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  • roman angst one shots
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    most of these if not all are gonna be sympathetic!remus don't @ me bro. - requests (info in the book)- There will probably be one or two fluffy chapters to lighten the mood.

  • It's Best I Die |Roman Angst|
    14.2K 707 20

    |Roman Angst + Vent| Roman was: -FINE -the prince -the best -the dork -the bravest Roman was NOT: -insecure -suicidal -selectively mute -paranoid -in pain Roman was fine. That's all they needed to know. --- Started: October 22 2019

  • My Star~ A Klance FanFiction
    35.4K 2.2K 16

    Keith looked towards the sky, "Are you looking at that same star, Lance? The one you told me you look at each night?" He asked, whispering these words to himself. his dim, Violet eyes gave a splash of hope in the pool of darkness that surrounded his room. But the star's glow was enough to bring his eyes to life, and m...

  • Theif~(Klance) //OLD//
    150K 6.7K 20

    //Completed March 25~2017// "Keith, are you a Theif?" "Why?" Keith smirked, as he knew this was one of Lance's stupid puns. "Because you stole my heart" He said in a surprisingly smooth voice. Keith couldn't help but laugh, "Well, you said thief wrong, but.. One thing is for sure. You've sure stolen mine" ~~~~~~ Hey...

  • //OLD// Step by Step~KLANCE AU
    152K 7.8K 24

    "Your happy place?" Lance sounded almost completely doubtful. "Yeah, You know, when you close your eyes and imagine what makes you happy?" Keith said with a shrug. "Well.. I.. don't have to imagine what makes me happy. It's right in front of me" Lance gets in an accident with a robber, and ends up having his left ar...

  • Klance: Nothing
    90.6K 2K 13

    Keith likes Lance. Lance like Keith. everyone knows. something happens during truth or dare, but what? you better find out. There may or may not be some fluff 😏

  • Captured in Love ||prinxiety & logicality|| {DISCONTINUED}
    35.5K 1.4K 17

    Some love dies hard, this is especially true for Virgil. His ex didn't take the breakup so well. So what will he think when Virgil falls for someone new? How far will he go to make sure Virgil remains his? How far will Roman go to save him? Only time will tell.

  • Fourteen Days
    556K 17.9K 30

    "2 weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!" I never post stories but I've been working on this one and just said fuck it so here. Another cliche fic where they're handcuffed alone for a certain amount of time. But it's all my ideas in it so hope you enjoy :))))) it's shitty ikkk but li...

  • Counting freckles // klance au
    53K 1.6K 20

    Dark woods lay around the town reminding him of the missing boy he fell in love with, every time it rains it's like it's a sign of his crying, the little dots on his face remind him to much of the pale boy with a beautiful smile, to make him forget he covers them with tears of guilt. " I'm gonna find him n I'm not gon...

  • Sanders sides Roman angst (continuous story, not oneshot)
    9.4K 250 3

    Just some roman angst, (from the sanders sides). None of the beatutiful characters are mine (obviously), hope you enjoy.

  • Scars~Prinxiety
    92.5K 3.9K 38

    ~soulmate human!AU~ The marks that still stung on Virgil's wrists matched the ones on Roman's. The ink still hadn't dried on Roman's hand when fresh ink appeared on Virgil's. They were so close together. And yet so far apart.

  • His smile
    37.7K 869 8

    Keith gets abused by his own father every morning he's very depressed his mother past away in a car accident when Keith was only 8 years old... Keith and his Best friend Matt have always lived together but since matt is not his son he doesn't abuse him after they get to a new school a whole gang wants to hang out wit...

  • My little ghost(Klance)
    27.6K 1.1K 7

    Keith moves into a house it was just an average until things started to move on its own.(please excuse my bad grammar,and I don't own any of these characters also this will be in multiple point of views)

  • Violet Nights
    142K 5.5K 55

    Excerpt: It was true. This promise was a turning point in both of their lives. It served as an emblem of trust intertwining their fates with one another. It was the stability that could keep them going, despite the troubles they would face along the way. (COVER ART IS TEMPORARY UNTIL I CAN DRAW ANOTHER) If this were...

    Completed   Mature
  • Klance :: Not So Different
    235K 10.8K 42

    Lol, first Klance! Hope you all enjoy! Keith has been haunted since he fought with the Druid. His hand... It just healed... That wasn't a normal thing. Then Zarkon... The emperor told Keith he fought similar to his Galran soldiers. That had honestly scared him. So when the paladins are reunited after being spread thro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fishy Love
    29.9K 1.3K 12

    Lance is a surfer,but he never thought of falling for a merman. (I'm not too satisfied with the title of the story,so I might change it)

  • A Monstrous Turn of Events
    50.7K 2K 6

    Keith begins experiencing changes after getting lost on Voltron's last mission. He has to deal with his new strength and the strange looks he gets from the team, especially Lance.

