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    INTERACTIVE ¡HORROR! ❝ Wish Corp works hard to make your dreams come true! Only the best for our clients! Download our app today! ❞ - in which a boy downloads an app that can grant any wish

  • hit me up/hmu » taekook
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    "i've never been this happy talking to someone i've never met before" ©staetus- #713 in kimtaehyung (10/05/18)

  • Vkook | Text Me
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    J: thank lord I didn't do crazy shit T: you could've sent dick pics J: what T: what When Taehyung texts a number which was hidden inside his desk (Very short chapters) ©︎all rights and plot to @taetaeholic

  • Vkook | Sext Me [Book 2]
    3.9M 209K 30

    Taehyung and Jungkook meet again on Kik but they have no idea that they are texting each other. BOOK TWO OF TEXT ME All rights reserved to @taetaeholic_ ©︎all rights and plot to @taetaeholic

    Completed   Mature
  • TK | Kim Academy
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    Can you find the killer? (Interactive) ⚠️¡Warning! ⚠️ This book contains graphic GIFS, violence and sexual, mature content. May trigger some readers. Deceived by Love Betrayed by Minds Haunted by Pasts Killed by The Intelligent ...

  • | Vkook | Apartment 68
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    T: YOU T: YOU T: YOU J: Good morning to you too Where Taehyung can't stand his loud upstairs neighbour. [lots of crack]

  • Vkook | ROOMMATE TWO
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    Roommate Two "All you say are lies, lies, and lies."

  • ↠ Empty ↞
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    Its all for the fans. He can never stop, not until they're finally pleased with him. No matter how much it hurts, how bad he feels, he just can't stop. Its just how his life is now.

  • ↠ Just Peachy ↞
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    Jimin wasn't sick. No, he was completely fine. The horrible chest pains and coughing fits were perfectly normal. Fever? What fever? He was totally healthy and was definitely not hiding just how sick he was from his members. Nope. (Jimin gets really sick and doesnt tell the rest of BTS. Unfortunately, this leads to som...

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    [yoonmin] ❝ i needed some magic in my life and you are exactly what i've been looking for ❞ in which a boy is mesmerized by the place that is the magic shop. i n f o ↳ lowercase intended

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    [yoonkook] ❝ do we have anything in common ❞ ❝ i don't think so ❞ in which a pair of pen pals try to find some common interests with one another. 〆 yours truly spin off ↳ not required to read 〆 SLOW UPDATES

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    [yoonminseok] ❝ you're both the love of my life ❞ in which a new and upcoming idol is part of a relationship with two famous rappers. a sequel to TWITTER!

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    [taekook] ❝ you're so cute ❞ ❝ i couldn't resist ❞ in which a boy just wants some attention on twitter. 〆 COMPLETED

    Completed   Mature
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    [yoonmin] ❝ you're gorgeous y'know ❞ ❝ what the actual fuck ❞ in which a boy accidentally sends a bad selfie on snapchat to a stranger。 〆 CRINGY. read at your own risk!!!! highest rank ↳ #21 〆 COMPLETED

    Completed   Mature
  • Besitos//Jeongguk x Reader
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    "Give me a besito" "The fuck is a besito" "This" _ S//10.14.18 - E// - -

  • ✈ Together 'Till Dead ✈ Vmin ✈
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    ✈ Park Jimin's best friend just died. ✈ Kim Taehyung's girlfriend just died. ✈ Yeon Chiwoo died and now there's her funeral. ✈ What happens when these two boys meet under some very dark circumstances? ✈ tw : includes talk about severe anxiety, anxiety attacks, death of a loved one, alcohol abuse, and overall some pret...

  • Cold 박지민√
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    ❝Are kisses suppose to be this cold?❞ In which a girl who has no experience in dating was hired to be a pretend girlfriend. ─── Cover made by @cold_flames

  • Possessive Ex 전정국√
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    ❝I got through the audition. Let's break up.❞ ⎯ ❝Listen up, Kim Ha Neul. You're mine. And only mine.❞ ─── Cover made by @cold_flames

  • Text Back, Please 김남준√
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    She was a fan waiting for his reply. And he was an idol. ❝Hey, I am sick and tired of you not texting back. Well, bye.❞ ─── Cover made by @cold_flames #1 in Promise Award 2021 Namjoon category

  • You Gave Me Courage 민윤기√
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    ❝Even if we are in a parallel universe, I'd still love you.❞ She was self-conscious until a boy came into her life and gave her the courage to look at herself in the mirror again. ─── Dedicated to my dongsaeng, @may_bornmia Cover made by @cold_flames

  • Rain 전정국√
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    ❝I let go of you once and I am not making the same mistake again.❞ It started in the rain and ended in the rain. ─── Cover made by @cold_flames

  • BTS Eighth Member 방탄소년단√
    81.1K 1.4K 44

    A kpop group with one girl and seven boys. One word. Chaos. ─── THIS WAS WRITTEN BY MY IMMATURE SELF SO I APOLOGISE FOR MAKING Y'ALL CRINGE :) Cover made by @cold_flames

  • Instagram | yoonmin
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    Min Yoongi is a famous rapper. Park Jimin runs a fan account dedicated to said rapper. Maybe Jimin will become more than just a fan.. [side ships: Namjin and Taekook]

  • Instagram || yoonmin [COMPLETED]
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    it all started when jimin followed a savagesuga on instagram. the rest is basically history. - where jimin is oblivious to the fact min yoongi is a famous rapper.

  • HELLION | taekook
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    taehyung never expected his new roommate to be: one, a half-demon from the burning depths of hell. two, extremely attractive with the looks of an actual greek god. and three, a complete brat with a love for being babied and spoiled. [ UPDATES ONCE EVERY MONTH! ]

  • FEUD | taekook
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    their odd relationship started with taehyung blatantly insulting jungkook's tattoos and jungkook almost punching the life out of the other man. sounds romantic, doesn't it?

  • PETIT | taekook ✓
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    [COMPLETED] ❝are you a girl?❞ ❝jerk.❞ their story began when jungkook mistook taehyung for a girl on their first meeting.

    Completed   Mature