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    A one shot book where every chapter is a new story where Danny's secret is somehow revealed! Hope you enjoy :) --- ➼ BASED OFF OF "DANNY PHANTOM" ➼ I DO NOT OWN DANNY PHANTOM ➼ COPYRIGHT 2018 @ANATHEMAS

  • The Angel Anbu (A Naruto Fanfiction)
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    Naruto is beaten on his 4th birthday and discovers something about himself, he has large white angel wings. He trains himself using experimentation and later on jutsu scrolls, he also finds out about his ability to control water and wind, and manages to join the Anbu at the young age of 5 and a half. He becomes capta...

  • Most Powerful (Sword Art Online Kirito x Oc)
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    *ON HOLD* Viola was a beta tester for SAO (Sword Art Online) she got further than any of the other beta testers almost completing the game only getting stuck at floor 93, she kept this to her self though. After she found out she wasn't able to leave the game and if she died it was game over she decided to stick to her...

  • Sorry wrong number
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    Peter Parker gets a new phone and tries texting Ned only to realise he got the number of his favourite billionaire without realising it ________ I update slow or whenever I feel bothered too And the last time I checked I DONT own marvel or any of their characters Feel free to comment and join chains No bullying thoug...

  • How'd You Get This Number? // mamaspider
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    When Peter Parker accidentally sends a quick text to Natasha Romanoff herself, things start to get a little wacky. Especially when Peter gets himself an internship at Stark Industries and comes face to face with his unbeknownst internet friend. (preview: mamaspider! sick peter, injured peter, fluff, ANGST, loki, etc...

  • Wrong Number Kid
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    Peter is going on the run as he is done with foster families and he messages who he think is Ned but is Tony Stark. And a new friendship occurs yet they both don't know each other off screen. I've really wanted to try making one of these and I'm sorry if it's bad I'm not used to writing as a character that I haven't...

  • wrong number kid (2.0)
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    same as my other one without all the authors notes

  • Sorry Kid, Wrong Number
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    After May dies in a car crash on her way home, Peter tries to text Ned. But PLOT TWIST! He didn't enter the number quite right... Now Peter must try to continue being Spider-man without tipping off his new foster family. Civil and Infinity wars didn't happen, Homecoming didn't happen, y'all know the drill. I don't own...

  • Wrong Number, Kid
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    Peter Parker accidentally texts the wrong number.

  • Her Mask (Shikamaru x Oc)
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    Behind every mask a person may wear there is a person you know nothing about. Shingami is one of those people, the ones that hide behind a facade to protect them selves and others around them. Maybe someone can help her get out of her mask. or they make her put another on.

  • Team Untamed (Naruto Fanfic)
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    Calm, collected, and intelligent-- something Naruto Uzumaki isn't, well that's what everyone in Konoha thinks at least. emo, brooding, and a avenger-- something Sasuke Uchiha is, once again that's what everyone in Konoha thinks. And last but not least, Fangirl, weak, and loves the last Uchiha-- something Sakura Haruno...

  • The Mask I Hide Behind
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    The Konoha 12 are taking a road trip to Suna for a casual mission. They have about a week until the arrive. What will happen in the meantime? Sasunaru but slow. Not a fast shipper, so I'll try to make it come together in the best way possible for you guys.

  • He's just too cute❤️
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    Warning!! *yaoi* A UKE!Naruto fanfic Modern AU Read to find out more! Seme harem for Naru chan💕 Konoha Prestigious highschool AU! All!Naruto Cuteandpure!Naruto Our cute little Naruto was invited to study in a prestigious highschool-Konoha Academy. Some photos I used are not mine except the sketches I made! Naruto doe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine
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    Naruto can't take it. He saved Konoha at least twice but the villagers have been treating him worse that ever! So he runs to Suna for a new start. Gaara told him he could stay as long as he follows four conditions. What will happen to Naruto? Will The villagers of konoha realize what they did wrong? Will his, so call...

  • Bonding Journey
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    WARNING. EXTREME SMUT CONTENT. Lady Tsunadae has entrusted Naruto and Gaara with a very important mission: a bonding journey. With the Sand and Leaf now nurturing their alliance, a trip alone together was sure to bring the Kazekage and the destined to be Hokage closer---perhaps closer than anticipated. What could p...