  • I have my Secrets (Klance)
    75.9K 2.8K 24

    *WARNING: this will be a very emotional rollercoaster with some triggering subjects. I own nothing except the story line* It's been a month after Shiro came back from the battle of Voltron. As excited as everyone is, Keith still isn't acting like himself. Everyone's worried, especially Lance. But what happens if Keith...

  • • t r a p p e d • ~ klance fic ~
    970K 35.6K 12

    Highest rank: #1 in #klance !!! cover by the amazing, talented, and generous @hamilfriend Lance and Keith are on a mission together when they get caught in a trap. Claustrophobic Keith panics while Lance tries to find a way out. After realizing it would take way longer than expected, they decide to try to kill time...

  • Enough? || Klance Omegaverse [ON HOLD]
    29.3K 809 9

    Klance Omegaverse High School AU +++++ Keith Kogane, an omega, has gone through what life has thrown at him. From his mother's abandonment to his father's death. He has many scars, most shown. He wants to be loved and cared for, but he knows by now he doesn't get what he wants. Until sexy Lance McClain - an alpha - t...

  • On Land, High in the sky, Under the Ocean
    1.3K 39 2

    Lance is a high schooler along with his Friends, Pidge, and Hunk they are all Juniors but they all have a secret. They are merfolk, Lance is the youngest of three and the prince of the sea, while Pidge and Hunk are normal. One day when he was a guppy he met and fell for someone. I DO NOT OWN MUSIC OR THE VOLTRON CHA...

  • Untold Love (Mermaid! Lance X Avian! Keith)
    13.9K 401 9

    《WARNING》 Boy x Boy will be in this story, probably some blood and some language. I do not own Voltron or any of the characters unless I say they are an OC I made up. Voltron belongs to DreamWorks and this is a work of my imagination. all right reserved and without any further adue, enjoy the story ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • WhereWolf || Klance AU
    20.6K 794 6

    Lance thought he knew everyone, that is, except the nerd in the corner that was too "down there" for him to even associate with. But Lance, the village's resident hero killer, was assigned a task with the nerd. Kill the fabled Redblood Werewolf that had come back to Sadiet Village, killing the residents. Then, one fat...

  • Prisoners klance monster au
    24.7K 677 7

    Allura and Coran both witches have been in hiding for ten thousand years until a certain avian named pidge picks up the trail of magic and tells her friends Lance who is merman and hunk who is a angel

  • ~Glow~ A Klance Mermaid AU
    4.1K 140 6

    Lance, Pidge and Hunk are having a peaceful and warm summer. They have their own little hidden cave at the end of a beach as a little hideout, and spend most of the summer there. When a storm rolls in, it floods the cave and a little pool in the back corner that leads into the ocean, taking stuff out and bringing thin...

  • Fins | A Klance Mermaid AU
    4.3K 129 5

    {fin~/fin/~a flattened appendage on various parts of the body of many aquatic vertebrates and some invertebrates, including fish and cetaceans, used for propelling, steering, and balancing.} *** For the past four years, Keith has been a sailor, expertly maneuvering the seas and looking for his missing brother, Shiro...

  • guys like you [ prinxiety ]
    58.1K 3K 29

    "watch where you're going, pretty boy." "i am pretty aren't i."

  • Levitate | Klance Voltron Au
    20.1K 646 6

    Keith a young werewolf without a pack, He is attacked by a hybrid in the forest. Lance a half witch half vampire hybrid is hungry for blood and happens upon Keith. After Keiths incident he is attacked by a werewolf and is fatally injured. Lance heals him and Keith realises Lance is might be more than he seems. But o...

  • Beyond The Castles Doors (a klance fantasy au)
    1.2K 22 10

    There has always been the doors.... The doors that lead from the rich magical hero castle to the busy and mysterious streets where the villains lurk the shadows. Lance, the only son of beauty and the beast, finds something he had never anticipated behind the closed doors. He learns that it is much more than just a bla...

  • Drown {Prinxiety}
    74.3K 3.4K 14

    TW: When I write I use a lot of stuff like rape, torture, ect. Started: March 6th, 2017 Finished: April 9th, 2017 Anxiety doesn't care about music, looks, being happy, the others, or Thomas. At least, that's what he acts like. He actually cares more about all of those things more then the other. But he needs to be sav...

    Completed   Mature