to be the taste-tester. Just that, it's april fools and Albedo fooled Venti and the wine isn't your normal wine. *** I don't own Genshin Impact one-shot

  • cher [Genshin Impact]
    1.9K 80 1

    Venti x Xiao Xiao cherishes Venti so much while Venti needs affection as much. *** I don't own Genshin Impact. Fluff, modern AU, Venti with anxiety attack, and needy Venti. One-shot

  • Drunk and Revenge [Genshin Impact]
    12.2K 177 2

    Xiao x Venti Smut/Lemon 1. Drunk Venti found himself to Xiao's room. 2. Xiao gets his revenge for what Venti did before. M for smut. More warnings inside. OOCs. Two-shot.

    Completed   Mature
  • sustinere [Genshin Impact]
    54 1 1

    Tattoo Artist! Childe x [Reader] *** She had enough of all things, she needs something else. Something distracting,, escape way.. Coping mechanism. Something,, painful. Distraction. That was when she found it, a tattoo studio. *** Dedicated to Khei :3 one-shot I don't own Genshin. Mature for: angst(?). Modern AU. Ment...

    Completed   Mature
  • mitigat [Genshin Impact AU]
    1.1K 78 1

    Hairdresser! Venti x Actor! Xiao Xiao who is always soothed at Venti's hair salon. *** I don't own Genshin Impact. OOCs. One-shot. soft/fluff, shounen ai.

  • praeservat -Zhongli ver- [Genshin Impact]
    521 12 1

    A secret santa project by Chili/Zhongzi Discord Server. Childe x Florist! Zhongli Modern! AU //but also not- *** Tartaglia would always pass by one particular Flower Shop, he's very much interested by the flower shop's owner inside. *** I don't own Genshin Impact. Most likely OOCs. One shot