  • The Unheralded Genius - Naruto Original Story
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    Naruto - the friendly goofball, untalented and deadlast shinobi. But is that all there is to him? What if he was smarter, stronger; playing dumb to avoid attention? Find out the full extent of his prowess and discover his amazing potential as he unlocks asset after asset, on his road to becoming the strongest ninja th...

  • The Awakening
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    Due to distress from the Dursleys, Harry Potter learns about the betrayal and loss orchestrated by Albus Dumbledore. As the adventure of having a new identity, family, and possibly a mate ensues, what are the dangers of going against the light? This story is now abandoned Disclaimer: picture is not mine

  • Forbidden Love: Albus x Scorpius
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    Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter are in love. And if their dads find out....well, let's just say there will be hell to pay.

  • Sex Education // Scorbus
    40.9K 1.2K 12

    Professor Albus Potter has been asked to teach sex education to the 5th years at Hogwarts. The students question his credibility on the topic and cause him to take a step back and reevaluate his relationship and sex life. (Disclaimer: This does not correspond with The Cursed Child plot so please don't bring it up or c...

  • Next Gen|Social Media|Scorbus and Jeddy
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    Sis you already know what this is about, but basically, Scorbus and Jeddy have social media. how fun!

  • Fire and Water (Todoroki x OC)
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    Kishiko Mizu and Shoto Todoroki. The two had been engaged ever since they were born because of a deal there parents made, the parents bonding over a hate for All Might. Mizu and Todoroki dont feel anything for each other, nothing sparks between the two. But maybe going to UA will help there relationship, maybe even sp...

  • [KiriBaku] The Heartbreak Challenge
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    It was just a small challenge. Two weeks of not seeing each other. No communication between them. But that changed- and change isn't always a good thing. "You can't go around thinking like that, you're not a damn quitter!" "You're a man! And you accepted a challenge! If you stop then you'll never live it down!" If yo...

  • (Completed) Press Play {Kiribaku YouTuber AU}
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    {YouTuber AU, NO QUIRKS} {COVER ART IS NOT MINE, I ONLY EDITED IT} Katsuki Bakugo is a celebrity, specifically a famous YouTuber, and to most people that would seem like the perfect life, but it comes with its own difficulties. When the worst bits of his past are leaked online, his entire career begins to fall apart a...

  • What was that?! - Kiribaku (Deaf Bakugou)
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    Bakugou has been secretly going deaf for years but finally one day after years he completely loses his hearing.

  • 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐓𝐞𝐱𝐭
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    Its a dun dun dun ChAtFiC! More meet ups and texts that are freaking hilarious, looking for ships? U FOUND THEM!! (I DO NOT OWN HAIKYU)

  • Demon child
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    Rin and his team are sent on a mission and get into tricky situation. But the outcome resolves in a "little problem"... -I own None of the photos including the cover- @icydgemi inspired me to make this ty best friend

  • Blue Exorcist AU | If Rin Had Depression (BEING REWRITTEN ON AO3)
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    ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️: Suicide, self-harm, anxiety, etc. What if, in the anime Blue Exorcist, Rin Okumura were to give into depression? What if he were to have had it since he was little? How would things change? Find out in this fanfiction! I don't own anything from the Blue Exorcist series. Update: I no longer use Wattpad...

  • From Hero to Guardian (Discontinued)
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    Everything was fine until Percy Jackson find out that the 'love of his life' cheat on him. He run away and become someone else with a new life. He used to fight for demigods, now he is fighting for all the children But two powerful beings are coming back and they want revenge, what they don't know is that both want...

  • ~\Artist/~(Todobaku)
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    Bakugou Katsuki,a student known for making others suffer and hurt,has been discovered to have a notebook full of amazingly well-done artworks. After a string of untimely events, Todoroki Shouto gets a hold of one of his notebooks and doesn't know that it belongs to Bakugou because of a small mishap. He goes searching...

  • staring contest - klance
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    YouTubers Lance McClain and Keith Kogane have known about each other for a while now, but what happens when they coincidentally meet in a Starbucks one day? YouTuber/Social media au